ADA : The socio-cultural dramatics wing of MAFIA

Posted: November 21, 2011 by Gaurav Prakash in ADA

It all started in October 2008 with a group of people who dreamt of expressing themselves and righting wrongs in the world the way they know best, by shouting out loud and making themselves heard!

That dream, amalgamated with courage and plenty of heart, led to the birth of ADA, the socio-cultural dramatics wing of MAFIA, with the aim to educate those with thirst and potential in the dramatic arts. The club has performed, on the streets and on the stage, to generate awareness on a variety of social issues, using a varied list of media from Street Plays to Charity generating stage shows. The club believes in the Alchemical development from an individual with potential to an individual who can change things and bring society forward with sheer purity of thought.
ADA has participated and excelled in a variety of domains, in various cultural fests and otherwise, including Street Plays, Mad Ads, Movie Spoofs, Impromptu performances, Video Making as well as One Act plays. In addition to this, ADA kickstarted a new tradition in October 2011 with ‘Sabse Bada Rupaiya’, the first of their annual charity fundraiser theatrical productions, an event which saw excellent critical and viewer response.
As new faces and new talents, both tapped and untapped, show up at MIT year after year, ADA shall look to bring the best out of everyone, and strive for success in its endeavour of making the world a more entertaining place.

ADA indeed has miles to go before it sleeps.

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