United’s worst nightmare!

Posted: October 25, 2011 by Rambo in Sportz Blitz, Uncategorized
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Right after the Massacre of Manchester, as I was racing down the stairs to rub salt in the wounds of the numerous United fans, I realized something and I asked myself this question. Why am I so happy?

Well one answer was that Arsenal had won (finally), with The Flying Dutchman coming off the bench to score two well-made goals. Another one could be that after the walloping we received at their hands, this felt like a sweet revenge. Albeit at the hands of a marauding, money-fueled army of an oligomaniach.

But those were not the sole reasons for my ecstatic ecstasy. I realized, that for the next half an hour, I too had become a part of the unjust and baseless faction of people who called themselves Anti- Manchester United.

MU: United supporter in distress.

Now, why the bountiful hatred towards the club?

One of the reasons and the main one, I believe is that, their aeon long dominance at the helm of the Premier League hierarchy. They are the most successful club in England, and on their way to become superlative, in Europe. Now, loyalists of other clubs such as me, would in no way, applaud this hegemony. However, the way their team has gelled this season, is highly commendable and football purists such as myself, have no problem with any football club, even Stoke City for that matter, if they play brilliant attractive football. So, United’s success is a major factor in getting other teams to despise them.

Another reason I believe, is the number of people who jump the bandwagon and say that they are United supporters and when asked to name three players in the line-up, come up with answers like ‘Ronaldo, um…, Beckham, and… I think… it’s Rooney right, that guy who looks like Shrek?’.
Now, these people come off as annoying to mos, and unfortunately, we find a largesse of these dweebs in our own beloved republic. Hence, half the general hatred towards United is judiciously won by this faction of people.

Old Trafford stunned with 6 away goals!

And one final reason I don’t think a lot of people can argue with this one is the fact that no matter what season they are playing, which cup they’re playing their trade in, they always show the same blunt resilience to losing, that has come to bind them as a team and has written the legacy that ‘Even when they’re down, they’re not out’. This refusal to bend down to footballing adversities and this allergy to losing even when they’re trailing by a bunch of goals is what has come to describe Manchester United these days. And boy, do people hate them for it…

Also, that illiterate Scot at the wheel of the club is a tad bit egoistic and annoying. But kudos for being a personification of ‘ Alive and Kicking’, although I bet he is kicking himself now. And maybe a hapless Johny Evans.

So, after we calmed down a bit, I figured out what this day was, apart from being the best birthday present for Arsene Wenger. This was a reality check for Man United. Every team needs one, and God help the Premier League if they come back stronger from it.

-Ujan Sengupta
 (1st year)


  1. Yes.. Quite right at why we hate United. Amazing Post 🙂

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