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Today (15th March 2012):

3pm KC:

MIT students from all years were present. The 3rd years took the centre stage and guided the 1st and 2nd years. The issues under discussions were the resignation of the MIT Director and how student council can be made more efficient. It was decided that the SC should be dissolved and elections should be conducted to choose new members. At 3:50pm the students moved to MIT Quadrangle.

4pm MIT Quadrangle:

Condolences were given before a jam-packed quadrangle (with students and professors) by the EEE department HOD, Registrar, Chief Warden, Director MIT and the Associate Director. EEE HOD (B.K Singh) was the first to give the condolences. There was a minute of silence soon after which all the official authorities left the place. The absence of the Director left the grieving students angry who wanted to discuss the matter out. No effect of speech or control by the Chief Warden and other faculty was useful.

The Director returned in half an hour to announce that she can’t resign as it was the management’s decision and that compensation to the deceased would be looked into. Due to these decisions the angry mob moved towards the EDU to sort issues out. On the way a bunch of mischievous students broke a few NLH windows and panes which was uncalled for.

5pm EDU:

The angry mob moved to EDU where they were addressed by the Pro Vice Chancellor and the Registrar. They wanted a hard copy of the complaint and incident after which they would give a decision on the director. The students refused to do the same. Police was called in to control and scare the students away but that did not help either. Later a declaration of three days close down of college was made and the decision was postponed to Saturday to which students disagreed again. After much protest, agitation and revolt, the authorities finally gave in to take off the Director of MIT from her position and return to normal functioning of college from tomorrow (16th March 2012).

Ram Sharat Reddy and Deeksha Awasthi

  1. Sandra says:

    Sad that a student has died. The management charges high fees for everything. Glad To know thaf finally the Director was was removed. She was a very arrogant and like a dictator.

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