Hostel Allotment out!

Posted: May 30, 2011 by Gaurav Prakash in 1st Year, 2nd Year, 3rd Year, 4th Year, College News

Hostels allotment for current students of the university are out!

Click here to access them  

The hostels allotments are not final.

Once you pay the fee and the hostel fee only then is it alloted to you, for now this what has been blocked for you.

A few people will also be leaving the hostel and shifting outside so if you are not really happy with what you have alloted to you…you might want to wait a bit and once it clears up you can get your choice!


Any other questions please feel free to ask questions…we’ll try to answer them!





  1. Anshul Chawla says:

    I filled my first 9 options out of 10 for 9th block,and my last option was for 14th block and still i got 14th block even when my average GPA was way higher than some other people who got 9th block.How is this possilble,is there like if a senior has applied for the same room as of mine than he will get that room before me?

    • Yes it is seniority based , so if a higher semester guy applied for the same the probability of him getting it is higher!
      You might want to wait for a while and expect a second list… *fingers crossed*

  2. deepvenky says:

    The allotment is not entirely GPA and seniority based. I know of 9 pointer 3rd years without a room and and in one case, their choice of room being alloted to 2nd years with 7 GPA (average). Transparency in the allotment must be demanded.

  3. sritej gunta says:

    my gpa is xact 7.i hav opted for a double common bath in 6th block without a roommate but no room is alloted to is showing blank screen in the mitbuzz website.wat am i supposed to do now?wat does the blank space in the website mean..i hav tried several times with my name and reg number but it did’nt work and also some of my frnds with low average gpa’s and who applied in pairs..hav been alloted rooms

    • The blank screen on the website means that no room has been alloted to you.
      The final decision of this matter remains with the chief warden!
      I guess the reason why its doing that is because you have not chosen a room mate for a double…that could be a probable reason.
      Plus seniority!

      • charan says:

        is there any rule that ..we should’nt apply a room with a senior.i applied fora room in 17th block with a senior.and i am getting a blank screen

      • We don’t know if there is such a rule :/
        But we do know a person who did so with the permission of the chief warden !
        It could be because of the poor hostel allotment system that you haven’t got a room in the 17th block !

  4. Nachiketa Panda says:

    i filled all my options as 17th block bt applied for room widout a roomate n suprisingly i hv not been alloted a room till now !i hv seen many of dem with gpa lower den mine already hv got a room !why is it so?

  5. Salil Ali says:

    is it possible for them to allot a room which is not even in one of your preferences? also do they take the last sems GPA into consideration or the CGPA??..

  6. abhay singh says:

    i hav been allotted 6th block..due 2 my room partners less gpa wat is the min gpa req. for 17th.. are there ny rooms left in 17th for wat we applied???is the second list out

    • deepvenky says:

      As far as I have heard, students with an average GPA of 4 have got a room in the 17th block. Also, the required GPA for the 6th block was supposed to be higher than that for 17th.

      The allotment system isn’t very clear as students with seniority and better GPA haven’t been allotted rooms while their counterparts have been.


  7. sir,
    i am a fresher and will be joining the college this 15tn july as per the schedule. Actually i have not booked my hostel yet. please suggest me with a good hostel. I need a double attached ac room. one of my friend is also joining with me. please help. what will be the cost?

  8. bdw..great site…helped me a lot..thanxx again

  9. dhanashekar says:

    can i know about mess

  10. Anonymous says:


  11. GOPAL KRISHNA says:

    if u paid the fee for the hostels,u must be having the receipt for dat…so not a problem buddy,u wud get the room once u are back to manipal…it may be showing a “blank screen” ‘coz maybe the site has not been updated or dere maybe certain technical difficulties…so,chillax and be ready fr a wonderful stay in MANIPAL…..btw,the site fr hostels is “mitbuzz”..if u cud clarify,which website r u referin to.:/ anyways dn worry and relax…\m/…

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