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Henry Ford. Dhirubhai Ambani. Bill Gates.  Mark Zuckerberg. Steve Jobs…

These are not just names, these are titles synonymous with ideas. These are people who have not just done greater things in life than most of us are able to for our own selves, but have left the world with ideas and established the fact that Entrepreneurs not only make profits but very well can revolutionize the way things are taken in the world.

Most of them started early, at the age we are in right now, or probably a little late when an idea struck them. How did they do it? Obviously there was a motivating force behind each one of them but where did they get the skills, the connections, the resources and the knowhow from. How did they come to know what kind of decisions they need to take in order to understand people or in business terms, their market?

More importantly, how can we start doing it at this age? Nowadays we see more and more number of young people starting their own ventures. In Manipal itself we have examples of people walking among us doing great things.

In order to connect the dots ourselves and bring that idea into an implemented plan of action, we need resources and a platform. So we as an anonymous group of students bring a seminar on how you can turn your ideas into achievment. Hear it from people who have done it before, learn it from people who are doing it already. Take back with entry into a platform through which you can explore, connect and achieve.

Youth Leadership Summit- happening this Monday, A.C Seminar Hall, 5 PM.
Enter with an idea, walk out with a motive.

LaunchPad 2012

Posted: March 21, 2012 by Gaurav Prakash in MUTBI
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LAUNCHPAD- (Organised By Manipal Digital Systems In Accordance with MUTBI,Manipal)

Done with playing Angry Birds, Fruit Ninja, Plants Vs Zombies,etc on your phone, Ideate your own game. A simple game design idea can be your GATEWAY TO 50K, NO CODING required.
Round 1:Submit a 600 word game design idea or a storyboard document(ends on 15th April)
Round 2:Submit a 2min. movie trailer or 5 sketches(20th june to 6th august).
1st prize:Rs 25000
2nd prize:Rs 15000
3rd prize:Rs 10000
Team of 3.
Format Handheld devices or tablets.

For further information go to our website

Contact Akshit Mehta  9035465938  , Sarthak Gupta  9902577077 , Mayank Bansal: 9535680275

MUTBI’s B-plan competition PROVENANCE’11 saw its final round on 4-5th November. While the teams seemed confident with their plans, the two day long presentation round turned out to be pretty hectic for the panel of judges for it was a 7 and 4 hour long sessions on the first and second day. But to our surprise they seemed more than enthusiastic at the closing ceremony.

On the jury were names of:  Mr Luis Miranda ( CEO,IDFC PE),  Ms.Poyini Bhatt ( CAO, SINE IIT Bombay), Mr.Chandrashekhran ( Chief Mentor,MUTBI) , Mr. Carl Pinto ( Alumni MIT,serial entrepreneur), ProffRamana ( TAPMI, Admissions Head) &ProffChoudhary ( TAPMI) .

At the closing ceremony our jury, came up with the highs and lows of various presentations in the interactive Q and A session with the participants, besides appreciating the incubator and also sharing valuable business tips.

Coming to THE REAL BUSINESS, Here are the results:

First prize:Bio cements (MIT)- Cash price Rs5L

Second Prize:Port dent (MCODS)- Rs 3L

Third:Fragrancia (MIT)- Rs 2L

Consolation Prize Winners:


Free Innovators(MIT)

Incense sticks(KMC)

Team SEC met the jury on an informal session wherein, future improvements that might be needed for the E-cell were discussed. Finishing it off on a high, we hope provenance ’11provided all participants, SEC members and other people involved with great insight into planning a business. And for the winners and runner ups, this should be the correct platform to START-UP.!



“Sometimes all you need is the right thing at the right time…That’s what sir gave us today” were the words of one of the attendee’s of the workshop  ‘ How to prepare an effective, detailed business plan ‘ By Prof. Ramana from TAPMI which was conducted today, (8th October’2011) by Manipal University and Technology Business Incubator (MUTBI)  Team. The 2 hour long interactive session saw sir at his best , coming up with real time examples of companies from Bisleri to Apple(Yes , how could we forget Jobs).

Some vital important points for the participants of Provenance’11 who are aiming at giving a Winning B plan presentation and anyone else who want to plan their business

  • Focus on the Unique Selling Quotient(USP) of your product. Your product should talk for you. So does your B-plan presentation.
  • Avoid generalisation, Be specific in terms of figures and numbers.
  • When planning the marketing aspects , List down FAB’s(Features, Advantages(in terms of profit to you), Benefits(to the customer).
  • Scan your competition properly and mention in the presentation accordingly.
  • Comparable analysis of profitability of your product with peer companies can be included in the presentation.
  •  Identify the feasibility and viability of your product in terms of the need of same in present day scenario.
  • Be as realistic as possible to your customer. Promise only things what you can provide with hundred percent certainty.
  • Your presentation should have a clear Target segmentation (geographic location of market, distribution)
  • Try to give realistic sales volume, because this tends to be uncertain till the plan is on paper.
  • Special attention on After sales services
  • Give the retailers an incentive to finance you in your presentation as well. Mention your expected sources of funds as clearly as possible.
  • Keep your finance plan simple, and feasible.
  • Give details of assumptions and sensitivity analysis.
  •  Reflect balance between short term and long term goals.
  • Lastly, Analyse risk and try to include risk reduction methods in your presentation.

If I were to brief all that he said in one line I will say You can only put up an excellent B plan if you are  100 percent committed to the idea that you have, and you believe that none other than YOU can execute it . Be honest to yourself while making the presentation!

Sanya Ralhan

(MUTBI SEC , Writing Enthusiast)

Your ideas (click to read more)

Posted: March 10, 2011 by Pavneet2612 in MUTBI

Hey guys,

MUTBI is planning a mega event for next week and we are looking for ideas  from you, as we are here  to help you become Entrepreneurs , I want you guys to tell us what events you want.

Use this post as a medium to discuss ideas ,we`ll turn the  most popular idea into reality.

Leave your reply below in the comment section and the best one (with the most number of likes to the comment) will be taken up 🙂