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This article is being written for all those students who find the hostels dissatisfying and are looking to move out to another place, i.e., out of campus area.

Shifting out of the hostels and moving into apartments in and around Manipal may seem like an extremely lucrative and easy option. Well, it is not so and believe me when I say this because it is my personal experience. If you would like to shift out here is how you do it- the first step is obviously your parent’s approval. Once you have made up your mind on shifting out, it is imperative that you inform your parents. Not doing so will only make your life miserable with you finding yourself in an enormous amount of debt to your friends. Once this is done, find the right guy to shift out with you. It is best that you shift out with a good or close friend as the complications decrease by a significant amount. Shifting out with strangers or acquaintances bring a great deal of formality in your day to day life in the apartment.

The next and perhaps the most important step is to find the right apartment for yourself. Some of the options I might suggest are Mandavi Emerald, Mandavi Pearl City, Shambhavi, Pavitra, Regal Embassy etc. Now your selection of apartment should normally be based on one primary factor, location. If you don’t mind shelling that little extra from your pocket to hire an auto and go to college everyday, I would say Emerald is the best option.  These apartments are new and you will be the first ones to use them plus they come from a rather reputed builder Mandavi, a common household name in Udupi. People wanting to shift in here are guaranteed with a very luxurious lifestyle. The disadvantage though is that it’s a little heavier on the pocket as you have got to buy the appliances in the house as they are new. If you are one who does not want to shell out much on appliances like TV, fridge, stove etc., you should probably opt for the adjacent apartments, Pearl City. The disadvantage here folks is that there are certain rules that a certain section of people might not like. I would probably not give out many details on that. Also if you have a transport of your own i.e., a car or a bike, then Mandavi is the way to go.

If location is a very important factor, then Shambhavi, Pavitra and Regal are a good choice. They are strategically placed in heart of the town. All your favourite hangouts are close by and so is the college- ann excellent place to live, especially when your college is about a five minute walk away from your house. The disadvantages here may include a lot of noise and commotion. They are also not as clean and tidy as Mandavi, but if you chose to ignore that then you are going to the right place. The security deposits and rents are way lower than Mandavis’.

Late but most importantly, the issue of cost. I would say that at the end of the day apartments come out to be cheaper than a single AC room and this is when you are not even sharing a room with someone. If you do so, your cost comes down drastically and you might even end up paying less than what you pay for a double AC room in the hostels. Obviously Shambhavi, Pavitra and others are a more cost friendly option.

Shifting out certainly has its advantages. Your food becomes tastier and you have a wide variety to choose from as you can order from different places and you get more privacy to yourself. You also do get a very homely feeling once you’re living outside.

Finally I would like to conclude by saying that if and when you shift out, do keep your apartment clean and tidy because a house is built by bricks, but a home is built by heart. I hope I have given you a useful insight on the life outside.

Rohan Tuli

Sub Edited By: Deeksha Awasthi.



For the people who want to know about MIT’s food court, here it goes !
This is something you can show your Mother for her contentment…So that she needn’t worry about her child’s enriching nourishment. Yes,this post is dedicated to your Mom 🙂

The primary aspects are all fulfilled:

1. AN ARCHITECTURAL MARVEL: It’s in the shape of a closed paper-bound book, to convey a message to the vibrant student community that: “We in Manipal are not nerds!”
2. VERY HYGENIC: All the plates, glasses, cups, spoons are washed well.
3. SAFE DRINKING WATER: And a point to note here; They basically provide cold water. If you want lukewarm/ hot water, it IS available
4. A SHELF: To keep your umbrellas UNsafe and UNsound ! Yea, believe me. Someone would take your umbrella and then you would flick someone else’s….and it goes on.. It just becomes a VICIOUS CYCLE.
5. FOOD: *Ah, how can I forget that 😀 *. There are only 7 chefs. Can’t believe it ah? Well, the food here is made with MACHINES that cost crores, imported all the way from Germany! Even the Rotis’ are machine made. Hardly a few hand-made items out here. You’ll get the food right on time. Now, the food made here is wholesome. And the taste is ___________________ “Left for you to fill :P”

Secondary aspects:

1. THE FOCAL POINT: It is social hub where you get to meet all your friends. Located in Kamath Circle (called KC) it is a place for club meetings, publicity, gatherings, etc. Jam sessions and fashion shows
(: O’)
are held once in a while !
2. PROCESS: You will be given a combo card, which upon flashing will give you the bill ! Just hand it over to the staff, and they’ll give you a humongous plate !

Coming to the Menu here,
A real memory test for me 😐
Firstly, I am vegetarian :)….but yea I’ve included non-veg items also in the list (don’t ask me the names)

Breakfast (7 – 9:30 AM):

You get these every day and UNLIMITED:

1. Coffee, tea & milk with horlicks, bournvita,sugar.. (mind the commas..they aren’t ” / “).
2. Aalu Paratha.
3. Curd, Chutney & pickle.
4. Wheat Bread( Both toasted and raw ) with Jam,butter.
5. Egg,Omlet.

These once/ twice a week:

1. Dosa (rather utthapam types without vegetables) with sambar (twice).
2. Idli & vada (once)
3. Puri Masala (once)
4. Rava Upma & Kesari Halwa (once)
5. Poha (Marathi dish if u dunno….once)
6. Semia upma
7. Croissants.

Lunch (12:30 – 2:00 PM):

These ones everyday and unlimited:

1. A different kind of salad.
2. Rice & Sambar.
3. A different kind of paneer (some love and some loathe)
4. Different kinds of Chicken (limited and ppl here LOVE this..they give almost all kinds)
5. Paapad, pickle, curd, salt, pepper,sugar.
6. 2 kinds of Roti.
7. A variety of Potato curries.
8. Daal.

And these ones once ore twice a week:

1. Mixed vegetables.
2. Corn roast.
3. Channa masala.
4. Bhindi (which is completely aalo with a lil bhindi) .
5. Kurma.
6. A product of Curd (dunno the name; kind of Curd Sambar..We call it more Kozhambu in Tamil)..
7. Brinjal + masala
8. Cauliflower+masala
9. Cabbage+masala
10. Capsicum + masala; beans + coconut
11. Weird anonymous kinds of dishes (They try to blend south and north indian dishes…and ultimately mess it up BIG TIME)
11. Fish (once)
12. Egg +_______ (no idea what it is :P)

Dinner (7 – 9:30):


1. Rice & Rasam.
2. Different kinds of Chicken
3. Paapad, pickle, curd, salt, pepper,sugar..
4. 2 kinds of Roti.
5. A variety of Potato curries.
6. Daal.


1. Hakka noodles with sauce and all (once)
2. Veg/Non-veg Pulav.
3. Coconut rice.
4. Lemon rice.
5. A weird kind of Malai kofta.
6. Baby corn dish.
7. Cauliflower dish.
8. X rice (X keeps changing).
9. And another 4-5 different kinds of dishes.



1. Coffee, Tea, Milk + Sugar only.
2. Some tiny sweet/cake.

And then:

1. Vada Pav + Chutney (rather bun).
2. Pav Chaji.
3. Samosa.
4. Veg puff.
5. Pakoda.
6. Round vada (or whatever one calls it)
7. Banana Puri (Sorry about the name 😐 , Its an UDUPI recipe)

And also:

1. You get 2 ice-creams a week (Cup on Wednesdays afternoon and bar on Sundays nights). Cone on a special occasion 🙂
2. Lime/Peach juice once a week.
3. Cane juice twice a week.
4. Lassi once a week.
5. Payasam once a week.
5. A sweet (milk sweet/gulab jamun/laddu/jalebi/custard/etc) for almost every lunch and dinner.
6. A fruit once a month.

* Basically, the Menu card for that particular meal is put up on the notice board !

Food on Credit: 

The combo card that was mentioned earlier is used for this purpose. The money has to be paid at the end of the semester.
BEWARE: It could lighten your wallet to an implausible extent.

The counter is on the first floor and all kinds of food are available here: Pizzas, Pasta, Noodles, Butter Naan with Daal Makhni, etc(pretty high rates). Besides there are snacks, yummy cakes, juices, ice creams, etc (At a very nominal rate ! ) It is controlled by the Food court management. So, there are many people who gobble here at a regular basis..Generally people have food here when that particular meal has a boring menu. Contact them for further details 😛
That’s it about the credit food.

And I would not like to comment much on the food ! Its an escapism strategy ( I am not a foodie in the name of probability) and an attempt to rule out stereotypes and misconceptions !
Any ways you people don’t have many options 😛 😛
A great man once said “ Taste lies in the tongue of the beholder ! “ 🙂
Taste it for yourself and you’ll know 🙂

Signing off..
A not so foodie 🙂

And this my friends, is your gateway to glory in Manipal! The menucards of restaurants in Manipal online for your convinience :
Click to know 🙂

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