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Overall impression of the movie:

imageSujoy Ghosh has never been a master story teller. His last attempt “Aladdin” blew up in his face despite having an impressive star cast. But thankfully, he has played a masterstroke this time around by roping in Vidya Balan (who is on cloud nine at the moment, courtesy the national award). As a result of all this, expectations are bound to touch sky when the ushers prod you nonchalantly to your respective seats. The promotions have been low key. Yet, there is something which makes you sit back. And to say the least, the suspense element works, a far cry from the nonsensical mystery plots we have been exposed to in history. Each of the characters uses smokes and mirrors to keep the audience guessing and glued to their seats. The screen play looks extremely taut and specious. There are many moments that will send shivers down your spine! Overall, I would say this is possibly the best suspense Bollywood movie to come out this decade.

What’s it about

Few terrorists plan a metro attack which kills around 200 people. Two years down the line; a pregnant woman travels to Kolkata from London to unravel the mystery behind her lost husband. Few say he doesn’t exist, while others believe he left her. From here on starts the game of perfidy where each character remains under the shadows and tries to keep the truth a ‘secret’

What’s good:

imageWell if I go on writing about all the positives, I might end up writing an essay, so let me point out the major ones. The biggest strength of this movie is its story which moves at a relentless speed. The direction is smart. It’s quite a task enrapturing the essence of Calcutta in a film like this, where focus is towards the “action”. But the cinematographer does a marvellous job. Vidya Balan yet again packs a solid punch. Her portrayal of a helpless but determined pregnant woman is easily one of her finest performances. I foresee one more award in her kitty. She is extremely convincing as an NRI woman who is determined to seek justice in spite of being bamboozled by government bureaucrats. The background score is apt and provides the much needed “eerie effect” required for such thrillers.

What’s Bad:image

You really need to watch this movie twice to bring out any major flaws. The director doesn’t even take any cinematic liberties in the narrative; nor is there any unwanted song hindering the pace. However, you may notice a few scenes in the second half that are stretched or over explanatory.

Me thinks:

imageOk, the opening of this movie hasn’t been great. But the movie overall boasts of a number of factors that work for its favour. And with the positive word of mouth coming from all the corners, this one is surely going to pick up speed in the coming weekend. The movie is yet another testimony of the fact that a skilful actress can easily carry the whole movie on her shoulders and can break all the stereotypes associated with the Bollywood heroine. This one is a must watch; too good to be unnoticed or avoided.


Watch out for the sequence just before the interval. You might not feel like leaving the hall for coke/popcorn after that scene. 😀

RATING : 4.5/5

Anubhav Shrivastava

Sub Edited by: Prannay Jha