Date Sheet for Back Exams

Posted: November 15, 2011 by MTTN in Time Tables
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Note: The timings for all exams are 9 am : 12 noon

– Prateek Biswas & Anuj Saboo

  1. cssirohi says:

    Thanks for the time table. Please also post the time table for 3rd sem 2011 CSE make up exam. Can a student of 3rd semester appear in make up exams immediately after results ie in the winter vacations.

  2. Anonymous says:

    any idea what’s the cut off mark is for chemistry

    • Anuj Saboo says:

      The cut off marks vary every year based on the performance of students. It maybe as low as 35 or as high as 50(for subjects like Engineering Graphics).
      The cut off for chemistry usually goes low around 35-40. But I advise you to make sure that you aim and get 40 because you never know, your fellow batch mates might just study more or the paper might be easier. So 40 is the safest.

  3. First Year Student 2011-2015 says:

    There is a note in the academic prospectus book handed over to us, i guess if 3.6.3, which states that the make up exam for the first year BE/BTech will only be held after even semester.
    Could you please clarify the same

    • Anuj Saboo says:

      Make up Examinations are going to be conducted in December. The students with shortage of attendance cannot give the exams in December. They have to give it in the summer break.

  4. rahul gupta says:

    pls post the back dates of 3 sem mechanical

  5. cssirohi says:

    please also post the back exam dates of 3 semester computer science.

  6. Anuj Saboo says:

    Cut off’s for the theory exams vary from 36-42 every year depending on the standard of the question paper and performance of the students. We advise you to make sure that you score 40 out of 100. For lab exams the cut off may go up-to 50. So for Lab make sure you get 50 out of 100.

  7. abhinav says:

    thanks for your quick reply and the cutoff figures.

    i scored 48 out of 60 in my PSUC lab internals so do i have a chance of passing because my lab test went really bad

  8. abhinav says:

    if in case i have to sit for the make up exam then when should i come back to manipal (date)
    so that i can register for make up and pay the fees.

  9. Sid says:

    If someone wants to give the make-up exam at the end of even semester, will it affect his/her CV?
    What’s your advice? Should he/she give the make-up exam this December or after the even-sem?

    • Anuj Saboo says:

      If you get a back in odd semester and give your make up exam in December itself, then it won’t appear on your CV. But if you give the same exam in Summer break then it will be mentioned in your CV.
      We advise you to clear your backs as soon as you get a chance to. Maybe you cannot come back to Manipal in December for some reason, but if you can, give it so that you do not pile a lot of them

  10. Sid says:

    If one(a first year) gives the make-up exam at the end of even semester, will it affect his CV?
    Is there a difference between giving the make-up exam this December and at the end of even Sem.? What’s the criteria? No one is telling properly, so I came here with some hope. \Please explain in detail if you do know what I am asking.

  11. Sid says:

    Oh, sorry for that. I didn’t see your reply. Thanks for the information.

  12. abhinav says:

    do they mention clearly when declaring the results whether we have got more than 18(out of 50) or that we have cleared our subject cut off or not and where(website or by post )will these results be posted

    • Anuj Saboo says:

      In your result, your subject grades and your GPA would be mentioned and nothing else. The result is declared on the website and pray that it does not arrive to surprise you by post(It normally doesn’t arrive by post).

  13. WW says:

    Where is the Calendar of Events?

    • Anuj Saboo says:

      At the top of the page you will find a special tab Manipal The Talk Calendar which is dedicated to the Calendar of Events.

      • abhinav says:

        but will i come know if i have passed or failed a subject through some other means

      • Anuj Saboo says:

        no, the result will come online.

      • WW says:

        Hello Dude! I didn’t ask for the “special” tab Manipal The Talk Calendar. I’m asking for the Calendar of Events released by MIT, Manipal for the Examination Period Nov-Dec ’11 . If you don’t know what Calendar of Events is, I’ll tell you. It has the deadline day for each of the things involved in this period, e.g – the Result Day, last day to apply for make-up examinations, last day to apply for revaluations etc.!

        And now since the comments are being moderated and later on allowed to show up, I doubt if this comment will come.

      • Dear ‘WW Dude’,
        If you could only search our website for the calendar of events you could have found it for yourself.
        A little more courteous approach towards our crew would be highly appreciated!

        Here is the link you were looking for

        Have a good one!

      • WW says:

        @Gaurav Prakash

        Still not the one I’m looking for. Anyway, leave it! I’ll find it out myself!

  14. abhinav says:

    which website?

  15. Abhishek says:

    Are the dates for the make-up examinations(Chem Cycle) confirmed by the authorities?

  16. CM Punk says:

    Is it possible to fill the make-up examination form for this December online? I live outside of India, so it would be insane if I had to come back just to fill up the form.

  17. Abhishek says:

    When do the filling up of applications of make up examinations start?

  18. Rahul says:

    I am using internet on mobile. So could you please tell me when the BE make-up exam is?

  19. cssirohi says:

    previously sessional results were postd online. this time this has not been done. any idea why.

  20. anubhav says:

    what is d fee for make up exam

  21. sandra says:

    when is the last day for submitting form for 1st years backs. Is the office open on 12th december ?

  22. Anonymous says:

    how much doesd one need to pay for appearing in the back exams?? Are the question papers tougher than normal?

  23. sandra says:

    does anyone know the procedure for submiting the form (1st year backs). I filled the form and made payment, then ? . i am going on vacation and will be back in manipal only on 27th, as my back exam is on 3rd jan.

  24. sandra says:

    when will manipal institute of tech, upload the calendar- (last day filling form for back exams etc) on their site.

  25. Manu says:

    When are the results cumin out ?

  26. ayush jain says:

    wat is better failing in december and giving it again in summer or giving it in summer only

  27. manu says:

    if i get E grade in a subject then did i fail

  28. manu says:

    so that means that i u get more than 18 in end sem also cleared the subject cut-off

  29. ayush jain says:

    ok now i have got 2 questions

    1.what is procedure in detail for back do i know the cutoffs in end sem so that i know the marks required to clear it

  30. ankita priya says:

    can u plzz send me the link for online form submission for back exam??

  31. Anonymous says:

    I have to appear for make-up exam of BET scheduled for 3rd january,2012. Can you please guide me about which form to fill and how to make the payment.

    • prannayjha says:

      Fill the make up form attach a DD in favor of Director MIT, send it to the academic section MIT. Study for BET, reach manipal by 2nd, Collect your hall ticket from MIT Academic section. Give the exam πŸ˜‰

  32. ayush khandelwal says:

    if a person has attendance shortage…is it shown in the report or marksheet???

  33. Anonymous says:

    now that the results are out,is it possible to know the cutoff for the respective subjects?…..because i have scored very less in my internals and i need to know how much to score in order to pass and get the required amount of credits

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