Posted: December 22, 2011 by blogschange in Movie Reviews, Movies

No Plan. No Backup. No Choice.”

Certainly a rather apt tag line for a blockbuster franchise whose protagonists seem to have little clue what they’re doing after they’re 10 minutes into their mission, post which the film’s layout of the antagonists being beaten up by Ethan Hunt takes over. Certainly not a bad idea for a thrill-fueled 4th installment, where Hunt hunts down a nuclear extremist over four time zones, managing to catch up with him only in Mumbai, thanks to the famed traffic jams in the city. If I may say though accurately portrayed it did nothing to deter Hunt to race around in a high speed BMW i8 anyway.

Brad Bird’s energetic direction of the 4th installment of the M.I series, displays his rather own Mission Impossible, rejuvenating the franchise over the somewhat disappointing M.I.3, inheriting it from JJ Abrams who returns instead as a producer. Famed for his direction of only animated characters in Ratatouille and the Incredibles, Bird manages to convert the movie into an even faster, vibrant and fun movie.

Considering the cast in particular, Paula Patton gives an adequately sexy yet dangerous performance as IMF no-nonsense team leader Jane, along with Simon Pegg who returns as Benji, giving the film a humorous twist for the masses. Individual performances by Jeremy Runner with his intense portrayal as Brandt, an IMF analyst, tormented his past, and Vladimir Mashkov, as Sidirov, a Russian agent assigned to chase Hunt all around the globe, sparkle and are definitely praiseworthy. With less than flattering screen time offered to Anil Kapoor, his character breezes by, almost unacknowledged, disappointingly for his fans in Bollywood.

As for Tom Cruise’s screen presence in the movie, the solitary factor that manages to enrapture audiences undoubtedly, not only with his death defying and amusingly highly ridiculous stunts but also by his doing-things-my-own-way playful agent attitude, skimming over the emotional depth lightly yet satisfyingly.

Highly implausible, completely over the top with impossibly unrealistic yet fresh and entertainingly immersive stunt scenes, displaying a range a technical arsenal that would inspire a James Bond flick, this movie will take you on a joyride from inside the Kremlin, over the skyscrapers in Dubai into dusty old Mumbai. Guaranteed this movie is sure to make you exclaim “What the….” every 10 minutes inside your head but fascinatingly will also keep you at the edge of your seat for the entire 2 hours, wanting for more.

Simple, enrapturing, with a lovely aftertaste. Couldn’t ask for better.

Prateek Biswas


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