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Posted: January 6, 2012 by prannayjha in Movie Reviews, Movies
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Well Bollywood films and suspense genre have been like chalk and cheese right from the onset. Most of the high profile thrillers have left a bad taste in the audience’s mouth and somehow Indian filmmakers are yet to discover the zing of making classy thrillers, the one which keeps the audience glued to their seats. However, if there is one thing that would beg to differ here, it’s the director duo of Abbas-Mustan.Right from Agneekal to their last film race, this genre has been their bread and butter and they have been fairly successful in treating it with textbook care, at least in comparison to Bollywood standards.

Players is the latest product from their table, ostensibly a remake of the 1969 Hollywood film –‘the Italian job’. However, ultimately it turns out to be a horse of a different colour leaving a bitter taste. Calling Players as the duo’s one of the better films would be like blowing smoke.

The premise is severely malodorous and farcical to begin with. But let’s get to the plot first. “Players” is story of Charlie Macarenas (Abhishek Bachchan) a con artist cum chartered accountant who comes to know about a transfer of 10000 crores gold from Russia to Romania. He seeks help of his mentor Victor Dada (Vinod Khanna) to form a team of players for this robbery. Victor Dada introduces Charlie to Rhea (Bipasha Basu) an automobile expert, Ronnie (Bobby Deol) the magician, Bilal Basheer (Sikander Kher) an explosives expert and Sunny Mehra (Omi Vaidya) a makeup artist. They also seek help of a professional hacker, Spider (Neil Nitin Mukesh) but he is happily holed up somewhere. So with the help of Victor’s daughter Naina (Sonam Kapoor) they manage to find him and convince him to join their gang. Thus begins the journey of their preposterous robbery which is highly groundless and at the same time eats up the first half.

Right in the eleventh hour before the interval, the director smartly places a twist when one of their own gang members turns out to be a double crosser. However the second half, instead of building around that twist is left bouched up and doesn’t offer much expect some jokes which fall flat and songs which are a mere cacophony to the ears.

The antagonist sits in a cat bird seat and the other players can’t hold a candle to him. There are many sequences which really are unintentionally funny .In spite of bleeding like a stuck pig, some characters miraculously survive every now and then. The crocodile tears of Naina yield more guffaws than empathy. The screen play is extremely tacky. Although the director tries hard to blend melodrama and humour into the narrative, it just doesn’t work for the film. Music is mundane.

What does work for the film is the cinematography. The film takes you to the lavish lands of Russia, Goa and New Zealand and makes up with good treatment for eyes. Action scenes are stunningly shot. The back handed compliments shared between the main leads add some interesting moments.

The characters of the movie are the biggest disappointment except for Neil Nitin Mukesh; he leaves the viewers flabbergasted right down to the last stroke. Abhishek Bachchan looks disinterested and gives an insipid performance. The sidekicks don’t add much to the film in terms of performance. Bobby Deol is decent as the whipping boy. Sonam Kapoor once again proves that she is a wooden doll. Her ostrich like figure is a pain in the eyes. Bipasha Basu dresses to the nines and is quite a stunner, but she is mostly left with chewing the fat

Winding up, I would say Players isn’t quite your popcorn flick of the week for more reasons than one. It was more of a hell’s half acre like ride for me.Watch it if you must.


By Anubhav Shrivastava

  1. optimus87 says:

    Well…..after watching this theatrical trailer for the movie ” Players” it is proved that the Hindi cinema is out of some original idea’s, Players is a Hindi masala version for Italian Job( a super classic). The original movie has a great star cast with a impressive talent..each of the characters in that movie has a unique style of delivering a performance, now these talented Hollywood actors are being compared to a bunch of flop and not so talented Bollywood stars who are good at running around trees with a decent choreography and a background score. None of the Players star cast has appeal on the screen, and the songs are horrible rather then concentrating more on the plot and characters importance is given out to fashion…Bipasha with the skimpy clothes…..Abhishek is looking like more of a dumb ramp model….Bobby Deol has lame expression on his face….Sonam looks like a combination of Indian barbie and Chinese movie actress…..Neil looks like a Good looking humpty Dumty rather then a hacker…its looking like a spoof comedy version of Italian Job…Guess we are out stories folks and its better we starting making some hindi spoof versions of Good old Hollywood classics…After watching this Jason Statham might pumping his muscle to have have a word with our so called talented “Players” 😉

  2. I pretty much agree with your review but it’s unfair to generalize. I think, for example, Johnny Gaddar was a great thriller! I liked Aamir, too. Kaminey.. and I loved loved the remake of Changing Lanes, Taxi 9211. Monday mornings my brain is still frozen but if I think longer about it I will find others.. 🙂 okay, so there are some imperfections in some of these thrillers but that only endears them in my eyes. I hate these sleek, formula driven thrillers the US produces like a steam engine.
    also, you need to consider that India catches up only now with technologies for special effects. I think they did pretty well with what they had.

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