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Manipal has no dearth of restaurants but to find a gem of culinary delight hidden away from the din of the busy world is remarkable. Such a find is “Aloha” located on the first floor of MGM Arcade, Vidya Ratna Nagar, End Point Road. ‘Aloha’, a Hawaiian word, literally translates to hello and is a direct relation to how welcoming the place seems from the outside. The restaurant mainly serves delicious Italian and Continental food. It’s a place where students can go out after a hard day at college or on weekends to eat, relax and gossip with friends and have a wonderful time._MG_6914

The ambience of the restaurant is quite soothing with yellowish orange painted walls and dim lighting. The music they play is pretty good too with the latest tracks to calm the nerves. And the aromas of the food being cooked are sure to get your mouth to water.

_MG_6941When we went there we weren’t sure of what to order as the menu has a plethora of dishes to choose from. For starters we ordered two mocktails, an Apple Eye and a Fruit Punch, which were really refreshing and had natural fruits and not the usual canned stuff. Then we had a Big Chef Pizza which had a crunchy pizza base baked to perfection and a layer of creamy cheese with delectable toppings. Among the other choices of pizza offered there were Big B, White Bed (different layers of cheese), and Capsico. My friend ordered a Veg Americana Burger which was served with French fries and coleslaw on the sides. The burger tasted awesome. Aloha has a whole range of Burgers from Aloha Special to Grilled UFO (which has tender, juicy and grilled pieces of chicken). They also serve Pasta with different types of sauces and accompaniments, having a Bolognese, Napolitano, Pesto or a Mornay; each of these tasting equally scrumptious.

IMG_6947Aloha has its own range of menu specialties which serve as main courses, the dish we tried was a Chicken Alexandria and Chicken Pepper Steak. The Chicken Alexandria was a good mix of sweet and savory flavors, served with fries and coleslaw and bread seasoned with herbs. The chicken was very tender, juicy and flavorful; it personified the phrase “melts in your mouth”. Pepper Steak was served with mashed potatoes and salad, just in the same style as they would serve it in an old Texas Ranch, and the taste of the sauce used to marinate the meat was quite authentic and genuine keeping to American Flavors. The steak had the aroma of burnt wood and herbs such as basil, thyme and oregano which simply made you hungrier even more. Aloha has a page full of specialties only for their restaurant such as Chicken Piquante, Chicken Prince and Red Alert. The vegetarian specials include Posse (a kind of potpourri of vegetables), Veg Hot Pot, and many more mouthwatering options.

              _MG_6929               _MG_6937

The deserts are damnation for the dieters, they give you large servings and which are so delicious that you’ll crave for more. Aloha has got what it takes to calm your sweet tooth. The ice-cream sundaes like Disney Land, Naughty Nutty and Moon and Stars topped with layers of chocolate, strawberry, fruits and other goodies give you the ultimate high on desert._MG_6918_MG_6938

Aloha serves Chinese and Indian food also. Aloha  serves quality food also at affordable prices which is every college goer’s dream. The restaurant is a good place to chill out or even to go on dates, as it gives good fine dining experience. The serving is good and the staff serves with a smile. They also have option for food delivery and they deliver just outside MIT KC gate. Aloha is a comforting and welcoming place which gives you good food… do give this restaurant a try and believe me you will be hooked to it.



Sub Edited by: Deep Venky

Greenwave Music Festival is a two day event set to be held at Manipal.

Greenwave is a musical movement for those who think that conservation of Mother Nature is more important than exploiting her. Manipal has always been different because of its greenery and scenic beauty of the valley. Lately in the last three years, with growing population there has been huge drive to urbanize Manipal. The soothing vision of the green is slowly being replaced by the harshness of concrete, hence Greenwave.
Greenwave is a voice for those who want to shout out that we don’t need another urbanized town at the cost of nature. We want Manipal as it is – green, clean, and close to our heart. The musicians performing in Greenwave, will not only promote nature through their music but will also pledge for a cleaner environment. The event will also feature prominent speakers form Greenpeace, who will make the youth realise the worth of our environment in our daily life and will also plant trees in order to promote the cause.
There will be an ONLINE Greenwave Music Competition of where the top 5 entries will be invited to perform at the festival. The best judged entries will get an opportunity to open for the headlining bands, and hence, get full press coverage, and goodwill that the event will provide.

So greenwave is all about Go green, Think clean.
Our audience is those for whom music is the peace of soul.
simple, yet make it unique by their creative inputs.



This article is being written for all those students who find the hostels dissatisfying and are looking to move out to another place, i.e., out of campus area.

Shifting out of the hostels and moving into apartments in and around Manipal may seem like an extremely lucrative and easy option. Well, it is not so and believe me when I say this because it is my personal experience. If you would like to shift out here is how you do it- the first step is obviously your parent’s approval. Once you have made up your mind on shifting out, it is imperative that you inform your parents. Not doing so will only make your life miserable with you finding yourself in an enormous amount of debt to your friends. Once this is done, find the right guy to shift out with you. It is best that you shift out with a good or close friend as the complications decrease by a significant amount. Shifting out with strangers or acquaintances bring a great deal of formality in your day to day life in the apartment.

The next and perhaps the most important step is to find the right apartment for yourself. Some of the options I might suggest are Mandavi Emerald, Mandavi Pearl City, Shambhavi, Pavitra, Regal Embassy etc. Now your selection of apartment should normally be based on one primary factor, location. If you don’t mind shelling that little extra from your pocket to hire an auto and go to college everyday, I would say Emerald is the best option.  These apartments are new and you will be the first ones to use them plus they come from a rather reputed builder Mandavi, a common household name in Udupi. People wanting to shift in here are guaranteed with a very luxurious lifestyle. The disadvantage though is that it’s a little heavier on the pocket as you have got to buy the appliances in the house as they are new. If you are one who does not want to shell out much on appliances like TV, fridge, stove etc., you should probably opt for the adjacent apartments, Pearl City. The disadvantage here folks is that there are certain rules that a certain section of people might not like. I would probably not give out many details on that. Also if you have a transport of your own i.e., a car or a bike, then Mandavi is the way to go.

If location is a very important factor, then Shambhavi, Pavitra and Regal are a good choice. They are strategically placed in heart of the town. All your favourite hangouts are close by and so is the college- ann excellent place to live, especially when your college is about a five minute walk away from your house. The disadvantages here may include a lot of noise and commotion. They are also not as clean and tidy as Mandavi, but if you chose to ignore that then you are going to the right place. The security deposits and rents are way lower than Mandavis’.

Late but most importantly, the issue of cost. I would say that at the end of the day apartments come out to be cheaper than a single AC room and this is when you are not even sharing a room with someone. If you do so, your cost comes down drastically and you might even end up paying less than what you pay for a double AC room in the hostels. Obviously Shambhavi, Pavitra and others are a more cost friendly option.

Shifting out certainly has its advantages. Your food becomes tastier and you have a wide variety to choose from as you can order from different places and you get more privacy to yourself. You also do get a very homely feeling once you’re living outside.

Finally I would like to conclude by saying that if and when you shift out, do keep your apartment clean and tidy because a house is built by bricks, but a home is built by heart. I hope I have given you a useful insight on the life outside.

Rohan Tuli

Sub Edited By: Deeksha Awasthi.

Beta, are u sure you want to go to Manipal? I mean I have heard a lot about that university and I am not quite sure if you would be able to be yourself in that place. I just don’t want to see a different version of my son after four years.”

“Yes mom, I am dead sure I want to go there. Look at the greenery over there, the scenic places I can go to over there in addition to the amazing campus and hostel facilities that Manipal provides.”

I am sure all of you have faced such dialogues at one point or another before coming to Manipal from either family or friends before starting off on your journey for higher education in Manipal. Manipal has one of the best hostels and campus in India but despite this it is tainted with the reputation of drugs and alcoholism.

The question arises why? Why only Manipal? It is an open secret that such things are done in all other colleges ranging from IIT’s and NIIT’s to universities like DU (Delhi University). Well the answer lies in Manipal and the kind of crowd it attracts.

The diversity of the crowd in Manipal is one of its selling points and one of the main points on which the University takes pride but also leads to its downfall at some point. People from many different countries are attracted to this place bringing with them a different set of cultural and moral values. Yes, it is in fact great to have all this in a college but many of these people come from countries where doing drugs is kind of a novelty and if caught they do not get let off so easily. When they come to terms with the fact that drugs are so easily available in Manipal and you can get off with it much easily than their home country they do tend to slack of a bit and encourage this kind of stuff. Can’t write this sorry!

Location wise Manipal is great, with popular destinations like Coorg, Gokarna and Goa which are less than five hours away by train. It is a great way to unwind from the daily grind we face here but it does bring with it the share of disadvantages it has to offer too. Drugs like hash and weed with their easy availability attract college going students as a lucrative and cheap way. What is available at $100 in USA can be attained for one tenth of its price here. Unknowingly, the frequency of abusing such substances increases and slowly but surely students gets hooked onto them.

With it the main aim or purpose gets destroyed- STUDIES. Backlogs pile up and clearing them gets difficult. Some manage to scrape through but some are left behind. Year backs become a commonality among such groups of students. College events like Solar Mobil, Formula Manipal and Parikshit which are conducted for students’ extracurricular, take a back seat for such students.

A University as rich as this and with a pool of talent so great that it can give even IIT’s a run for its money goes dormant. This friends, is MANIPAL AT THE END OF A CIGARETTE BUTT.