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Posted: March 14, 2012 by prannayjha in Movie Reviews, Movies
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Overall Impression of the movie:

clip_image003Tigmanshu Dhulia has time and again proved that he is a master at narrating gripping tales. If you thought Sahib Biwi Aur Gulam was a flash in the pan, then you have to watch Paan Singh Tomar.You would agree that this is one of the finest biopics to come out in the history of cinema. This fact certainly augers well for our very own ‘tinsel town’ which finally appears to come of age. The movie had relatively zero buzz when it hit the 70 mm screen and this factor ultimately turns out to be a blessing in disguise. Without trying to be over the top or over preachy, Paan Singh Tomar manages to hold your attention from start to end with its clap inducing dialogues, unimaginable wit and tongue in cheek humour.

What’s it about:clip_image004

Pan Singh Tomar is a biopic on the life of an Indian athlete who was initially a member of Army and later went on to winning several national medals as an athlete. However due to land disputes and betrayal from the hands of his close ones; his life takes a U turn. What follows is a series of events that mould his transformation from an innocent army soldier to a ruthless dacoit seeking revenge.

What’s good:

clip_image005The way Tigmanshu builds up the plot is certainly a commendable effort. At the end of the film, we sympathise with the protagonist who served the nation but ultimately meets a sorry state. On various occasions, the director also manages to satirically take on the negligent attitude of government towards the sportsmen of our country (I am not talking about the cricketers here).The background score compliments the theme, the real life characterizations makes the screenplay vivid. Cinematography is effervescent. While the first half takes its own sweet time to emphasise on the growth of Paan Singh in the field, the second half gets a lot tenser with the dacoits and kidnapping coming into picture. Come to think of Irrfan Khan and you are lost for words. He certainly deserves an Oscar nomination for this. It’s amazing to analyse his career graph. With each passing film, he continues to surprise you and raise the bar. And after watching this film, I would certainly vouch for the fact that Paan Singh Tomar is his best performance till date. Another performance that deserves special mention is that of the journalist who takes Paan’s interview. He brings in the much needed humour quotient in the film through his lively expressions.

What’s bad:

Absolutely nothing. Some films are too heart touching to dissect and bring out flaws. Paan Singh Tomar is one such film. Period.

Me thinks:

All in all, this one is a must watch for one and all. You are missing a cinematic treat if you don’t catch it soon. It’s a small budget film but provides double the entertainment given by any star driven ‘hugely hyped’ films. This is one sincere and honest work that needs to be lauded and praised.



Watch out for the cheesy scenes between Irrfan and Mahie in the first hour of the movie. They are different, fresh and at the same time break you into a guffaw or two.



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