AIESEC’s Youth Leadership Summit

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AIESEC Manipal University,  held a Youth Leadership Summit at the AC Seminar Hall on 25th March, 2012. The event featured the success stories of two of Manipal’s leading youth icons – Gaurav Prakash and Gopal Krishna, who shared their views and policies on the various disciplines of entrepreneurship.

The event was inaugurated by AIESEC president Abhishek Kocchar, who brought out the essence of
entrepreneurship and the role of entrepreneurs in general. Much emphasis was laid on the Golden
Circle. Any idea or venture has to satisfy three questions credibly – first why, then how and finally

The first leg of the program began with Chill Maadi’s founder, Gopal Krishna’s speech. Gopal is from
Muzzafarpur in Bihar, where partisan short-sightedness about careers existed. Like most of us, he
too joined the bandwagon in Kota, running behind an IIT dream just to satisfy the whims of the
society. Gopal then moved on to explaining how entrepreneurs are more often known more for the
empire they engendered rather than their persona. There was a 65 year old man, Harland Sanders
who was passionate about cooking. He lost his shop in a highway expansion scheme, but did not lose
hope. He went to every shop and house trying to sell his special dishes, but was rejected 1009 times.
Had he given up on the 1009th attempt, the multi-billion dollar mogul KFC might have never come
to be. Similarly were the lives of J.K Rowling and Walt Disney, who discarded all criticism and were
firm about their passion. Gopal always dreamt of creating something big, came up with an idea and
worked on it with a small team. With Chill Maadi garnering 3500 views in its month of inception, he
never turned back. Today Chill Maadi as a team of 112 across 9 colleges. Gopal also has many new
ideas up his sleeve including school contact programs and much more.

Gaurav Prakash (the founder of Manipal The Talk) then orated his views. He believes that entrepreneurship is about painting your own road and making a mark. However, he has moral attachment to entrepreneurship and says one’s idea must give back society. Some of the important tips he gave were:

Make your own rules

Reaction to criticism

Cofounder and Team should compliment you

Don’t be scared to share your ideas

Unique Selling Point (USP)

Registering your company

Expanding these points would make this article a thesis, so be sure to watch the video of the man himself speaking! Gaurav then spoke about out our very own MTTN, and his vision to create a student portal to connect individuals and for interaction. No one believed his concept would work and they all had misgivings and doubts about it. Gaurav went back and worked on these doubts and turned them around. MTTN 1.0 blossomed into MTTN 2.0, and MTTN X3 is waiting to roar. He learnt from his mistakes from his maiden start up and corrected himself in later ventures.

A speech laden with humour, witty one liners, intellectual analogies, fruitful ideas, awe-striking facts
and inspirational stories is impossible to compress into an article but here are some of the catchy

Always tell your team “Work with me. Not work for me”.

“Don’t be scared to tell your ideas out. If you are not convinced about doing it well yourself,
you might as well not do it”

“None of my best friends are in any of my ventures, True story”

“97% of businesses are replicas of successful business models”.

“Necessities create ideas, and ideas must create demand”

 “People came up and told me is such a trivial concept that even they
could have easily done it. The question is DID THEY DO IT?

“Every idea is unrealistic. But convince me.”

The conclusive leg of the event featured an innovation bloc where the audience was divided into
groups and asked to come up with ideas for start ups to solve certain issue. Some the ideas that
came up were

Online portal for borrow, rental and exchange of stationary, electronics and transportation.
Profit margin would be made via commissions.

An event management company that would lessen the burden clubs have to undergo in handling logistics and arrangements, and therefore allow the clubs to focus solely on their field of interest.

A delivery system whereby students would get paid for picking up Dominos deliveries, posts ,etc.

A website offering education help, where students would get paid for tutoring and doing assignments for peers. This would connect students and give match their requirements and capabilities.

Mickr – a company that would install LED screens all over the campus and display messagesfor the college, clubs and other franchises.

The two guests, Gopal and Gaurav gave their inputs and identified the flaws. The immediate feasibility of these ideas is highly debatable, but isn’t entrepreneurship about making ideas possible? The evening was ended with a synopsis by Kanika from AIESEC.

All in all, it was an inspiring evening of enhanced learning, insightful thinking and spawning of
new ideas. Go ahead; let your dreams take flight. Think big and just do it. Don’t forget to catch
the videos of inspiring speeches!


Girish Kumar

Video Courtsey : Tejasvi


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