The Wall Departs!

Posted: March 9, 2012 by Rambo in Sports Blitz, Sportz Blitz
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June 20 1996 witnessed the arrival of a legend. The stage was perfectly set up. A young lad was facing the fearful pace battery of England in the trying conditions of Lord. And Alas! He missed a much deserved debut century by a whisker!

A man who first stepped into international cricket when unorthodoxy was at its peak with pinch-hitters ruling the roost and defying all the rules of textbook cricket with aplomb ; Dravid has been truly head and shoulders above everyone. He has consistently exhibited a temperament showing a remarkable impregnability of class, timing and hard work. Every time India has been staring down the barrel, Dravid has fancifully played the Crisis Man; akin to a cloud that gathers her robe like drifted snow. Rightly called the “Wall”, he is also famous as “jammy” to his close mates.

The Wall: Rahul Dravid picked up the Test player and ICC player of the year awards at the inaugural ICC Awards.

Dravid has proved time and again why is rightly the “Mr Dependable “.Be it the 2001 Kolkata test or the 2003 Adelaide test, Dravid has justified why the bowlers always kept a high price tag for his wicket.

When Dravid made his ODI debut, he was again always put at the backburner. With a strike rate as alarmingly low as 70, he certainly didn’t fit into this swashbuckling format. But his perseverance, determination and grit were unmatched and he worked on his way towards success. Today,as we look at the statistics of his illustrious ODI career, one can safely presume that he is a perfect role model for today’s generation of budding cricketers.

Today, unfortunately he is calling it quits. Well some good things do need to end. His performance in the recent series down under was highly scrutinized, with every tom dick and harry questioning his technique and reasons for getting knocked over many times. One can’t help but think about the after effects of such flays on a cricketer whose body of work is too good to be questioned.

The WALL: A scorecard which we might not see again!

When Dravid retires today, the country will lose the greatest no 3 batsman it ever had, fans will be robbed of the privilege of watching this artist at work, media will mourn that he never got his due but most importantly, his departure will take away with itself a bit of gentle-manliness that the game tries to still portray as its inseparable element. Indeed, Dravid was not only a great cricketer, but he displayed a remarkable touch of sincerity and humility on field. He preferred to stay quiet rather than always foam at the mouth.

All said and done, India have lost a player who just cannot be replaced immediately seeing the sorry state of affairs in Indian cricket at the moment. It is a day of utter gloom and despair. Now its high time players like Cheteshwar Pujara and others rise up to the challenge. Otherwise we have literally no hopes of seeing even a half-constructed wall being remade.

– Anubhav Shrivastava 

Edited by RamSharat Reddy. 



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