Happenings at LITSTOCK

Posted: October 9, 2011 by Rambo in Literary and Debate Club (LnD)
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Literary and Debating Club (LnD) is back with LITSTOCK and the event proceedings started with a General Quiz and an extempore on the 6th of October. With a very good turn-out for the quiz and the participants taking part with curiosity and a lot of anticipation, this event was grand.

Next in the store was the Extempore. With each single person trying to impress the judges with their magical words on an unknown topic for 2 minutes, this event was just awesome. The first round was a normal extempore while the finals were contested with a Mock Press. VIDEO CLIP:

Now comes the most hyped event of LITSTOCK i.e : Youth Parliament. A pre-event workshop was conducted before the main event. Guys and Gals if you had been there, you would’ve got the feeling of being a part of the parliament session. Discussing the bills, opposing various clauses, being a minister of a state etc; Seems exhilarating! With a good number of contestants, Youth Parliament was indeed a special experience for all the first years. VIDEO CLIP:

The closing event of LITSTOCK was JAM, an event where you BANG the tables : P. About 4-5 contestants were asked to sit for a session that lasts for a minute. A topic is chosen by the moderator and person starts with the topic.

The smallest of glitches in the pronunciation, late/fast start of topic, lack of direction, repetition, stammering, stuttering, belaboring, improper vocabulary,  change in tone, absence of humor, a pause or overuse of a certain word/sentence, you are JAMMED left, right & middle and time is frozen!
The person who taps/bangs/jams the table first, continues with the topic, ensuring that he doesn’t repeat a single sentence that the previous participant used.
It is one of the most amazing events because it imperative to ensure the functionality of all your sense organs. Let me explain:

1. Ears-> You need to keep it open to listen to the speaker’s futile words. If you don’t, your fellow participant JAMS !!
2. Eyes-> Keep track of the speaker’s mouth movements and synchronization with words. You miss it and the other guy JAMS !!
3. Skin/Sensitivity-> Delayed response to stimulus, hand movements in slow-mo and the guy sitting besides you JAMS !!
4. Nose-> You take a breath pause and try masking it as a comma in your sentence, the chap waiting to pounce on you JAMS !!
5. Tongue-> Slip and fumble, JAM !!

Breakdown of any of these sense organs and you are JAMMED !

Your speaking skills and quickness in identifying the errors come to the foe to get a podium finish. So, finally all the fun and excitement ended on the 9th. With a good number of students taking part in this event, this was the perfect way to finish LITSTOCK for this year.

Heartiest congratulations to all the winners, participants and the club members (without them, the event wouldn’t have been a phenomenal success).
Finally this event was another successful addition to the LnD cabinet.

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