Room allotment forms out!

Posted: May 6, 2011 by Gaurav Prakash in 1st Year, 2nd Year, 3rd Year, College News

Guys sorry to inform you but as of now the system is under ‘test run’ and they will be launching the official registration after a few days.

They just wanted to test run it – but we all of us got forwarded texts with the link so we started filling it!

 (We have pulled down the link to the online form due to a request from student council)

We apologize for this !

  1. Leroy says:

    its not with the brackets its just the slashes …. month/day/year

  2. Rajeev Ranjan says:

    m not able to login to register for the room allotment … plz help me . my dob is 25-03-1990

  3. CSE Freak says:

    @Rajeev Ranjan, put ” 3/25/1990 ” as ur password.. i bet it’ll work!!

  4. Rajeev Ranjan says:

    if your date of birth is say 9th July 1992 your password will be 7/9/1992 – if 19th then it will be 7/19/1992 and not the way its given above

  5. Rajeev Ranjan says:

    @cse freak- yeah it did… i found it out
    thnxx a lott !! 🙂

  6. WW says:

    How do u know which room number to select?.. Only 10 options can be selected. So if I fill some 10 rooms and if at all it happens that those rooms have been filled up already…then??… Will I be left with no room at all?? 😀 😀

    Shouldn’t there be the option to just select the block and the specific room type ?..

  7. tmaster says:

    Is it compulsory to fill in all 10 choices?

  8. Anonymous says:

    the link isnt working!

  9. Rajeev Ranjan says:

    wat if someone’s dob is 1st jan 91 ??
    1/1/1991 is not working
    01/01/1991 is not working
    1/01/1991 is not working
    01/1/1991 is not working :-/

  10. Abhishek Chanda says:

    if ur birthday is on 2nd November 1992 then u should type it in month/day/year format : 11/2/1992. If you have upgraded,make sure you type in ur NEW Registration no. : not necessarily the old one u use to log in to ur I-ON Account.

  11. @Rajeev try 1/1/1991 again make sure your reg # is correct…
    It should work!

  12. SREYANSH says:

    ARE 3RD 4TH AND 13TH BLOCK FOR BOYS THIS TIME??????????????????????

  13. amit sinha says:

    @gaurav….cn u pls solve my prob ??

  14. You need to be logged in from ION to be able to use the link – it wont work if you are using any other internet provider

  15. amit sinha says:

    hw can i change my room mate preference ???

  16. tmaster says:

    Compulsory to fill in all 10 options??

  17. Anonymous says:

    site says The page cannot be displayed

  18. amit sinha says:

    cn i cancel my form and fill a fresh form ???

  19. Anonymous says:

    if this is a test run…then where will the official link be put up?? on this site or

  20. tmaster says:

    So, was it removed becasue it was actually a test run, or because they discovered their screwup once people started filling in the form

  21. We hear its a test run and they are fine tunning it now so it will be ready for official launch in a few days.

  22. Akshay Thapa says:

    So if it was a test run, what will happen to d forms v had submitted already???

  23. iamtheabk says:

    monday it will be launched officially and u need not worry it was just a test run and no account of earlier transactions will be valid

  24. Ishani says:

    Can you please post the new link for the room allotment form? When is the last date to fill it?

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