All students requiring accomodation in the Hostels are required to fill the Online Application Form.

The procedure to fill is

1. Enter your 9 Digit Registration number in the login box.

2. Enter your date of birth in the format dd/mm/yyyy in the password box.

Rooms will be allotted on the basis of seniority and Merit/GPA of Last Semester.
No Room Retainment is permitted.

For Boys: AC :      14th Block, Regency, OJAS II
Non AC: 9th Block, 10th Block, D Block, K Block, 6th Block and 17th Block

For Girls: AC :        13th Block
Non AC: 13th Block, 3rd Block, 4th Block and 8th Block

Last Date to Apply is 20 March 2012

  1. Rusti says:

    Umm….is it just 17th Block’s infernal net or is the link not working?
    The page doesnt load.

  2. It never comes out so early in the semester !!

  3. blueberry says:

    any hocus pocus of MIT students not allowing the students from MIM n MIJM to stay in the hostels?

  4. Akula says:

    Bloody page ain’t loading…..shows Chrome can’t connect….bloody page….

  5. mitian :P says:

    unable to login.. is the date format actually dd/mm/yyyy??.. help!

  6. Is it according to the average of yours and ur roomate’s (future) GPA? Or the highest between the 2?
    And what’s the general cutoff for the 9th and 14th Blocks?

  7. donbhai says:

    It just keeps on sayin valid reg no or dob…now wad to do??

  8. donbhai says:


  9. 7theaven says:

    Oh great news for all. ION not working across wide range of floors in 16th block. Accessing via mobile net. Through which ofcourse I cant register on the intranet.

    I did speak to network admin, he said by 12th March, they will “start” solving the problems. Hurray? Took them 8 months!

  10. Anonymous says:

    dd/mm/yyyy format doesn’t work as the password!

  11. Anonymous says:

    is there timings during which the site will be accessible? coz i hv been trying for two days, and it wont open. can u access it from ur hostel

  12. Anonymous says:

    are ther timings during which the site is available? can it be accessed from the hostel rooms

  13. TS says:

    Does it matter when you apply??

  14. What happens if none of your preferences are given to you?
    and what is the cut off for any double non ac attached?

    • Anuj Saboo says:

      The cut of varies and depends on the rooms others apply for. In case you apply for Single AC and you do not get it with the present GPA then you are given Single Non AC. Similarly goes for the rest

  15. Sparsh Garg says:

    I filled four hostels in my prefrences along room no. If I can’t get that rooms,then what will happen,Can I get same hostels acc. to my preferences or some other hostels which are not there in my preferences can also be get

  16. anupriya says:

    something’s wrong with the date of birth format..tried all the possibilties..still nt working..what to do???

  17. AK says:

    my friend n I hv a combined average gpa of 7.56 n r wanting 9th block, vr goin to fill all our preferences as 9th.. wt r d chances of getting it.?
    1st year

  18. Anonymous says:

    first it shown 7 preferences after saving it is showing 10 preferences if we enter remaining 3 preferences it is not showing SAVE button………and displaying “You have already applied, details of block/room are as given below”……………… but what about remaining 3 preferences……??????

  19. Anonymous says:

    do we get hostels on the basis of gpa of sem1 only or sem1 and sem2 both?

  20. Anonymous says:

    try i with ‘/’

  21. janardan singh says:

    put slash also

  22. Anonymous says:

    aditya kamath is it true???????

  23. Mahalakshmi says:

    hey it is not accepting my date of birth. what shall i do?

  24. Anonymous says:

    I saved the form midway coz my net had stopped working..
    Is there no way to edit the form now?

  25. How come the page never fucking opens? 😐

  26. Can the form be altered later once it’s filled and saved?

  27. anupriya says:

    go to AB1 n tell them its showing problem regarding ur d.o.b they will fix it..mine’s done 🙂

  28. varun mamillapalli says:

    why am i getting only 5 choices….supposed to get 10?

  29. dante says:

    i had filled my choice as 17th block with my roommate but now i want to change its preferences to 14th block and 17th block but after i cancelled my appln.. and tried to refill it, it shows that i have already filled the form and does not show my details but only my roomates.This is the 2nd time i am refilling the form


  30. dante says:

    please help me out:now as i enter my roommates reg no. it shows detalis totally different persons is there a problem in the site
    please reply soon

  31. Anonymous says:

    can i choose preference as single attached and double attached?

  32. dante says:

    we can go to the library to register our hostel preferences right?

  33. boss says:

    how much gpa is required for 14th block which can i expect in 5.5 gpa

  34. Anonymous says:

    My room mate and I have an avergae GPA of 6.6(we’re 1st years) What are the chances of getting into 17th block?

  35. siddharth amin says:

    the page isnt working……wat do i do about it….tom is the last day

  36. Nishit Kunal says:

    the hostel allotment page is not opening…..plz can something be done about it as soon as possible

  37. Abhinav says:

    “Your date of birth doesn’t exist in the server. What in the world am I to do now?
    I tried all earlier reg no’s. And of course, I have but only one date of birth for all of them.

  38. Keshav baheti. says:

    A have a GPA Of 5. Whats a Safer Option- 14th Block Double ac or !7th Block Single ac?

  39. Sritej Gunta says:

    i m in my home….and i can’t open this hostel allotment form page..when is the last date???
    and what is the solution for this???

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