The annual first-years-only literary fest conducted by LnD is around the corner. Come 6th of this month there will be in store a gen quiz, an extempore, a youth parliament and a JAM.

Brief details of the events:

1) General Quiz: General knowledge quiz. A 3 member team is required.

2) Extempore: You get a minute to think on a given topic on the spot and make up a 2 minute speech. Single participation.

3) Youth Parliament: A forum given to the youth and express their views on pressing matters that effect them. A workshop is also arranged for those who want to know how this works. Single participation.

4) JAM: You get a minute to say whatever you can but if you stutter, mumble or pause you will be jammed. Single participation.

Registrations open at KC and FC and also on the spot.

6th October-Gen Quiz (NLH 103), Extempore (NLH 102)

7th October-Youth Parliament workshop(NLH 103)

8th October-JAM (NLH 104), Youth Parliament (NLH 103)

Timings: 5pm onwards.

No registration fee required. For further details contact Abhijit-9535617271, Shaunak-9611569251 or visit LnD website

*Only for first years.

Enjoy these fun-filled events! !

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