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Posted: January 24, 2012 by prannayjha in College News, MAFIA
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DSC00371The Pre-Revels Jam Night organized by MAFIA, Manipal was a spectacular show. It was a music and dance fiesta and a reminder of what Revels holds in store for Manipalites. It consisted of different bands performing songs from various genres of Music. The show took place at Kamath Circle (KC) and was a crowd puller, throngs of MITians gathered at KC to listen to the beautiful music. Not to be confused with the Acoustic Jam Night which took place last semester, here vocals, base guitars and processors were very much allowed. The atmosphere was filled with the music of Electric guitar, synthesizer, tabla and drums. The Jam Night had various bands performing both Bollywood and Western songs. The event was also a stage for the participants to get a little limelight on them ahead of the Pre-Revels and the Revels (to be held in March after the first sessionals).

DSC00466The participants were given six minutes in all whDSC00486ich included time to setup the instruments and perform their act. The first song ‘Tumse Hi’ received great response from the crowd and set the tone for the evening. Every subsequent performance just seemed to raise the bar higher. Acoustic tunes to ’21 Guns’ to Metallicas’s ‘Nothing Else Matters’ were belted out wonderfully by talented Manipalites. The crowds grew and at one time it almost felt like a full blown concert. There were many excellent vocalists and some eccentric performances too. A little more than halfway through the Night another Flash Mob took place and KC came alive with people dancing to popular Bollywood songs. Seeing guys romp to ‘Chikni Chameli‘ was a great example of how much the event organizers connected with the crowds. The organizers of this Flash Mob were Ada and Mafia in collaboration.

MAFIA is famous for organizing some of the best Musical Events in MIT. The frolic continued till late 9.30 pm. Songs at the end were quite good, seems they saved the best for last. “ Socha hai” – a famous rDSC00506ock number from Rock On! Set the adrenaline pumping in the audience. Then it moved to slow love songs like “Hero” and “Who lamhe” , DSC00500these songs brought love in the air. The Jam night ended with a song composed by a band called “Rooh”, which consisted of only first years, the song “Rooh main” that they sung got the audience mesmerized and enthralled. These guys gave a fantastic performance. This was the first Pre-Revels event and with such a great start we can’t even wait for what’s in store for us in the coming few days.

By- Ayush Agarwal and Ali Akbar Photographs: Divyam

  1. MK says:

    It wasn’t really “acoustic”.

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