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Don- 2 Review

Posted: December 24, 2011 by prannayjha in Movie Reviews

imageStarcast-Shahrukh Khan,Priyanka Chopra,Boman Irani,Kunal Kapoor,Lara Dutta,Nawwab khan,Hrithik Roshan(special appearance)

Director-Farhan Akhtar

Running time-2.30 hours

10 years ago, the industry saw a promising visionary of the 70 mm screen in the form of Farhan Akhtar (read Dil chahta hai).The movie went on to become one of the biggest milestones of Hindi cinema. Making sure that his debut wasn’t a flash in the pan; Farhan followed it with above average films and is still considered one of the promising directors of today’s generation.

Farhan’s latest offering Don 2 is the sequel of his 2006 half-baked film Don-the chase begins.

It comes with the baggage of huge expectations primarily because the film stars Shahrukh khan and the buzz around the movie have been tremendous off late.

The story continues sometime after where the first one had left off. It begins with the elusive don resurfacing and creating some more havoc. After becoming the underworld king of Asia, Don (Shahrukh khan) has targeted European underworld, but this time he is pretty aware that in order to bite off more than he can chew, he needs more people by his side. Realizing this, he plans a way to somehow free Vardhan (Boman Irani) who is incarcerated in Malaysia. Meanwhile Roma (Priyanka Chopra) and Inspector Malik (Om Puri) appear to be Fuddy-duddy as they continue their chase for don.

Don now schemes a master plan that’s to rob the money making silver plates from Berlin. A lovely girl Ayesha whose smile won’t make u wince (Lara Dutta), a bunch of goons headed by jabbar (nawwab khan) and a computer hacker (Kunal Kapoor) also help him in doing so.

Through a series of clever twists and turns that takes us from Kuala Lumpur to Zurich and then to Berlin, Don once again beats the odds to come out with flying colours leaving behind a trail of destruction, dead partners in crime and bamboozled law enforcers.

However all the characters are grey and nefarious here.Vardhan knows that don is a leopard who cannot change his spots and so he only feigns to be don’s friend, while he has other plans at the back of his mind.

While the first half takes its own sweet time to take things into perspective and appears a bit gaudy, it is the second half which gives the film a ‘classy’ feel with some high octane action dominating the show.

The best thing is that there are no annoying songs which we get in between a fast paced action movie in Bollywood. The movie has myriad twists and turns which make the viewers glued to their seats till the Elvis leaves the building.

The gadgets and plans that don makes to steal the plates seem to be inspired from Hollywood biggies, but nevertheless manage to give the viewer a chill in the spine.

The cinematography is top notch here, so are the dialogues. The background score sets up the mood for a racy thriller. The action scenes are the best you would have ever seen in a Hindi movie.

However there are a few minus points. The movie appears to be unintentionally hilarious in the post interval portion especially when the cops set in.The romantic angle between Roma and Don is very flustering and strange to say the least. Roma even goes out on a limb for don and appears to be caught between helping don and doing her duty.

The prison break sequence in the first half is not at all convincing. Also the climax appears to be stretched and the viewer might feel a sense of inevitable boredom.

Performance wise, it’s a mixed baggage. While the main protagonist Shahrukh khan shines as the cunning and wily don, he does appear to ham at times.

Om Puri is wasted and is made to play out a caricature. Priyanka Chopra has nothing much to do, she looks confused and jaded throughout and the fault partly lies in the way her character has been sketched.

Kunal is just about ok, whereas Lara Dutta manages to impress in the little scenes that she gets to chew on.

Boman Irani steals the show. He is extremely convincing as the man on a mission and is in fact more ruthless and heartless than the don himself. Cameo by Hrithik Roshan doesn’t hamper the film’s proceedings

Overall, Don 2 is a cock and bull story which relies heavily on racy car chase sequences, daring fight sequences,dialoguebaazi,don’s charisma and takes quite a few cinematic liberties in the meanwhile. Go into the theatre with not much expectation, and u will surely not return disappointed.

Rating 3/5

Anubhav Shrivastava