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Manipal University proudly presents this year’s Inter Collegiate Athletic Meet, which was organized by the Manipal College of Nursing.

This event was held on 15th and 16thOctober at the MIT cricket ground. Dr G.K Prabhu, registrar of Manipal University was the chief guest for the opening ceremony. Various teams from different colleges such as MIT, KMC, MIN, MIC, ICAS, MCODS, MCOPS etc. and even teams from Mangalore such as KMC, MCODS came forward to participate in this premier event.  The cross country took place from MIT ground to the End Point. With 10 participants in the men’s side and 6 in the women’s, this was the most anticipated race!

With hefty competition this time around and several records broken, this year’s athletic meet was a huge success.

MIT: Athletic Track


MEN:                                                             Women:

1 Nanjappa P.K                                 MIM                   1 Sujatha                      MCON

2 Arpan Burman               WGSHA             2 Ashwini                      MCON

3 Alden Fernandes          MIT                    3 Glenda Crasta           WGHSA

MEN:                                                              Women:

1 Yashraj                              MCODS                1 Sujatha                   MCON

2 Ahmed Sudiman           MCON                 2 Prathima K              MCON

3 A Chakravarthy              MCODS               3 Ishita Gupta            MCODS

MEN:                                                               Women:

1 Sukesh Kulal                   MCON                  1 Christine Yan         MCODS

2 A Chakravarthy              MCO                    2 Prathima K              MCON

3  Abhishek Reddy           KMC Manipal     3 Indira                       KMCIC

MEN:                                                                Women:

1 Sukesh                              MCON                    1 Swarnashree            MCON

2 A Chakravarthy              MCODS                  2 Christine Yan            MCODS

3 Niranjan                           MIT                         3 Soumya                     MCON
Short Put:

MEN:                                                               Women:

1 Siddharth                         MIM                         1 Glenda                       WGHSA

2 Naiman                             MUTD                      2 Leanna                        MIT

3 Balaji Singh                      MCIS                        3 Ashliy                          MIT
Javelin Throw:

MEN:                                                               Women:

1 Pradep                              MCON                     1 Ashliy                                MIT

2 Faiz                                     MUTD                     2 Prathima K                       MCON

3 Gurudatt Nayak            WGSHA                  3 Nikita Sudhir                    MCODS
Hammer Throw:

MEN:                                                                Women:

1 Aneesh Kumar               MCOAHS              1 Leanna                            MIT

2 Appaiah R.C                    MUTD                  2 Mallika                             MCON

3 Sangith Roy                     WGSWA              3 Ashliy                               MIT
Long Jump:

MEN:                                                               Women:

1 Alden CF                           MIT                        1 Sujatha                            MCON

2 Glen D’Souza                  MIT                        2 Layoni K.C                       MCON

3 Md. Basheer                   MCOAHS              3 Glenda Crasta                 WGHSA
High Jump:

MEN:                                                                Women:

1 Pratheek                          WGHSA                  1 Jasmine Rose                 MCON

2 Brandon                           ICAS                        2 Vidya Shreek                  MCON

3 Suraj Kumar                    MIM                       3 Apoorva                          MSAP
110m Hurdles:

MEN:                                                                 Women:

1 Ayush                                MCODS                   1 Vijayshree                     MCON

2 Abhishek Reddy            KMC                     2 Jasmine                             MCON

3 Sonal Kashyap                MCOPS
Cross Country:

MEN:                                                                 Women:

1 Sukesh                              MCON                    1 Prathima                         MCON

2 A Chakravathy               MCODS                  2 Vijayshree                       MCON

3 Niranjan Kamath           MIT                        3 Soumya                            MCON

Winners: Women's 110m Hurdles

Winners: Men's 110m Hurdles

With12 gold, 11 silver and 2 bronze medals MCON were the winners of this year’s athletic meet while MIT has won 5 gold, 3 silver and 5 bronze medals. This mega event concluded with H.D Eshan (former international athlete) being the chief guest at the closing ceremony. Thus came to an end a glorious sporting event!!

Report: Ram Sharat Reddy B…        

Photo Coverage: Prashant Singh…