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Ridiculous and baseless rules and regulations are nothing new to most of us. Yes, some rules are there to enforce discipline and order but the plain existence of some of them defies every aspect of logic.

 I went to the library’s main section today as I wanted to refer to some web development books. I take my laptop out and walk in. No sooner, I’m kicked out by the guy who sits at the table at the library entrance. “Laptops allowed illla boss” was all he had to say. My requests for further explanation were turned down nonchalantly.

One can understand the rationale behind banning bags in the library but banning laptops? Are the library authorities so paranoid that they think I’m going to type out eBooks of all their prized collections and outsource them for profits? Or perhaps they think I’m going to smuggle a book by squeezing it between the lid and the keyboard of the laptop? Or even worse, they think my laptop has a 10 Gigapixel spy camera that is being routed to the Al Qaeda!

This is the qualm of a student who seeks reason for this denial. If a student has a passion to learn something and knows how he wants to go about it, there is no justification to reject his access to the appropriate resources. The age of the pen is all but gone and laptops are used to store notes and ideas.

The library is meant to be a sanctuary of knowledge and I have every right to tap into it as I see fit. Encourage my endeavour rather than to blatantly throw me out.

My laptop doesn’t bite nor is it a transformer that is going to transform into a Decepticon anytime in the near future.


Girish Kumar

Sub Edited by: Deeksha Awasthi.

This article is being written for all those students who find the hostels dissatisfying and are looking to move out to another place, i.e., out of campus area.

Shifting out of the hostels and moving into apartments in and around Manipal may seem like an extremely lucrative and easy option. Well, it is not so and believe me when I say this because it is my personal experience. If you would like to shift out here is how you do it- the first step is obviously your parent’s approval. Once you have made up your mind on shifting out, it is imperative that you inform your parents. Not doing so will only make your life miserable with you finding yourself in an enormous amount of debt to your friends. Once this is done, find the right guy to shift out with you. It is best that you shift out with a good or close friend as the complications decrease by a significant amount. Shifting out with strangers or acquaintances bring a great deal of formality in your day to day life in the apartment.

The next and perhaps the most important step is to find the right apartment for yourself. Some of the options I might suggest are Mandavi Emerald, Mandavi Pearl City, Shambhavi, Pavitra, Regal Embassy etc. Now your selection of apartment should normally be based on one primary factor, location. If you don’t mind shelling that little extra from your pocket to hire an auto and go to college everyday, I would say Emerald is the best option.  These apartments are new and you will be the first ones to use them plus they come from a rather reputed builder Mandavi, a common household name in Udupi. People wanting to shift in here are guaranteed with a very luxurious lifestyle. The disadvantage though is that it’s a little heavier on the pocket as you have got to buy the appliances in the house as they are new. If you are one who does not want to shell out much on appliances like TV, fridge, stove etc., you should probably opt for the adjacent apartments, Pearl City. The disadvantage here folks is that there are certain rules that a certain section of people might not like. I would probably not give out many details on that. Also if you have a transport of your own i.e., a car or a bike, then Mandavi is the way to go.

If location is a very important factor, then Shambhavi, Pavitra and Regal are a good choice. They are strategically placed in heart of the town. All your favourite hangouts are close by and so is the college- ann excellent place to live, especially when your college is about a five minute walk away from your house. The disadvantages here may include a lot of noise and commotion. They are also not as clean and tidy as Mandavi, but if you chose to ignore that then you are going to the right place. The security deposits and rents are way lower than Mandavis’.

Late but most importantly, the issue of cost. I would say that at the end of the day apartments come out to be cheaper than a single AC room and this is when you are not even sharing a room with someone. If you do so, your cost comes down drastically and you might even end up paying less than what you pay for a double AC room in the hostels. Obviously Shambhavi, Pavitra and others are a more cost friendly option.

Shifting out certainly has its advantages. Your food becomes tastier and you have a wide variety to choose from as you can order from different places and you get more privacy to yourself. You also do get a very homely feeling once you’re living outside.

Finally I would like to conclude by saying that if and when you shift out, do keep your apartment clean and tidy because a house is built by bricks, but a home is built by heart. I hope I have given you a useful insight on the life outside.

Rohan Tuli

Sub Edited By: Deeksha Awasthi.

LaunchPad 2012

Posted: March 21, 2012 by Gaurav Prakash in MUTBI
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LAUNCHPAD- (Organised By Manipal Digital Systems In Accordance with MUTBI,Manipal)

Done with playing Angry Birds, Fruit Ninja, Plants Vs Zombies,etc on your phone, Ideate your own game. A simple game design idea can be your GATEWAY TO 50K, NO CODING required.
Round 1:Submit a 600 word game design idea or a storyboard document(ends on 15th April)
Round 2:Submit a 2min. movie trailer or 5 sketches(20th june to 6th august).
1st prize:Rs 25000
2nd prize:Rs 15000
3rd prize:Rs 10000
Team of 3.
Format Handheld devices or tablets.

For further information go to our website

Contact Akshit Mehta  9035465938  , Sarthak Gupta  9902577077 , Mayank Bansal: 9535680275

Today (15th March 2012):

3pm KC:

MIT students from all years were present. The 3rd years took the centre stage and guided the 1st and 2nd years. The issues under discussions were the resignation of the MIT Director and how student council can be made more efficient. It was decided that the SC should be dissolved and elections should be conducted to choose new members. At 3:50pm the students moved to MIT Quadrangle.

4pm MIT Quadrangle:

Condolences were given before a jam-packed quadrangle (with students and professors) by the EEE department HOD, Registrar, Chief Warden, Director MIT and the Associate Director. EEE HOD (B.K Singh) was the first to give the condolences. There was a minute of silence soon after which all the official authorities left the place. The absence of the Director left the grieving students angry who wanted to discuss the matter out. No effect of speech or control by the Chief Warden and other faculty was useful.

The Director returned in half an hour to announce that she can’t resign as it was the management’s decision and that compensation to the deceased would be looked into. Due to these decisions the angry mob moved towards the EDU to sort issues out. On the way a bunch of mischievous students broke a few NLH windows and panes which was uncalled for.

5pm EDU:

The angry mob moved to EDU where they were addressed by the Pro Vice Chancellor and the Registrar. They wanted a hard copy of the complaint and incident after which they would give a decision on the director. The students refused to do the same. Police was called in to control and scare the students away but that did not help either. Later a declaration of three days close down of college was made and the decision was postponed to Saturday to which students disagreed again. After much protest, agitation and revolt, the authorities finally gave in to take off the Director of MIT from her position and return to normal functioning of college from tomorrow (16th March 2012).

Ram Sharat Reddy and Deeksha Awasthi

In the first meeting on 10th March 2012, attended by the Chief Warden, Registrar of MU and the Director of MIT, it was informed that the student was recovering and is in a good state. Also, in a meeting with the transport authorities, it was decided that the frequency of buses will be increased from Monday (12th March, 2012).

The second meeting which was held on 12th Match, 2012 was attended by the Vice-Chancellor  of MU, Director of MIT and by the Associate and Joint Director of MIT and around 200-300 students at the Quadrangle of MIT. Here, it was informed that the university is taking the complete financial charge of the bus incident.

In the student council meeting of 12th March 2012, following discussions were made:
1. The number of buses should be increased- already in effect since today.

2. The speed of the buses to be curbed – already being told, meeting with bus drivers and conductors to take place for the same.

3. Proper timetable to be maintained for buses- a timetable will be formulated in the next 2 days and posted on all the hostel notice boards.

4. Door to remain close while the bus is in movement- will take time as few of the buses do not have door, the ones that do, will have this rules implemented instantly.

As per today, (15th March 2012), there had been a Protest March in KMC and EDU which was curbed. There are two gathering- one at KC at 3pm and two at quadrangle at 4pm.

For further details keep reading.

Deeksha Awasthi

Prannay Jha,
Archit Goyal.

ISTE Anveshan 2012 presents Tech Debate, a fierce battle between the best technical minds of MIT.
Give your grey matter some tech fodder. Think, speak and win cash prizes without spending a penny.
In simple words its free for all.

Prelims – 6th march
Finals – 10th march


For registrations contact:
Shivam Choudhary 9035080355
Deepankar Mathur 8197881097

Akhil Subhedar

Call for Working Committee members for ISTE

Two third year C.S.E students of Manipal Institute of Technology have made the headlines of Bangalore Mirror with their latest innovation ‘Mobremote’. Various predecessors to this method of remote access to a computer include Bluetooth remotes and android applications that work on Wi-Fi. Bluetooth had the constraint of user’s distance from the system, while Wi-Fi required high-end phones (at least Rs.6000) and a stable Wi-Fi connection on both system and phone. GPRS too has its costs even though a 2GB pack costs Rs. 100 per month, not to mention its sluggish speed. And 3G, well that’s all altogether a different ball game!

Karan Dwivedi and Nitesh Narayan Lal have come up with a technology that eliminates every discrepancy mentioned above and costs the user nothing but normal messaging costs (say 1 paisa per message), a Nokia 0001 model (if such a model exists) will suffice for that! What more, the user can be in Assam and dictate terms to his computer in Kanyakumari!

The application works on a Google App engine and a software is installed on the system that runs in the background and checks at regular intervals and executes commands sent by the user to the server (in this case, a Gmail ID). 

It has basic functions such as logging off, shutting down and restarting, as well as some more advanced operations. Mobremote is free and can be downloaded at The developers have received a good response and are now working on enhancing its features and compatibility. Download it, try it and support this commendable endeavour by our very own students! Hearty congratulations to them!

By Girish Kumar

Manipal Institute of Technology (MIT) is one of the most renowned private Engineering colleges of India. Founded by Dr TMA Pai, it consistently finds its name under the top 40 rankings of engineering colleges in India. In 1974, the institute was brought under the purview of Mangalore University, the status of which would continue until the establishment of Manipal University (MAHE) in the late 1990s. And in 2000, the institution was delegated a deemed university. MIT currently offers graduate programs (B.E / BArch) in 16 disciplines and postgraduate courses (M.Tech / M.Arch / MCA) in 21 different streams and Doctoral (Ph.D.) programs in all streams of engineering.

Here is a brief insight on the different engineering branches MIT has to offer.

Biomedical: is the study of living biological chemicals to organisms to life itself. From studying the engineering of human DNA to contributing to the genome project, biomedical covers both the field of biology and engineering in an effective manner.

Computer Science and Engineering: this branch is a discipline that integrates several fields of electrical engineering and computer science required to develop computer systems.

Electrical and Electronics Engineering: The largest and most diverse field of engineering, it is concerned with the development and design, application, and manufacture of systems and devices that use electric power and signals. Among the most important subjects in the field in the late 1980s are electric power and machinery, electronic circuits, control systems, computer design, superconductors, solid-state electronics, medical imaging systems, robotics, lasers, radar, consumer electronics, and fiberoptics.

Chemical Engineering: this branch is concerned with the design, construction, and management of factories in which the essential processes consist of chemical reactions. The chemical engineer selects and specifies the design that will best meet the particular requirements of production and the most appropriate equipment for the new application.

Civil Engineering: The civil engineer must have a thorough knowledge of of surveying, of the properties and mechanics of construction materials, the mechanics of structures and soils, and of hydraulics and fluid mechanics. It is the oldest branch of the college.

Mechanical Engineering: Engineers in this field design, test, build, and operate machinery of all types; they also work on a variety of manufactured goods and certain kinds of structures. Besides that, MIT is particularly famous for its mechanical engineering faculty and this branch is considered the best option here. Mechanical Engineering is said to be comparable with the IITs.

Aeronautical Engineering: Aeronautics deals with the whole field of design, manufacture, maintenance, testing and use of aircraft for both civilian and military purposes.

Electronics and Communication Engineering: this is an engineeng discipline where non-linear and active electrical components such as electron tubes, and semiconductor devices, especially transistors, diodes and integrated circuits, are utilized to design electronic circuits, devices and systems.

Mechatronics: It integrates the classical fields of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, mathematics, and computer science/information technology.

Information Technology: This stream has two primary audiences: students in areas of study other than Computer Science, and current practitioners in the IT industry who may wish to enrol on a part-time basis. IT courses are less theoretical, have lower prerequisite requirements, and have a greater focus on current trends and technologies.

Industrial and Production Engineering : Industrial Engineering is a branch of engineering that concerns the development, improvement, implementation and evaluation of integrated systems of people, money, knowledge, information, equipment, energy, material and process.

Instrumentation and Control Engineering: it is a branch of engineering that deals with the art and science of measurement and control process variables within a production, or manufacturing area. Control Instrumentation plays a significant role in both gathering information from the field and changing the field parameters, and as such are a key part of control loops.


Printing: Printing technology has become increasingly important these days. You can get a job in newspapers and magazines. There is some scope. Manipal’s Press was once known for its huge capacity and was among the largest in the area with newspapers sent to Mangalore and beyond.

Without interest you cannot do anything in any field. So first of all make sure that you are interested in the respective branch you plan to choose. You might even consult career counsellors for that, but do make sure you choose the right path, for it might be the deciding factor of your life.


By Anubhav Shrivastava