MAFIA Battle Of the Bands

Posted: February 21, 2012 by prannayjha in MAFIA
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_MG_652220th of February saw what is arguably the most entertaining event of Pre-revels, for the music fans. What was normally known as a metal fiesta, was now an event filled with surprises. Contrary to last year, where the Battle was a tussle between the death metal heavy weights, this time the the diversity in the music was impressive.

The event kicked off with some rock, which was followed by pure metal, punk, alternate and even jazz. The energy of Metallica, the trance of Floyd and Pearl Jam and the serenity of Jazz. The colossuses truly set the stage on fire. ‘Wait For It’ performed the ever so famous ‘Back In Black’, Sane Asylum (Last year’s winners) growled the crowd to euphoria, while Monkey Skull played something out of the world , as they had promised. The event ended with a beautiful performance that had both Indian classical and jazz in it.

Eventually two bands got through to Revels namely ‘Wait for it’ and ‘Waka Chaka’ (the last performer), while ‘Paradox’ and ‘Who Guns N’ Roses are’ were kept on standby.

By- Prannay Jha

Photos- Tejasvi Batria

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