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Around the end sems- for the MITians or during the vacations for the rest of Manipal University, a common phrase ‘Oh la la’ is becoming rather famous- its the item song  from the movie The Dirty Picture

All the music channels are flooding with the music video for this movie and looking at Vidya Balan one wants to know more. Is the movie worth a watch? Is this just a publicity stint or is this something worthwhile?

With a powerful cast of Vidya Balan , Emraan Hashmi and Naseeruddin Shah this movie is worth every penny, a script based on the life of Silk Smitha is a lot more than what the movie needs to keep numbers going at the box office.  A movie which went much deeper than just the skin,  on her birthday December the 2nd ‘The Dirty Picture’ was released. And yes, for the first time, the whole of India loved buying dirty, talking dirty, watching dirty and being dirty for the two and more hours! Oh wait this is not a porno! This is just surface level dirty stuff with dialogues like “Holi khelne me shauk hai, magar pichkaari me dum nahi” and an ‘A’ certificate .If you are planning to go to watch this movie with your family please don’t ,you will be embarrassed with more punching double meaning dialogues that shakes you in and again during the movie.

The story as we all know is about the rise and fall of reshma a.k.a ‘Silk’ who goes to Madras (now Chennai) dreaming about acting in movies .She is rejected time and again but by a stroke of luck she manages to get a pervert dancing role in one of the dance numbers in a movie, then there is no looking back! Her hot scenes in the movies are all that the viewers look for and so it sells like hotcakes- every director,hero,producer and fans want a piece of ‘Silk’ .Gradually the craze dies and loneliness hits Silk’s life and strangles the life out of her.
Director Milan Lutharia made sure that the word ‘Silk’ would stand for more than just a textile after this movie- just like Apple inc. displaced Adam’ Apple- Yes! I’m talking about that kind of an impact here.The portrait of one’s life is always said to be difficult especially in movies .Anything wrong and dissapointing and people will flock the producers office for justice .Ekta Kapoor comes far off her perch by producing a film like this .Vidya Balan surely deserves a filmfare for her acting .I really couldn’t imagine Vidya doing this role with flair and class before i hit the theatre .She gives justice to the role of ‘Silk’ she plays .Naseeruddin Shah tells you time and again as to why he is considered to be a legend in bollywood .You cant expect anyone else to play playboy at 61 can you?Tushar Kapoor does well and so does Imraan Hashmi.overall this film is entertainment,entertainment and more do go and watch it.

Our Rating  4/5

Karthik Bhushan
Manipal Institute of Communication