Posted: January 30, 2012 by prannayjha in College News, MAFIA
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The second music based event of Pre-Revels organized by MAFIA after Eastern Vocals was the much appreciated and considerably more popular, the Western Vocals solo competition, held from 7PM to 10PM at Kamath Circle, Manipal.
The event, introduced as a direct entry to Revels in March and MU based Utsav later, was thronged by musicians and vocalists from around the campus to participate in as well as witness a harmony of talent prevalent in MIT. As opposed to the Jam Night, MAFIA restricted the use of distortion on guitars as well a drum kit for vocal performances, allowing instead pure Karaoke tracks.
Set against the backdrop of the unavoidable basketball matches, tunes to artists like Chris Daughtry and Celine Dion drowned all noise by their sheer brilliance and beautiful melodies.
Participated by almost 75 students, a wide range of artists were covered including Avril Lavigne, Taylor Swift, Hinder, Maroon 5, Oasis, Greenday, Hoobastank to name a few. Notable performances included renditions of Adele’s ‘Rolling in the Deep’, The Beatles’ ‘Yesterday’, ‘Hero’ by Enrique as well as Elton John’s famous ‘And that’s why they call it the blues’, all of which which managed to garner a wide and much deserved applause.
While the evening ended with performances being cut off midway to accommodate the 2minute time restriction,  judges Anand and Bhakta Sir tabulating their results, Kolaveri D, sung by random selections enthralled the crowd to a melodic end to the evening.
Results have been posted up by MAFIA on their Facebook page for all who are interested.

The second round for the event takes place at IC on the 1st of February.

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