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The annual first-years-only literary fest conducted by LnD is around the corner. Come 6th of this month there will be in store a gen quiz, an extempore, a youth parliament and a JAM.

Brief details of the events:

1) General Quiz: General knowledge quiz. A 3 member team is required.

2) Extempore: You get a minute to think on a given topic on the spot and make up a 2 minute speech. Single participation.

3) Youth Parliament: A forum given to the youth and express their views on pressing matters that effect them. A workshop is also arranged for those who want to know how this works. Single participation.

4) JAM: You get a minute to say whatever you can but if you stutter, mumble or pause you will be jammed. Single participation.

Registrations open at KC and FC and also on the spot.

6th October-Gen Quiz (NLH 103), Extempore (NLH 102)

7th October-Youth Parliament workshop(NLH 103)

8th October-JAM (NLH 104), Youth Parliament (NLH 103)

Timings: 5pm onwards.

No registration fee required. For further details contact Abhijit-9535617271, Shaunak-9611569251 or visit LnD website

*Only for first years.

Enjoy these fun-filled events! ! is very proud to announce its collaboration as Media Partners with ‘The Literary and Debating Club of M.I.T, Manipal (L&D)’ !

Myriad event descriptions:

-Being held from 24th to 26th of this month
-Exclusively for 2nd and 3rd years
-Consisting of:

a)”Jabberwocky”, extempore. Impromptu single person speaking event, final round will be mockpress in which the participant will pretend to be a celebrity and will be asked questions by the “press”.

b)”A series of unfortunate events”, potpourri. Mixed bag of events, consisting of brain teasers, dumb charades and other such fun, 3 member team.

c)”Whodunit”, gen quiz. General Knowledge quiz, 3 member team.

d)”Felix Felicis”, harry potter quiz. 3 member team, harry potter trivia quiz.
e)”An eye for an eye”, debate. The description for this event is as follows:

The topic for Round 1 is:”Stricter punishment is the answer to Juvenile Crime

-Each team will have 2 speakers along with one exclusive interjector.
-During the preliminary round on 25th August the format will be for-against.
-Each team will, by means of a draw, pick another team.
-The speakers speak for 3 minutes each.
-The interjectors of the teams drawn together will put forward questions to the speakers of the opponent team.
-The interjector and the interjector only can raise questions.
-The top two teams go through to the final with a consolation prize for the 3rd placed team.
-The speakers will be judged on their content, fluency, diction, time and response to interjections.
-The interjectors will be judged on their question validity, framing and time.
-The final will be contested by two top teams on 26th August.
-The debate will follow parliamentary format.
-The topic will be given at a later time. Interjectors may assist their teams during preparation time.
-Speakers will be judged on the same criteria as earlier.
-There will be a separate prize for best interjector.

Registrations open in the evenings at FC, and also ON THE SPOT !
Rs.30 per person per event, Rs.50 for 2 events and Rs.100 for all 5 events.
24th- harry potter quiz, extempore prelims

25th-gen quiz, debate prelims, extempore finals
26th-potpourri, debate finals
Location-NLH 103, 202, 204 on the 24/08/11, NLH 402, 403, 404 on the 25/08/11 & 26/08/11

Don’t miss the string of fun-filled events 🙂
Click here to visit L&D’s webpage.

PANORAMA Part I (click here to read more)

Posted: March 19, 2011 by Anirudh Sriram in Literary and Debate Club (LnD)
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I precisely know what flickers in your mind when you look at the name of the event…..”SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE”!! Well, the only difference is that over here, it is highly improbable that you would have ever come across the EXACT set of questions/instances in your sweet and merry life (the way it happened to Dev Patel in the movie) !!

A team of 3, the participants were shown 25 questions, one by one on the screen. Besides the Manipal teams, there were teams from NIT K, BITS Goa, VIT, etc. After an enthralling round of quizzing involving the history, geography, politics and culture of India, 8 teams worthy of qualification got engaged in a battle in the quarter finals. The semi- final and the finale were then held the next day !

PANAORAMA’S HOWZZAT FOR TRIVIA: Sports and Entertainment Quiz

Howzzaaat ???? This quiz was simply exuberant!

The pattern was the same with 25 questions to start with. Identification of some of the sporting legends, finding the connection between different celebrities, figuring out fictional characters/films were among the questions asked ! The participants were made to listen to a couple of soundtracks and guess the artist !

After the semifinals, 5 teams qualified for a Surprise round followed by 3 rounds of ‘Infinite Bounds’ for the two top spots, in which the teams were on their toes to exhibit their WHOOPING talent !


When the paper containing a set of 25 questions were given….

A boy unaccompanied sitting on the desk, lone,
Perplexed got reminded of wi-fi and his cellphone,
Unethical ideas begun swinging,
When someone else’s phone started ringing,
“Cellphones on the desk! “ : Mr. President said,
Then he had to keep his cell on the desk and start using his head

Basically, I wanted to say “Use your head and not the cell :P“.

After the first round, 6 teams qualified for the next round. The contestants had to choose any 3 valid topics of his/her interest! Then there was a G.K quiz followed by a quiz(on one of the topics that was chosen by the quizmaster) !


SHOUT (click here to read more)

Posted: March 7, 2011 by Gaurav Prakash in Literary and Debate Club (LnD)
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After a hugely successful workshop on the “ Parliamentary Debate “ and a couple of quiz competitions , the LITERARY AND DEBATING CLUB of M.I.T (L&D)  in association with the Student council had organized a four day literary fest named SHOUT during the PRE-REVELS .

We started on 9th of Feb. with the “Debating competition” in which there were numerous people with impeccable debating skills. The topic given was “Westernization is a boon to the Indian society.” It was a normal “For and against” debate, with 2 members in a team (one for and the other against), who were judged based on their content, diction, fluency and rebuttal skills! The finals were then held in the “Parliamentary format”.

On the same day, we had the fun-filled “EXTEMPORE”. We had to prepare on the given topic for a minute and speak on it for two minutes. The finale was then held in the “SWITCH QUOTES” format.

On the next day we had one of the most BREATHTAKING of all events called “JAM (Just a minute)” in which the participants were divided into groups of 6. A topic was then given by the moderator (who is the GOD, because he takes the final call). If a person makes an error while speaking (grammatical, incoherency, delayed start, early start, OD, repetition, tone change, etc.), he/she would be objected by the person who JAMS first, and then he/she would continue!

Following JAM, we had a fun filled event called “POTPOURRI” which was a mixed bag of various events (the contents were disclosed on the spot). Two hours of unlimited fun was what we had!!

Then finally we had the quiz competition “Jack of all trades” conducted by the President of the club himself, which was held in an altogether different format.

After a really successful PRE-REVEL organized by an indefatigable group of people, we are now heading for the MIGHTY REVELS and L&D brings to you a PANORAMA of mind- boggling events. So set your adrenaline gushing and heart racing for the upcoming journey!!