Azaan: The first call.

Posted: March 24, 2011 by abhinav91 in AZAAN!

Lately a lot of buzz is going around the campus. Azaan seems to be in everyone’s list of things to discuss about. The publicity team of Azaan certainly seem to have done their job.

Azaan teaser posters and their other publicity material are visible all over the campus. So what really is happening behind the scenes? Manipal The Talk.Net brings you an exclusive insider report on what to expect from Azaan in the coming week.

As most of us are aware,  Azaan is MIT’s own NGO that aims to reach out to the needy in and around Manipal. On 29th they will be launching their first fundraiser in form of a show with performances by Ada, Azaan,Showstoppers and Manipal’s favourite band Zehen at the library auditorium. All the revenue generated from the event will be donated to Bal Griha, an orphanage cum aided school in Mangalore. The tickets have been priced modestly at Rs 40 and Rs 60.

So, basically the folks at azaan guarantee you entertainment and all for a good cause too.

I’ll say, be there or, well, be square.

-Azaan, powered by Manipal The Talk.Net

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