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The Consortium.

Posted: April 1, 2012 by Rambo in AIESEC
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What a week it was, 4 days of music, dance and fine arts. It feels good to see each and every person of the college in a festive mood… Truly, MIT is never inactive.

So what’s next for all you out there… Well, as you all know that we love participation and being involved in something or the other, here comes another opportunity for Manipal University students to get involved in something meaningful, something that will help them know what really lies ahead in the world after college.
Bringing together professionals from a variety of fields, from the organizers of 2010’s largest corporate forum of Mangalore-Udupi region, here comes yet another event which not only has a value-add factor for all of you, but provides you a platform to interact, network, socialize with the ones who want to and who have made it big.

The Consortium ’12….

4th April, 6-9 PM, New Amphitheatre (Near Syndicate bank, opposite Sirocco Coffee Valley)

  •  Formal/ Semi-formal wear only
  •  Tickets- Rs 80 for all students of Manipal University
  •  To book/buy a ticket, contact us on our FB page or on the following numbers
    • Shobit: 8095128602
    • Pulkit : 9535680079
    • Antara: 9535680095

The Consortium | By AIESEC in Manipal University

Posted: March 30, 2012 by Gaurav Prakash in Uncategorized
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You are now at a crossroads. This is your opportunity to make the most important decision you will ever make. Forget your past. Who are you now? Who have you decided you really are now? Don’t think about who you have been. Who are you now? Who have you decided to become?Make this decision consciously. Make it carefully. Make it powerfully.

A student passing out of college has various options in front of him; whether he should take up a safe corporate job or do an MBA or follow his heart and become an entrepreneur or do something different altogether. AIESEC Manipal University brings to you The Consortium ’12 where it shall bring together the best professionals varied sectors and fields and help the student decide as to what his calling is. 

Speakers for the Event include:
1. Mr. Java– GM, NABARD
2. Mr. Anand Prakash – Station Head Mangalore Red FM
3. Mr. Kumble Narsima Prabhu- CEO, Manipal ACE Management

For tickets, contact us 

Shobit: +91-8095128602 | Pulkit: +919535680079



On the 28th January, AIESEC Manipal University held a formal gathering in order to felicitate the outgoing executive body and discuss the future initiatives which will be instrumental in taking their organization forward. The attendees of the gathering were the elites of the organization including Dr. Vinod Bhatt, the Pro Vice Chancellor of Manipal University and other dignitaries who are a part of the board of advisors of AIESEC Manipal University.

DSC00846                  DSC00806

The event started at 7 pm with the traditional lamp lighting ceremony, in the Akaash hall of the Valley View hotel.

Dr Bhatt spoke on how AIESEC Manipal University hasn’t turned back since the past three years, with each passing year turning out to be a stepping stone. He also stressed on the fact that the whole purpose of AIESEC’s student exchange program was to give the students a taste of a different culture, take up socially conscious projects and get to know the world better and this learning concept will go a long way in providing the right kind of learning in today’s generation. It was indeed an honor to see him share his experiences with us.


Anna Rego, president AIESEC Manipal University for the year 2011, then took the podium elaborating on the year that just went by. Exchange delivery through effective stakeholder management, a staggering 157 per cent increase in student exchange programs and the successful tie ups with 8 new NGOs were some of the prominent points put forward.

Vishant Kothari, the president-elect for 2012, then shared the year plan for 2012 with the audience which was followed by a vote of thanks to several officials of the University apart from the board of advisors.

The year 2011 has indeed been a notable year for AIESEC Manipal University. It was awarded ‘the most progressive Talent Management award’ for the year 2011, in the national AIESEC plenary. It’s now been ranked no 3 in Financial Management sector and no 5 in Outgoing Exchange in the AIESEC India network comprising of 20 local offices.


Furthermore, it has been successful in building international collaborations with countries like Russia, Germany, China, among many others. Six social projects successfully concluded in the year that went by and several successful events delivered, the most prominent being Global Village, Impact Week and Balakalakaar.DSC00782

Post this was the special moment for the outgoing leadership body, which were handed over Letters of Recommendation from the university based on their performance as leaders in one of the most premiere student organization of the world.

The scrumptious dinner that followed was just the perfect icing on the cake to conclude what had been an eventful evening.

Looking back at how successfully it has been able to expand its wings with each passing year, we really feel proud to be associated with AIESEC Manipal University and wish them all continued success for their future endeavors.

And for all those who aspire to have such experiences in life, I must suggest you to join AIESEC and take as much learning as you can from this organization which I would like to call a platter full of opportunities.

To join AIESEC- log on to

By Anubhav Shrivastava
Photos by : Divyam Hansaria

Balakalakaar 2011

Posted: October 27, 2011 by Anirudh Sriram in AIESEC
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As per official estimates 17 million children in India live or work on the streets and 71% of them are illiterate.

One in every ten of them is disabled.

Currently, over 300, 000 children in India are forcefully engaged in commercial sex.

These facts and numbers may or may not affect us; but the facts remain true and reflect the condition of the future of our country.

Our country can and will progress only if we, as its educated citizens take up the onus of doing something meaningful for this society.

Keeping that thought in mind, AIESEC Manipal University has taken the initiative to add a day of fun, happiness and learning in the lives of such underprivileged kids around us with the nation-wide run event Balakalakaar.

The event is simply about creating memorable moments in the lives of hundreds of kids from Manipal, Udupi, Mangalore, and Kundapura.

Throughout the day, from teaching them small techniques to playing games with them to organizing various competitions for them, we intend to bring out the artist in each child, the Balakalakaar in them.

These are the kids who don’t have parents, who were abandoned, who are physically or mentally challenged or who are too poor to get the benefits of schooling. Life has been too harsh on them and we as the supposedly lucky ones want to make a difference in their lives.

Join us for this noble cause. Your one day’s engagement with them may inspire a dream into one these kids’ mind.


Balakalakaar 2011

Venue:        KMC Greens

Date:           November 1st, 2011

Click here to register

*Timings to the event has been changed from 6PM to 4PM – 7PM*

A true traveller is the one who discovers the world on his own land…

Confusing right?!

Who discovers the world on his own land!

Well a Global Villager does

AIESEC Manipal University unleashes


A one of its kind platform, where people from different continents
of the world, all present at one place- singing, dancing, showcasing
their cultures, their ways, playing music of all kinds you could ever
know , making you feel like tapping your feet or just jump into the
arena to dance around and celebrate our differences and similarities.

A Global Village will take you to a mini-world tour where the whole
world is a carnival. The first and the biggest event happening in
Manipal University in the new academic year.

To be held on the eve of the Independence Day, Global Village would
not only showcase the world to us but also India to the world.

So get set for the one-of-its-kind experience… ‘Coz you enter an
Indian but leave as a Global Villager

Where?     MIT Food Court 

When?  15th August 4 – 7PM  


For further details contact

Abhishek: 9535680495

Surya:  9535270775

As I rushed back to my hostel after an awfully long day and quickly slipped into formals I wondered if this Youth to Business Forum would be just as insightful as the last one.Well, for starters it was not in Mangalore this time. It happened right here in Manipal at Chaitya Hall, Hotel Valley View. For those who do not know what Y2B is, Youth to Business is an event that is hosted by AIESEC. In their words it is a forum which aims at bridging the divide between campus life and the corporate world and today’s event happened to be a demonstration of just that.

So now that I have done the official reporting of the what and the where let me tell you what all happened.The evening started off with an inaugural speech by Dr. M.V. Kamath. Now for those who do not know him seriously!! Its high time you do! Even at 90,he is quite the charmer. Having interacted with people from all over the world this man sure has stories to tell. In his (nearly an hour) long speech he talked about his one on one interaction with the big names of corporate world and his own perception of Entrepreneurship that he saw through them. It was an absolute pleasure to hear his experiences for experiences are exactly the things that teach you something.  Having him give the inaugural speech was the perfect way to start the event.

The panelists for the evening were as follows:

  1. Mr Prabhakar Shastry- Director, Isa Technologies
  2. Dr. Kripa Alva- President, Lions Club and Chairperson,Mangalore Business School.
  3. Mr Rahul Shetty-Senior Project Manager, Robosoft Technologies.
  4. Mr. Ronald Gomes-Past President of Rachana Group,a forum of Entrepreneurs,Businessmen and Professionals in Mangalore.

Each one of them had a different take on the topic with their opinions meeting at a common point from time to time. I, personally,  felt that it was a well chosen panel. Since each one of them belongs to a different sector the discussion gave a clear and concise overview for somebody who wanted to consider the pros and cons and wanted to get a holistic overview on the subject. Right from getting an ethical perspective on how far should one go to bending the rules while one ventures into the world of risk taking to talking about the qualities that an entrepreneur should possess.

On the whole, I could relate to the speakers much more this time. Even though the turn up wasnt as huge as last time, I would still say that it was a success. I enjoyed the session since it was very easy to have a one on one interaction with the panelists. The event was organised well and I must say that AIESEC  does it again. I feel that they are one of the very few organisations here in Manipal who have an aesthetic appeal to their events which run smoothly with hardly any glitches. However, this time round it wasnt as meticulous. Given the fact that it wasnt as big as last time,  few things were a little shabby  but other than that it was  well organised.

To give my final concluding words after listening to the panelists and looking at the world from their point of view  here is what I think- If you have a Dream, go ahead and make it happen! And if you don’t know how to go about it all I would say is that go out there and experiment!  Opportunities are all around you. Go grab them. See what works and what does not. If you are passionate about it and if you have the commitment, confidence and the courage to follow it through. Trust me it will happen!

There are posters all over the place about this Youth to Business Forum from AIESEC 

But what exactly is it and what should we expect?

Here is a little inside story about the event!

AIESEC Manipal brings to you Youth to Business Forum 2011 .Its  a great opportunity to bridge the gap between the campus life and corporate life and get a glimpse of the other side of the world!

Youth to Business (Y2B) aims at uniting the smartest minds from both the worlds under one roof! The event will provide a platform for the youth leaders of Manipal to associate themselves with successful entrepreneurs. It will provide the youth a chance to share different perspectives , ideas and outlook on topics of global relevance.

This event is being hosted at the Chaitya Hall , Hotel Valley View on the 21st April 2011

Entrepreneurship  and its impact on the youth will be addressed by a panel of well renowned speakers. Y2B 2011 also provides business greats from the region the opportunity to associate and position themselves with the youth.

This event is also an opportunity to register and get a glimpse of what the students might experience at AIESEC India Youth to Business Forum 2011 to be held in Mumbai on the 30th of April 2011

‘Like’ the Facebook Page to stay updated with latest developments! 

Visit the official AIESEC Y2B page (Manipal)