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Rock on with Elysium

ELYSIUM as the name suggests is a place or condition for ideal happiness. That is exactly where this Desi Rock Band derives its music – a complete condition of Happiness. The members of the band Elysium are :

Joel Rebello (Lead Vocalist)
Darrell Mascarenhas (drummer)
Loy Valentine (keyboard)
Melwyn D’souza (Vocalist)
Ashish Palanna (Lead Guitarist)
Ashley Aiman (Bass guitarist)

They  performed at Enthusia and gave us a chance to really understand the music that they wanted to convey to the crowd, by performing some original and latest rock numbers of Bollywood. After an amazing performance, I got to catch up with the lead vocalist Joel who was pretty tired, but ready to answer some questions about the band. They are known for the expertise in the genres of music like Desi Rock, American Rock, Pop, Ballads, Rock and Roll, Goan and Caribbean. Now, lets have a glance about their activity!

How it all started:

It all started two years back  when a group of friends decided to share their passion for music with the world. Earlier Joel had also worked with Lucky Ali as a backing vocalist, but decided to leave it all and create the band Elysium. He has also worked on an album with Remo Fernandes and Usha Uthap, some of the big names in Bollywood.


Achievements :

Elysium has also performed at MTV Roadies 7.0 which was a huge milestone for them. Their song “Aao Gao” which was composed for the Cricket World Cup was selected as well. The band had also performed in Oman at an event hosted by the Indian Embassy in Muscat this April. Apart from creating their own album they have given the main theme music (more or less like Jingles) for various companies and banks. They also have a Music School at Balmatta, Mangalore.

The future:

The band is coming up with their own album called “Mere Sapne”. The video shoots for the album are complete and the album is all set to release next year in the mid of April. They even peformed the song at Enthusia and it was a remarkable hit among the MITians. They will be having another concert in Mangalore in the middle of November.

The band draws inspiration from their own lives and keep it 100% original when it comes to their passion for music.

They also have a facebook page where they can be followed.

We wish Good Luck to the band and wish to see them perform more for the crazy crowd of Manipal. May all their dreams come true and rock India with their music. ROCK ON !!

-Shagun Dwivedi,
(M.I.T, 2nd year, student of Chemical Engineering)


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Arguably the biggest event this semester was Enthusia, the music, dance and fine arts carnival. Organised by The Music & Fine Arts (MAFIA) club, the event boasted of food stalls, music through the evening, some scintillating rock performances and a perm till 11 for juniors!!298706_279415762080045_154179567936999_940888_779691253_n

Day 1- Most of the crowd was either participating in Manipals Go294597_279404745414480_154179567936999_940776_1811628228_nt Talent (MGT Round 1) or was there to cheer for their friends.  As the event had no restriction on the kind of talent one can exhibit, the performances ranged from acoustic rock, dance groups to Beat Boxers and Gothic singers. The day ended with performances of the much awaited bands, ‘Wait For It’ and ‘Monkey Skull. They turned the evening into a head banging fiesta. AC-DC, Iron Maiden, Porcupine Tree, were all covered in a fantabulous fashion. Finally about a dozen were chosen to go through Round 2 of MGT.


Day 2- The 296637_279424905412464_154179567936999_940972_372057339_aday started in a rather mellow tone. We had some amazing performances by mostly solo vocalists accompanied by a few dancers. The highlight of the day was the band ‘Elysium’ which also featured in MTV Roa317388_279426795412275_154179567936999_940984_171295240_ndies. Even though initially, they were a bit disappointed with the turnout, they were happy to send everyone’s feet dancing when free entry for the event was announced. The crowd increased substantially and we had a fun filled evening. They mostly covered Bollywood numbers finishing with Dhinka-Chika. The event finished an hour early as we had juniors enjoying their rare night time freedom!!

Prannay Jha (Associate Blogger)

Enthusia Carnival

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The Music and Fine Arts Club is organizing ENTHUSIA: A carnival where colleges from all over Manipal will get to showcase their talent.

The carnival will be held on the 20th and the 21st of October. It includes :

 — Manipal’s Got Talent (delegate cards will be needed) :
For the members of MAFIA the delegate cards cost Rs.100 and for the non-members they cost Rs.150. Also there will be exclusive prizes for the first years. The performances can be related to any kind of dance, music or band performance. The first round of Manipal’s Got Talent will be on the 20th of October and the second on the 21st of October.
 — Band Performances
 — Art Street
 — Gaming
 — Food stalls
 — Battle of fraternities and a lot more..
Moreover ENTHUSIA is open for all the Manipal University colleges
Come be a part of this colourful Carnival !
Prannay Jha


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14th October marked the beginning of the music era of MIT for this academic year! The MIT food-court was unusually crowded around 6 . I went in to have a look at  exactly what was attracting the crowd so much? To my surprise I found that a large area of the ground floor of the food-court had an arrangement of drum kits, mikes, synthesizers, amplifiers and speakers instead of

the normal green-yellow tables and chairs! Looking around I found out that the arrangements were being made for the ACOUSTIC EVENING organised by the Music And Fine Arts Club (M.A.F.I.A). Everyone was excited and wanted the event to start!

Soon the event started. The participants had come in groups of 2 or 3, some equipped with their shiny electric guitars and some with the traditional willow acoustics! Their choice of songs ranged from songs of  The Eagles to the songs of  Indian Rock! Around 20 groups participated in the event.

The special feature of the event was the astonishing majority in participation by the 1st year MIT’ians! The evening was filled with sound of strings and drum beats! The whole food court crowd (both the floors) applauded to almost all the performances. A mixture of western and  classical Indian rock music made the evening even more melodic.   The senior guitarists ( guitarists in 2nd, 3rd & 4th year MIT in this context) actually congratulated the new talents on seeing their performances.

This event made it possible for the students in 1st year MIT to interact with other senior guitarists and drummers. Hope this gives rise to new bands in future! Finally the host announced about the CARNIVAL(Enthusia) that’s going to be held on the 20th and 21st of this month and the event came to a soothing end.


Dance Workshop

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MAFIA starts with its dance workshops soon. They are providing classes for both CHA-CHA and Salsa(intermediate). The free for all introductory class takes place today (13th) above Annapurna mess. Main classes take place from 17th Oct. So get your dancing shoes on.

Time:5:45 (CHA-CHA)

        7:00 (Salsa)

Dance Poster

Music and Fine Arts Club (M.A.F.I.A) is up with the first Acoustic Jam Night of this season!

Don’t forget to catch it at the MIT Food-court on 14 October (6.30 pm onwards). Those interested can book their slots by calling on the contact numbers given in the picture attached. Those not interested in participation can add music on their menu for dinner at FC. Come one, Come all and make sure to exploit this event! Read below for more details…


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Heya der!

Todays’ evening seemed to be just like any other evening in MIT- the setting sun, the reddish sky, the players at the basketball court all doing their own daily routine. Suddenly, there were huge speakers, drum kits, mikes and synthesizers being set up in front of the food court, followed by some Music tracks being played and everyone carrying on with their routine work flooded towards the setup area to find that The Music And Fine Arts Club is organising the ACOUSTIC JAM NIGHT! as well as the MC HUNT! together in one platform!

Before the event started, there was a dance performance by the team MAFIA at the basketball court and on the FC stairs. The whole crowd came to a standstill and were surprised to see the whole MAFIA team together giving an introduction to the event which was going to follow it!

The acoustic jamming session had songs ranging from metal based hindi bollywood songs to soft rock western songs. Acoustic sessions is the best time to listen to pure guitar, its sound not being altered by any processors or waw waw paddles. The drums had to be removed after the 4th performance because it was apparently hindering the students in the nearby hostels from studying for their ongoing end sem practical exams. Then too, the momentum of the evening was not lost. More and more participants took part and sang till their hearts content.

The contestants for the MC HUNT were given chance to host the event after every performance turn by turn. The best of them will be selected to be the host of the upcoming events of MAFIA.

Finally, the evening came to an end with our own home band, ZEHEN performing their own original composition Ek Ajnabee and a  cover on the song aazadiyan!

Surely, todays evening helped us MIT’ans break the prolonged widespread silence after the REVELS. The melody that the concert gave, will still be reverberating in everyones ears!


Hey there,

THE MUSIC AND FINE ARTS CLUB ( MAFIA ), is looking out for an MC ( emcee) who can host their events in the best possible way!

So, my dear MIT counterparts, if you feel that you are confident enough to hold the mike and host the events, make the stage the bull’s eye of the audience’s view, speak well and make the audience feel that they are not in a prayer hall, then, there should be ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, NOTHING to stop you from trying out the MC hunt which is going to be held along with the ACOUSTIC JAM NIGHT, on the 25th of APRIL,  6.30 pm, at the MIT FOODCOURT.

For more details contact

ANUSKA: 9008420235


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ONCE AGAIN, THE MUSIC AND FINE ARTS CLUB (MAFIA) is organizing an ” ACOUSTIC JAM NIGHT  ” on  25th APRIL, 7pm onwards, at the MIT FOODCOURT.  


Participant should be a member of MAFIA. If not, there is a provision for getting the membership card made on the spot, at the time of the event. THE SLOTS FOR THE EVENT ARE LIMITED. SO GET REGISTERED IMMEDIATELY!!

If a team wishes to perform, EACH member of the team should be a member of MAFIA.

The maximum number of participants in a team is 3 and minimum is 1.

Drum kit will be provided.  Participant(s) have to bring their own guitars and piano’s.

Electric guitar ( WITHOUT DISTORTION ) can be used by the participants. Synthesizers are allowed ( ONLY PIANO ).

For any more information, or registering slots, please contact,

ANWAR: 9620729174          SHWEYTANK: 8951321626

Revels ’11 comes to an end!

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The 4 long never ending days of REVELS 2011, brought out some surprisingly rare talents hidden inside the students of MIT and few other colleges. Events were divided into categories and sub categories. Each day had events like music, dance, fine arts, drama, street play, basketball  football and cricket matches, rangoli making etc etc!

Starting from putting up infodesks’ to packing up the stage props in PRO NIGHT, everything was just rightly planned and executed in the smoothest possible way. The registrations of the participants was made online which has ‘eradicated’ the last minute confusions which used to happen during the events. Each event was under a category of a club, for which there was a category head, then a event head, then organizers and finally volunteers. Even I worked as a volunteer for the MUSIC AND FINE ARTS CLUB (M.A F. I.A)

The events organized by MAFIA were divided into 3 categories wiz EUPHONY  ( all the music events including the BATTLE OF THE BANDS ), PERSPECTIVE ( it dealt with all the fine arts events), FOOTLOOSE ( all the dance events including the sizzling hot FASHION SHOW)

DAY 1: hum tum, my tunes, impressions, satrangi, rhythm and jam on were the events under MAFIA. Hum tum was a duet singing event, My tunes was for instrumental solo, Impressions, in which we had to design the cover page of a book provided, Satrangi, a rangoli competition, Rhythm a western non Indian group dance event and lastly Jam On! instrumental solo jamming event! All the events were different in their own kind! Also there was a particular color code for this day, BLUE!

DAY 2: Chords, Jhankar Beats, Back to the streets, Style check, Fantasy faces and last but not the least THE FASHION SHOW! were the events. Chords an event for western vocals solo! Jhankar Beats, eastern dance solo, the audience was indeed enthralled! Back to the streets, Yo man, if u wanna hit the dance the floor, hit it the hip hop way, do what u can, B-boying with stunts like one hand salute, reverse sommersault kept the audience shouting and hooting for an hour! the shoulder dislocating stunt left the audience awestruck! Style check, event in which tee shirts were used as drawing paper! in short, tee shirt designing! Fantasy Faces, the name itself describes everything, 2 a team, paint each others faces with wild colors and designs! the JOKER of the DARK KNIGHT was the most common design. The day ended with the most mystifying and most awaited event of the fest, THE FASHION SHOW! Beauties from VIT, SRM, MIT, MSAP, MIC participated in teams of 20! The audience had a jaw drop syndrome. Indeed the fashion show maintained its aura and brilliance like it has in the past occasions!

DAY 4: Bittersweet symphony, Alankaar, Picture abhi baaki hain, Groove, Grayscale, and Looney Toons were the events for the last day. Bittersweet Symphony, a group singing event which took place at IC attracted lotsa spectators and indeed proved to be a melodious event, followed by Groove, a platform for showing off your western dance skills which presented the famous moon walk, robotic and belly dances for the audience. The moon walk and belly dancing actually seemed to be as a ‘tribute’ to Michael Jackson and Shakira! The next event, Grayscale, a coal sketching competition was one of its kind. Looney toons, yet an event which mainly concentrated on cartoon sketching! The rarest of the events, Picture abhi baaki hain in which the participants had to convey the storyline of a script through the medium of dance was really worth watching! The efforts and expressions put up by these storytellers was highly appreciated by loud applauds by the audience!

The last day of any college fest in any corner of the world has a special concert instore! Our college too had one such concert at KMC greens! The PRO NIGHT which was headlined by the band FARIDKOT! Superfamous for its track LAILA! followed by others bands like ZEHEN, and THEM CLONES. The music was played to such an extent that people actually started head banging till the point their spinal cord brakes! Surely, Manipal has a huge support for heavy metal music! THEM CLONES ended the show, and the REVELS 2011, by performing a cover on ITS LIFE.

With this, the REVELS 2011, journey ends and again MAFIA has proved to be the SOUL of REVELS!

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