Green Wave Manipal Music Festival

Posted: March 25, 2012 by Gaurav Prakash in Uncategorized
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Greenwave Music Festival is a two day event set to be held at Manipal.

Greenwave is a musical movement for those who think that conservation of Mother Nature is more important than exploiting her. Manipal has always been different because of its greenery and scenic beauty of the valley. Lately in the last three years, with growing population there has been huge drive to urbanize Manipal. The soothing vision of the green is slowly being replaced by the harshness of concrete, hence Greenwave.
Greenwave is a voice for those who want to shout out that we don’t need another urbanized town at the cost of nature. We want Manipal as it is – green, clean, and close to our heart. The musicians performing in Greenwave, will not only promote nature through their music but will also pledge for a cleaner environment. The event will also feature prominent speakers form Greenpeace, who will make the youth realise the worth of our environment in our daily life and will also plant trees in order to promote the cause.
There will be an ONLINE Greenwave Music Competition of where the top 5 entries will be invited to perform at the festival. The best judged entries will get an opportunity to open for the headlining bands, and hence, get full press coverage, and goodwill that the event will provide.

So greenwave is all about Go green, Think clean.
Our audience is those for whom music is the peace of soul.
simple, yet make it unique by their creative inputs.



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