Revels, The Beginning

Posted: January 12, 2012 by prannayjha in College News, MAFIA
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We are finally in the ‘fun’ semester. Revels, the college’s cultural fest is soon to swing in action. For those oblivious to Revels, here is what is going to unfold in the upcoming months.

There are a series of events that take place during Revels, participated by a large number of people from all around Karnataka (some from further as well). The events include competitions ranging from singing, band performances, group dance to art, drama and even fashion Winking smile

For people interested to participate, it is required that they clear the Pre-Revels rounds. The Pre-Revels is organised by MAFIA, the music and fine arts club of MIT. It kicks off on 25th of this month. An acoustic jam session at Food Court shall also be organised to heat things up on the 23rd. There is a GBM of MAFIA on 16th, that also includes the volunteer call for the club.

The posters and info desks holding the details for the same shall soon be coming up.

For further details, attend the GBM or contact:

Madhav: 9035193358

Prannay: 8095137062

  1. well what abt pre revels counter strike? and exact location of GBM in NLH?

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