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Following is the Hostel fee for 2012-13


A group of 4th years of Manipal Institute of Technology have recently undertaken a bold initiative and have made available to all blocks, a large amount of data regarding the increase in hostel utility charges. They have listed out a number of observations based on the information, in a step by step manner for the students to get a fair picture. The report has managed to reasonably argue its case and is backed up with some solid data. Some ‘interesting’ points have been listed down for your convenience.

1.) There has been a 350% increase in utility charges in past 4 years, 250% in the past 3 years and a 47% increase in the previous year. Of this, 30% was for maintenance charges and 20% for utility charges. In addition to this a ‘Utility advance’ was collected from the students right before the end semester exams without sufficient intimation or explanation. Presumably, it was supposed to be a backup against any damage of hostel property by students who stayed for the make-up examinations.

2.) The report observes that whenever a new hostel is constructed, the charges of all the hostels rise. This seems to be an effort on part of the hostel authorities to make sure students don’t avoid the new hostel as they may have to pay extra for it.

3.) The meter reading for each student in the 10th block is actually Rs 200 per person per month.

4.) The students conducted a detailed survey of the hostel staff of the 10th block. Taking into account only their pay, the total cost per student comes to Rs 390 per person (Survey excludes the garden cleaners)

Additional ‘dues’ have been levied on the block residents called Establishment charges. The testimony suggests that high inflation and construction project deadlines are to be partially blamed for it. According to it 50% of the utility cost is this.

A request has been put forth by the group to provide a monthly detailed breakup of Hostel utility, which may hence be put up on the MAHE intranet so that the students can keep track on the usage of electricity and other resources, as an move toward greater transparency. It also appeals to the Management to decrease the cost of hostel accommodation keeping in mind the middle class population that resides in it.

The report has also put up 9th and 10th block meter readings for a given month.

Document of the letter written to the director of MIT

Document of the letter written to the director of MIT

Ayush Agrawal, I year

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