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REVELS 2012!

Posted: March 26, 2012 by Rambo in College News, Current Events
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Revels 2012-the annual cultural and sports fest of MIT brings with it a promise, a promise to take collective step towards better world.

With initiatives such as Green Run Marathon, Blood donation and Disha (informal activities with children from schools, orphanages etc.), Revels 2012 has encompasses it all, their motto-WE the change. Who better to kick start this extravaganza than Kailash Kher? He is the true embodiment of will and determination and will mark the commencement of this festival on March 27th  7pm.

The festival has a wide variety of cultural categories, namely Music, Dance, Fine Arts, Dramatics, Photography, Literary and Debate, XVenture, Gaming and EQ-IQ. The popular events like Fashion Show, Battle of Bands and War of DJ’s are sure to attract a lot of participation. Over 25 collages have registered to participate, including RV College of Engineering, NIT Suratkal, NIT Calicut, NITTE, Sastra, CBIT Hyderabad and Dayanandsagar Institute of Technology.

Revels Cup-the Inter Collegiate Sports Meet is also witnessing a vast participation. Over 50 colleges and more than 1000 students throughout the country are expected to participate. The various events are Cricket, Athletics, Basketball, Chess, Football, Tennis, Table Tennis, Volleyball and Badminton.

Watch out this space for further updates…

The Jaguar Workshop was conducted as a part of ISTE’s annual Tech fest Anveshan. This Workshop dealt with creating a free hand design of an Automobile. The Jaguar workshop was held in Room no. 310 of AB1 and was presided over by Mr. Emanuele Nicosia, who is massively experienced with Automobile design, having worked with mainstream companies such as Ferrari, Jaguar and Lamborghini.

The workshop was conducted between 1pm to 7pm on Saturday the 10th of March and 8am to 4pm on Sunday, the 11th. All the slots for the workshop had been filled beforehand and there was a very good turnout. Amongst them, was a majority of Automobile Engineering students from MIT. The students got to know a lot about Mr. Nicosia and his automobile design exploits, other than learning skills of intricate interior car design.

Report-Saurav Bhattacharjee
Photo Coverage-Tejasvi Batria 

Sub edited by RamSharat Reddy.


IE ENC organized VISION, a technical presentation based event, was held at NLH 304 today from 5:30 to 7:30 PM. Participated by 10-12 teams, this event was aimed at students researching fresh, challenging, technologically and scientifically feasible ideas. Teams of 2 members each, with members varying from several departments like Automobile, ENC, EEE of 4th and 6th semester had 8 minutes for presenting their idea to the judges. Ideas showcased included Space settlement, harnessing lightning for energy, transmission line monitoring sensors to name a few.








An important part of day 3 of Alacrity – the annual tech fest of IE EnC was Tech Race. In the event, students were to participate in teams of 2. The students were supposed to give a written test, strictly based on logic and technical topics in the first round. Then, the top teams were to progress on to the next round wherein, they were to follow the clues given to them and go to the locations depicted/designated by the clues.

This event saw an excellent turnout of 30 teams. 25 out of the 30 teams passed on to round 2 of the event. The teams had Ten checkpoints to pass through within the MIT Campus to win the challenge.

The Tech Race spanned more than 2 hours, starting from around 6pm in Room No. 303 of the NLH (AB3). The NCC Office and the MIT Swimming pool were some of the checkpoints allotted. So, if you saw some people running around the campus this Wednesday evening, it wasn’t fire somewhere in the campus – it was wilder and more exciting even ; it was the Tech Race of Alacrity 2012.













Report-Saurav Bhattacharjee, Prateek Biswas
Photo Coverage-Ritabrata Basu 

All students requiring accomodation in the Hostels are required to fill the Online Application Form.

The procedure to fill is

1. Enter your 9 Digit Registration number in the login box.

2. Enter your date of birth in the format dd/mm/yyyy in the password box.

Rooms will be allotted on the basis of seniority and Merit/GPA of Last Semester.
No Room Retainment is permitted.

For Boys: AC :      14th Block, Regency, OJAS II
Non AC: 9th Block, 10th Block, D Block, K Block, 6th Block and 17th Block

For Girls: AC :        13th Block
Non AC: 13th Block, 3rd Block, 4th Block and 8th Block

Last Date to Apply is 20 March 2012

Two third year C.S.E students of Manipal Institute of Technology have made the headlines of Bangalore Mirror with their latest innovation ‘Mobremote’. Various predecessors to this method of remote access to a computer include Bluetooth remotes and android applications that work on Wi-Fi. Bluetooth had the constraint of user’s distance from the system, while Wi-Fi required high-end phones (at least Rs.6000) and a stable Wi-Fi connection on both system and phone. GPRS too has its costs even though a 2GB pack costs Rs. 100 per month, not to mention its sluggish speed. And 3G, well that’s all altogether a different ball game!

Karan Dwivedi and Nitesh Narayan Lal have come up with a technology that eliminates every discrepancy mentioned above and costs the user nothing but normal messaging costs (say 1 paisa per message), a Nokia 0001 model (if such a model exists) will suffice for that! What more, the user can be in Assam and dictate terms to his computer in Kanyakumari!

The application works on a Google App engine and a software is installed on the system that runs in the background and checks at regular intervals and executes commands sent by the user to the server (in this case, a Gmail ID). 

It has basic functions such as logging off, shutting down and restarting, as well as some more advanced operations. Mobremote is free and can be downloaded at The developers have received a good response and are now working on enhancing its features and compatibility. Download it, try it and support this commendable endeavour by our very own students! Hearty congratulations to them!

By Girish Kumar

The second day of the Youth Parliament by Xpressions began at 5.30 PM at NLH 303 with the ongoing debate on the proposed Control of Network Activities Bill and the clauses regarding the selection of a member of the National Regulation Board or NRB by the Central Govt. against the Opposition.

Proposed regulations included members of NRB being formed by IAS officers with no political affiliations, to avoid political spin overs. The opposition countered by arguing that the Ruling party’s power to select NRB members undermined the point of no political affiliations. Other arguments in the parliament included random remarks by the Ruling, of the Opposition not being elected so not deserving the final authority, creating an uproar by the Opposition who demanded an apology.

As the parliament moved on to Question Hour, the ruling party was bombarded with arguments by the Opposition demanding answers on issues including the steps taken against the recent Karnataka minister porn scandal as well as steps on sports funds allocation, introduction of sports education in the curriculum, reservation and health standards of govt. hospitals.

The Question Hour concluded with the launch of 10 minutes of yelling, a situation of complete chaos in the house, officially called the Zero Hour. The entire point of the Zero Hour for parliamentarians seemed to be for forcing their opinions and showing each other down, rather than convincing debates, much like our existing parliament. A déjà vu of the incident of MPs throwing chairs at each other in our Real Parliament. Guaranteed the most entertaining feature of the night for media viewers like me.

After individual clauses were debated, and a furious debate between the Leader of the Opposition and the Prime Minister, the Bill as well the No Confidence Motion failed in the house signaling a compromised win-win situation for both sides. The evening concluded with felicitations on Best speaker and other awards.

The Summer Session of the Youth Parliament by the commendable efforts of the Organizing Committee as well as the fiery oratory of its Participants, concluded to a big success.

-Prateek Biswas

Radio Manipal!

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The Orientation for Radio Manipal (90.4 FM) took place yesterday at KC. The orientation had bands playing for the huge crowd that gathered at the basketball court to listen to the awesome songs. Radio Manipal which was inaugurated recently, was started by five students and aims to provide Manipalites a stage to develop and also students, where they can tune into fine songs.







The event had bands performing live. The first band was “B14”, their performances left the crowd shouting for more. Entire KC was filled with excitement and sparks were flying in the air. After that marvelous performance, a quiz followed wherein people had to dial a mobile number and they had to answer questions related to Manipal. The winner got free coupons and gifts.







One hour into the event and we had the zehen band taking centrestage.By this time, the enthusiasm and excitement of crowd had reached its pinnacle. The atmosphere was electrifying. The dynamics had the right amount of flexibility. The ensemble band gelled well and was in sync with each other. Chartbusters like nayan tarse, life sahi hai,jo bhi mai,azaadiya,ek ajnabi,among many others; were played with full panache.

The instruments moved from one chord to the next, going from a loud sound to a soft tone.

It was a good launch by the team and we wish them all the very best form our end on their venture!

Report-Ali Akbar, Anubhav Shrivastava
Photo Coverage-Minesh Wadhwa 

Just one semester old and the club ‘Xpressions’ is all set to give MITians an excellent way to express themselves. A two day summer session of Youth Parliament began yesterday at NLH 303. There were around 50 participants who were divided into two groups, the ruling party and the opposition party. They were given posts as well and this was decided on the basis of workshop held by Xpressions on 6th Feb.

 The judges for the day were Mrs. Charlotte Mascreen and Mrs. Veena Maben. Initially the participants were given ten minutes to discuss among themselves about the proposed bill and various other things. The session began with discussion over various general topics as well as state issues. The pseudo Chief Ministers and various other ministers were answerable to the parliament regarding issues like higher drinking age limit in Maharashtra as compared to other states, brain drain, spending crores of money on security of terrorists, encroachment of Indian land by the Chinese and many more.






All things which were the hot topics of discussion at the coffee table, were given a proper platform where various pros n cons could be put forth by the young minds in a disciplined manner. Later began the main discussion for the day on the proposed bill on ‘Censorship of Internet in India’. Not deleting but screening the contents on social networking sites and various other sites was suggested. Presence of mind and being completely aware of the choice of words was very important to stay in the discussion. Both ad-ons and interjection was welcomed from the participants. The event went on till 8 pm. Even on their way back heated discussion was taking place between students. It seemed they just didn’t want to go back. The speakers as well as other club members did a commendable job in maintaining the decorum of the gathering.

The discussion will resume today.

Report-Swasti Gupta
Photo coverage-Tejasvi Batria 

SAE Manipal recently concluded their two-day Chassis Fabrication workshop on Sunday at the KC automobile workshop. The first day was just a general overview of what is a chassis, its purpose in automobile construction and the types of chassis. For the unaware, chassis is the basic structural design of an automobile which handles most of the weight of the occupants and any structural impact. Day 2 was the actual hands-on modelling and assembling of a chassis. Each team (of four) was given three 12ft steel rods, 6 wheels and M-seal, out of which they had to construct a tubular frame chassis.

The vehicle had to meet certain criteria like being lightweight with a large load tolerance, stability and practical feasibility of the chassis. Also, some technical specifications for the ground clearance, chassis length and width were set before the whole thing started. The whole place was abuzz with activity as teams came up with their own designs for the chassis.

Some used advanced software like Catia while for the rest pen and paper did the trick. Then the actual construction of the chassis started. The rods were cut into the desired lengths using the metal cutters available and put together using M-seal in the desired shape. Requesting extra materials (rods, M-seal) was allowed but points were deducted for it. A lot of last-minute ‘jugaad’ was seen as participants frantically corrected the imperfections in their structure using leftover materials.

The organizers were quick on their toes and helpful to the many that were using the cutting instruments for the first time. Summing up, it was one of the workshops held in Manipal that really caught the eye of its inhabitants. It had a lot to offer and was delivered extremely well.

By Ayush Agrawal

Photos by Abhiraj Gupta & Minesh Wadhwa

Techweekend Day 3

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Timed Out: The event was organized under the Computex category in NLH. Over 33 teams competed to showcase their coding skills and logic in the 1st round.  The participants were given four logical coding questions in the first round whose codes were to be written within a given duration of time. 18 teams with one or more correct answers qualified for the next round. Subsequently seven rounds were held. The participants to survive till last and win the 1st position and the runner-up title were the Tech Sec of MIT and Tech Sec of IE-CSE respectively. No wonders! The winners are expected to get a cash prize as well.

The Final Round for Quiz-o-Clue, COMPUTEX category for IEEE’s Techweekend was conducted at NLH from 2 pm onwards. The final round consisted of 6 teams consisting of2 members per team, even Girish and me (Ali) were there as finalists. The quiz was of a slightly higher difficulty than the prelim round. There were different rounds first was trivia, then audio, then visual and then rapid fire.


The question of each round were quite good relating to the current Information Technology world and Computing Scenario. The audio clips consisted of sounds such as a Dial-Up Modem to Samsung Mobile Tune. The visual round had question in which we had to identify logos, company CEOs etc. the quiz was very interactive even the audience loved answering, not to mention that they got free Dominos coupons for correct answers. The quiz attracted a lot of enthusiasm from MITians as everyone here loves technology and all things electronic.

Round two of Einstein Freeze (Plinth) kicked off on day 3 of the IEEE Techweekend. The Event was held at 6:00 in the evening. Four teams which cleared round 1 were there for round two. The teams were given nine chemicals of which three were known and rest unknown. The teams were expected to identify the unknown chemicals using the known ones as well as the odor and pH strips which were supplied to them. One could see the tension on the faces of the participants as they tried and crossed out combinations to arrive at a suitable guess, all in one hour’s time. After the event, chemistry never felt this good.

WAVE SHAPER:The second round of wave shaper was conducted on 4th February from 2 pm to 3:30 pm in ECD lab

5 teams of 2 members each that cleared the first round were eligible for taking part in this round. They were assigned 2 tasks. The first was to create an output waveform of a half rectified and clipped wave.However, only 1 team managed to get the proper output. The final one was based on instrumentation amplifier and the top 3 were selected based on the circuit the participants had designed for the same.

By Anubhav Shrivastava, Swasti Gupta, Ali Akbar, Ayush Agarwal.
Photos: Minesh Wadhwa.