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Date: 4th April, 2012

Time: 6:30 PM to 9:30 PM

Venue: Amphitheatre near TC

The AIESEC Consortium 2012, organized by the LC, was designed to provide a means of interaction between 3 entrepreneurs of different industries and the students from Manipal’s professional colleges.

The seminar commenced at dusk, with the President of the AIESEC LC, Vishal Kothari presenting an introductory speech, inviting interns from 3 countries, as well as all the present Manipal University students to the event.

Followed by the lamp lighting ceremony, the first guest Mr. Anand Prakash, Head of RED FM, presented a Radio Workshop. Its purpose was to explain the inner structure as well as working of a FM station. He emphasized the advantages of FM in today’s world being its cost effectiveness, live interaction and usability while multitasking. He believes that the upcoming Phase 3 of the radio industry will link even the remote Tier III cities to radio, with an explosion in the industry to the advantage of sound engineers, technicians, programmers in the next five years.

The second guest Mr. Harish Java, head of NABAD, based his presentation on the importance of the social entrepreneurship. Beginning his speech by stressing the use of SWOT analysis on ourselves for the purpose of matching our hobbies to our professions, he moved on to explaing the skill set required for being a social entrepreneur. Giving instances of NABAD micro financing SHGs in rural areas, he urged participants to think of the people at a disadvantage and move away from their comfort zones to make an impact.

The highlight of the evening, as agreed by most, was the speech by Mr. Kumble Narsimha Prabhu, current CEO of Manipal ACE Event Management. Being an alumnus of Manipal University, he was able to relate to the students in a more direct and interactive way. His presentation involved, enlightening students on the challenges of entrepreneurship, such as it requiring a complete different mindset of someone who wants to achieve far more than just a salaried placement job. Citing the Tata saga as an example, he shared his views on the formula to success being character development, a positive attitude and the ability to recover from a setback failure.

The evening, interspersed with refreshments, audience questions and fun activities organized by the LC of AIESEC. The event concluded on a 15 minute Panel Discussion on Ethical Morality in a Professional Career that ended the evening to a successful finish.

Prateek Biswas

Sub edited by: Deeksha Awasthi.

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