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The Bus Incident furore finally ended as the Authorities of Manipal University took stage at Quadrangle at 5:30PM on Monday. The meeting was attended by a crowd of 300-400 people (considerably lesser than that on Saturday) and the dignitaries of the University namely The Vice-Chancellor MU, Director MIT, Associate Director and The Joint Director of MIT.

The Vice chancellor addressed the crowd by showing his support towards the students of the university. He also informed that all the medical charges for the treatment of the student shall be taken care by the university. He then gave an overview of the meeting held with the student representatives, earlier in the day. He also assured that the University shall always be in full support of the students and that further grievances can be reported by either E-mail (shall be declared later) or to the allotted faculty that shall be appointed exclusively for the same.

This was followed by The Director and the Associate Director, who too assured that steps shall be taken against all the problems discussed.

The following is the list of Points raised and the respective response they got from the authorities-

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