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The Bus Incident

Posted: March 10, 2012 by prannayjha in College News
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There are buses provided to us by the college. However there are so many people eager to catch the last minute ride, it often happens that these buses get overcrowded. Some of the students are normally hanging by the door in desperation to reach on time, despite warnings from the conductor.

In a rather unfortunate incident today, a student lost his balance and fell head first behind IC. He was immediately taken to KMC and is currently in a critical state in the ICU.

To address the same an informal meeting was held in front of the 9th Block basketball court. It was attended by the Chief Warden. The crowd not satisfied with the answers, went on to protest in front Mrs Kumkum Garg’s home. The director, eventually asked the crowd to move to Quadrangle, where she was accompanied by the Registrar representing the Chancellor. He started off by informing the crowd that the student’s health is now improving. For the bus incidents, he said that they had a meeting with transport officials and it was decided that the frequency of buses shall be increased with effect from Monday.

The students then had their say and they raised the following points-

1. Lack of Action– This is not an isolated incident and no action has been taken despite repeated demands for increasing the bus frequency.

2. Speed– The drivers are quite reckless on the wheel which poses a serious hazard to the students.

3. Utility Charges– Are increased considerably in the middle of the semester.

4. Sickle Incident– The drunken auto driver was let off in one day, and no follow up was done.

5. Intake– The space in college is not enough to accommodate the required students (or the buses), then why is the intake increased every year?

The authorities then decided that they needed time to discuss these issues. There shall be another meeting that would take place at Quadrangle at 12:30 PM on Monday. This meeting shall be attended by the Vice-Chancellor as well.

We wish a speedy recovery of our friend and hope that such incidents do not happen again.

ISTE Tech Debate

Posted: March 6, 2012 by prannayjha in College News, ISTE
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IMG_6978The preliminary leg of the ISTE Tech Debate, held at AB5, received an excellent response from the students. Participants were divided into groups and allotted different rooms where a group discussion was held on the topic ‘E-books or Paper books – which is better’.  Contestants had to prove their mettle by expressing their personal views and later switching sides and contradicting them.  It would be fair to say that a classic question, highly relevant to today’s world, went unanswered at the end of the day, as the participants wIMG_7008eighed out the pros and cons of the eBook revolution to perfection.  Portability, health issues, interface, environmental concerns, battery issues, financial constraints and convenience were among the important aspects discussed. The event tested the participants’ ability to put forth their views tactfully in a group, with relevant technical testimony. The final round will be held on 10thMarch. The concept of switching over completely to eBooks seems like a fairytale to some of us, but weren’t mobiles phones an alien concept to most of our grandparents too?


By- Girish Kumar

IEEnC Alacrity Day 2

Posted: March 6, 2012 by prannayjha in College News, IE ENC
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DSC00428On day 2 of Alacrity, the fest of IEEnC, e Jigsaw was organized. The event took place in room no. 206 AB5 from 5:30 pm. 20 teams participated in the first round. They were given 40 objective type questions to be solved in 45 minutes. The questions were of moderate difficulty. Megha Banthia and Samay Goenka of first year said that they could easily attempt one third of the questions.

5 teams qualified for the final round. They were given 4 modules using which they had to obtain a given waveform. TDSC00449he results will be declared by tomorrow evening.

MICROCON: A track race among the different robotic circuits, various teams had made took place at Kamath circle from 6:30 pm to 7:30 pm. 6 teams participated in all. Out of them 3 qualified for round 2.The track was kept a secret until the very last moment and when it was finally revealed everyone was spellbound. It hDSC00431ad many bumps and it certainly was a tough task for the participants to compete sans wires. Most of the students designed DTMF (Dual Tone Multiple Frequency) circuits. The second round was tenser with the teams chewing their nails and taking care of the falls on the track. Ashlesh Bhat, who stood second, said “I had a lot of fun participating in this event. It was indeed a learning experience and the preparation helped me to brush up my knowledge about robotics and circuits”. All in all, it was indeed a challenging and scintillating race!

By- Swasti Gupta and Anubhav Shrivastava

Pictures- Anubhav Shrivastava

All students requiring accomodation in the Hostels are required to fill the Online Application Form.

The procedure to fill is

1. Enter your 9 Digit Registration number in the login box.

2. Enter your date of birth in the format dd/mm/yyyy in the password box.

Rooms will be allotted on the basis of seniority and Merit/GPA of Last Semester.
No Room Retainment is permitted.

For Boys: AC :      14th Block, Regency, OJAS II
Non AC: 9th Block, 10th Block, D Block, K Block, 6th Block and 17th Block

For Girls: AC :        13th Block
Non AC: 13th Block, 3rd Block, 4th Block and 8th Block

Last Date to Apply is 20 March 2012

ALACRITY 2012: Day 1

Posted: March 6, 2012 by deepvenky in College News, IE ENC, MIT
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DATE: 5 March 2012


Conducted by IE- ENC at NLH 303 at 5:30 p.m., this event involved 2 rounds, both being conducted on the same day. Round 1 consisted of a written test on advanced electronics. The difficulty of this level was designed specifically to match the capacity of 2nd and 3rd year students. The swift marking of papers led to the selection of 8-10 teams who progressed to Round 2, which involved a time based competition on circuit debugging on the basis of an output given.



This event was conducted by IE ENC for the very first time at ALACRITY 2012. The event took place in the Ground floor of AB5 at 5:30 p.m. in the VHDL Lab, participated exclusively by 3rd year students. Participants had to simulate an electronic circuit by means of VHDL language to solve a logical problem. Involving a single round only, the winner was the first to simulate the circuit correctly.



This event involved participants constructing a circuit from a given circuit diagram using their soldering skills. The participants were supplied with everything from wires to resistors to speakers. They were provided a breadboard on which to work their circuit. The circuit given was certainly a challenging one: a sound generator circuit using IC-555 timer circuit. One could see the various participants lost in the sheer number of components which had to be fixed at right places. The event was a great success and a total ‘paisa vasool’!!!



Sub Editor: DEEP VENKY

Right To Sleep!

Posted: March 3, 2012 by deepvenky in College News, Rumors
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You wake up at 7:45 for an 8 am class and then curse your luck for the ridiculous time. Or you walk into NLH for a 2 o’ clock class and see a dog sleeping right at the entrance, mocking at the fact that you can’t even enjoy an afternoon nap. Or your eyes close for just a minute or two in class but the Professor refuses to give you attendance for that lecture. This happens all the time to all of us. But now, the Supreme Court comes to the rescue of all students of MU.

The Supreme Court has broadened the ambit of right of life to bring in a citizen’s right to sleep peacefully under it. A citizen has a right to sound sleep because it is fundamental to life, the Supreme Court said on 23rd February, 2012. “Sleep is essential for a human being to maintain the delicate balance of health necessary for its very existence and survival. Sleep is, therefore, a fundamental and basic requirement without which the existence of life itself would be in peril,” the court said, while terming it as a basic human right.

What this judgment implies is that from next semester onwards, no class will be scheduled before 9 in the morning and a student will be given attendance even if he or she is found sleeping in class. Furthermore, if more than 50% of the class is found to be sleeping during the course of a particular lecture, the professor will have to stop teaching and give attendance to all students present. Speaking to MTTN, an MU official said, “We will ensure that the students get more than ample sleep. We care for their health and hence the university has taken these decisions.”

These decisions have been welcomed by most students of MU. Though, some of them are disappointed even with the new rules.  “It would have been great if all classes in the 1st half would have been cancelled. I am not completely satisfied with classes starting at 9 am”, said Karan Kumar, a student of MIT. On the whole, these new rules would be a sigh of relief for most students. We only hope that unlike other decisions that have never been implemented, these see the daylight.

P.S : All facts in this article are made up but you already knew that, din’t you ?

By Nishith Sinha

Sub edited by: Deep Venky

Two third year C.S.E students of Manipal Institute of Technology have made the headlines of Bangalore Mirror with their latest innovation ‘Mobremote’. Various predecessors to this method of remote access to a computer include Bluetooth remotes and android applications that work on Wi-Fi. Bluetooth had the constraint of user’s distance from the system, while Wi-Fi required high-end phones (at least Rs.6000) and a stable Wi-Fi connection on both system and phone. GPRS too has its costs even though a 2GB pack costs Rs. 100 per month, not to mention its sluggish speed. And 3G, well that’s all altogether a different ball game!

Karan Dwivedi and Nitesh Narayan Lal have come up with a technology that eliminates every discrepancy mentioned above and costs the user nothing but normal messaging costs (say 1 paisa per message), a Nokia 0001 model (if such a model exists) will suffice for that! What more, the user can be in Assam and dictate terms to his computer in Kanyakumari!

The application works on a Google App engine and a software is installed on the system that runs in the background and checks at regular intervals and executes commands sent by the user to the server (in this case, a Gmail ID). 

It has basic functions such as logging off, shutting down and restarting, as well as some more advanced operations. Mobremote is free and can be downloaded at The developers have received a good response and are now working on enhancing its features and compatibility. Download it, try it and support this commendable endeavour by our very own students! Hearty congratulations to them!

By Girish Kumar

Dust, dust and even more dust. This is exactly what comes to one’s mind when they think of the “shortcut” road from KC to the 16th or 17th Block. This road which connects the heart of the campus to some of the biggest hostels in the MIT Campus is made up of nothing else but slag and dust.

And a cloud of this slag and dust is created every time a vehicle plies on this road which leaves the students using this road no option but to inhale this dust. And due to the construction work that is taking place behind the 16th and 17th block, more and more number of trucks and dumpers are moving on this road which has become a curse for all students of the 16th and 17th Block. “Whenever I see a vehicle on the “shortcut” road, I run for cover to make sure that I don’t have to inhale the cloud of dust created. I hope that the road is constructed as soon as possible as it is causing a lot of problems for all of us living in the 16th and 17th Block”, said Shivang Abhishek, a resident of the 16th Block.

The situation was not as bad in the rainy season as the dust had settled down but during the summer months the condition has become horrible. Even the leaves of the plants and trees planted on the sides of this road have become brown due to the accumulation of dust on them. As a result many students of the 16th and 17th block have started using alternate roads to get to their hostels from KC or vice-versa. But all other roads take more time than the shortcut and hence majority of the students are a little hesitant to take them. “I have stopped taking the shortcut road to get to my hostel block due to the dust present there. I instead use the road which 14th Block students use i.e. the road adjoining the Apoorva Mess. It takes a few minutes more but is still better than the shortcut”, said Himanshu Kumawat, a resident of 16th Block.

We at MTTN hope that this issue is taken up by the student council and put to the notice of the college administration at the earliest. This would bring a world of relief for almost 1500 students who live in the 16th and 17th block.

Article- Nishith Sinha

Photographs- Tejasvi Batria

Following the international conference in Macedonia, where offers were exchanged between various IAESTE member countries; the first round of offers was released on the official website. A seminar was held at the NLH so as to guide the first-timers through the procedure, rules, regulations and the fine print involved in applying for an offer. The seminar room was jam packed; students clarified their doubts to get a better understanding of the process. Post session, the local committee members answered a range of queries from the aspirants covering aspects such as VISA, resume, expenses, air-ticket, stipends etc.

The contentions were held from 3rd February to 7th February at the IAESTE office.  Like a lull before a storm, the first 4 days were relatively calm and fewer members came to apply for offers. On the last day however, a storm did arrive as close to hundred members crowded at the IAESTE office to apply for offers! The contention time schedule had to be overshot till 8.30 p.m. to accommodate the mad rush, and queue tokens were issued to the members, who waited patiently outside the office. The applicants applied to a range of offers spanning across the globe. From Japan to the UK, the destinations included major countries in Asia, Africa and Europe. The offers were open to students pursuing various streams; common ones like mechanical, electrical, computers etc. and the lesser known ones like design, environment and aerospace.

The application for the contention consisted of three stages

1. Authentication of Xeroxed documents by comparing with   attested/original documents

2. Verification of skills/achievements stated in the fact sheet, using attached proof documents.

3. Online registration

The last day witnessed IAESTE Local Committee members working continuously for hours without a break to ensure a smooth application procedure for the clients. The received applications will hereon be processed, after which they will be sent to an expert panel who will grade the various applications, on basis of academics, relevance, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities, projects and previous training. The results for the first round are expected to be out within 20th February, 2012. If you are intimated on an offer selection, do reply within 24 hours to IAESTE India MIT to avoid getting blacklisted.

Here are a few general reminders and guidelines to be followed in future rounds:

1. Do not bring documents/certificates from before 10th grade, unless they are of state/national level or completely relevant to the nature of the offer.

2. You must have the original/attested copy of any Xerox that you attach. If it is not possible, ensure that you at least bring a scanned picture of it.

3. A Xerox of your valid passport’s front and back page is mandatory, if not produced at time of application; you will have to sign a declaration towards the same.

4. The provisional transcript you attach must contain grades of all the semesters.

5. If there is some skill or course you have learnt on your own (eg. Python, C++,  MATLAB) without any certification, approach a faculty member who possesses those skills, and get an attested letter from him proving your capability.

Best of luck for the first round results! Watch this space for more! Visit the official website at for more details.

-Girish Kumar

Passed by a notice in your hostel block lately, something in small font containing some filariasis gunk? It’s more important than it looks.

Lymphatic filariasis is caused by the mosquito borne, lymphatic-dwelling nematodes Wuchereria Bancrofti and Brigia malayi. It is still a common tropical parasitic disease. About 120 million people are affected in the world, of which two-thirds in Asia. Bancrofti is responsible for 90% of this disease, while Brigia malayi for the remaining 10%. Next to psychiatric illness, this is the leading cause for long-term disability. It is one of the five potentially eradicable diseases next to poliomyelitis and dracunculiasis, measles, mumps, rubella and cysticercosis. In common terms, it causes excessive swelling in body parts especially legs (Elephantiasis).
To combat this, Manipal University is conducting a mass drug administration against filariasis.The notice has been taken down recently but you can still collect the tablets from the block warden’s office (for free, naturally). You will be given 3 small tablets to be taken all at once before going to bed. Apparently Manipal being a hotspot for insects and the epic amount of construction activity taking place all around Manipal, these tablets are recommended. Some of the girl’s hostels seem to have received the tablets already.