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Posted: March 29, 2012 by blogschange in Admissions
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You may be a fresher who is gaping in awe at this oblivion that awaits you. You may be a final year student who has relished the frills and weathered every pitfall in this issue. Or perhaps, you may be someone like me who is trapped in the epicentre of a pulsating torrent.  No matter what, this dilemma is, has been, is or will be a part of your life.

Most of us come from schools with inter-house system. Back in my school (the most prestigious in Bangalore), there were the few major sports teams, NCC and scouts. Most other cultural events were on inter-house basis. There was a single big fest every year where students would take up the mantle and strive to make it a success. The school would be painted red and the build-up to the day would be big.  In school, the onus was more often on teachers to coordinate events and competitions.

Come Manipal, you witness a dynamic paradigm shift. Enter Kamat Circle and the publicity teams of a hundred clubs will swoop down on you. As you walk into the food court, you’d probably bang into someone because your eyes were distracted by the flashy banners outside. Sit at a table and you have to clear out at least one flyer about some club or event.  Welcome to the land of a hundred clubs, where fests are a weekly event (in fact, sometimes two fests a week). To some, studies are extra-curricular work compared to the work they do for clubs.Everyone seems to be in a mood to outdo the others by joining clubs at a speed as fast as a dog can lick a dish, notwithstanding the after effects of it on their main goal-academics.

You will find clubs in probably anything you can think of, be it dramatics, student exchange, adventure, music, dance, fashion, robotics, technical, energy conservation, magazines or charitable work. You enter into college and after a month or so you are most likely to be bombarded with questions like-“You are in what all clubs?” or “Why don’t you join any club instead of wasting your time?” This brings me to the next important question- is it really necessary to take a decision in haste and join some ten clubs under the influence of your seniors/peers and then later realize that you just don’t fit into that space? Or is it better to wait for some time, join a club which compliments your indivualistic traits the most and then work passionately for it for the next four years.

You might be multitalented, a very polished speaker and you might have all what it takes to convince every second interviewer to take you in, but still in hindsight, it doesn’t really help your cause if you join 10 clubs and work for absolutely none. As the saying goes “Jack of all trades, master of none!”

Gardens are not made by sitting in the shade. So you are just living under an illusion if you think that having fanciful club names in your CV would really help your cause when the truth is that you are just a part of the crowd in that particular club. Instead if you sink your teeth completely into a particular club, you might soon reach for the moon because your focus of thought is restricted and not wandering in endless directions.

However, there is still light at the end of the tunnel. You need to do a reality check and take some drastic measures as soon as possible. Shortlist all the options you have and pick the one that enraptures your mind completely and then let your work do the talking. All the best!

Anubhav Shrivastava and Girish Kumar

Sub Edited By: Deeksha Awasthi.


Two third year C.S.E students of Manipal Institute of Technology have made the headlines of Bangalore Mirror with their latest innovation ‘Mobremote’. Various predecessors to this method of remote access to a computer include Bluetooth remotes and android applications that work on Wi-Fi. Bluetooth had the constraint of user’s distance from the system, while Wi-Fi required high-end phones (at least Rs.6000) and a stable Wi-Fi connection on both system and phone. GPRS too has its costs even though a 2GB pack costs Rs. 100 per month, not to mention its sluggish speed. And 3G, well that’s all altogether a different ball game!

Karan Dwivedi and Nitesh Narayan Lal have come up with a technology that eliminates every discrepancy mentioned above and costs the user nothing but normal messaging costs (say 1 paisa per message), a Nokia 0001 model (if such a model exists) will suffice for that! What more, the user can be in Assam and dictate terms to his computer in Kanyakumari!

The application works on a Google App engine and a software is installed on the system that runs in the background and checks at regular intervals and executes commands sent by the user to the server (in this case, a Gmail ID). 

It has basic functions such as logging off, shutting down and restarting, as well as some more advanced operations. Mobremote is free and can be downloaded at The developers have received a good response and are now working on enhancing its features and compatibility. Download it, try it and support this commendable endeavour by our very own students! Hearty congratulations to them!

By Girish Kumar