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Date: 4th April, 2012

Time: 6:30 PM to 9:30 PM

Venue: Amphitheatre near TC

The AIESEC Consortium 2012, organized by the LC, was designed to provide a means of interaction between 3 entrepreneurs of different industries and the students from Manipal’s professional colleges.

The seminar commenced at dusk, with the President of the AIESEC LC, Vishal Kothari presenting an introductory speech, inviting interns from 3 countries, as well as all the present Manipal University students to the event.

Followed by the lamp lighting ceremony, the first guest Mr. Anand Prakash, Head of RED FM, presented a Radio Workshop. Its purpose was to explain the inner structure as well as working of a FM station. He emphasized the advantages of FM in today’s world being its cost effectiveness, live interaction and usability while multitasking. He believes that the upcoming Phase 3 of the radio industry will link even the remote Tier III cities to radio, with an explosion in the industry to the advantage of sound engineers, technicians, programmers in the next five years.

The second guest Mr. Harish Java, head of NABAD, based his presentation on the importance of the social entrepreneurship. Beginning his speech by stressing the use of SWOT analysis on ourselves for the purpose of matching our hobbies to our professions, he moved on to explaing the skill set required for being a social entrepreneur. Giving instances of NABAD micro financing SHGs in rural areas, he urged participants to think of the people at a disadvantage and move away from their comfort zones to make an impact.

The highlight of the evening, as agreed by most, was the speech by Mr. Kumble Narsimha Prabhu, current CEO of Manipal ACE Event Management. Being an alumnus of Manipal University, he was able to relate to the students in a more direct and interactive way. His presentation involved, enlightening students on the challenges of entrepreneurship, such as it requiring a complete different mindset of someone who wants to achieve far more than just a salaried placement job. Citing the Tata saga as an example, he shared his views on the formula to success being character development, a positive attitude and the ability to recover from a setback failure.

The evening, interspersed with refreshments, audience questions and fun activities organized by the LC of AIESEC. The event concluded on a 15 minute Panel Discussion on Ethical Morality in a Professional Career that ended the evening to a successful finish.

Prateek Biswas

Sub edited by: Deeksha Awasthi.



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The 2nd edition of the International Relations Conclave is to be held on the 6th and 7th April 2012.

The conference aims to acquaint university students with the decisive and legislative bodies of the UN and offer a glimpse into the official decision-making process. The delegates will be expected to be well aware of their countries’ foreign policies and act in accordance, exhibit their diplomatic skills and engage in spirited, fruitful debate, in order to provide viable solutions to some of the most important global issues of the day. As they do so on behalf of the countries that they represent, their researching, negotiating and public speaking skills will be evaluated and put to the test.

Also to be noted that this year, the conference shall be open to external participants as well, to put Manipal as the next go to destination on the MUN circuit.

The brilliant, dedicated organizational staff, which has been working tirelessly over the last few months, will ensure smooth running of the conference at all times. Your participation, enthusiasm and creativity will be the key ingredients towards making this conference a success. The enthusiastic spirit and cultural diversity of Manipal, which is primarily a student town, coupled with the high quality of debate that has come to be associated with IRC, will provide you with an overall enriching and unforgettable experience.So, are you ready to put your best diplomatic self forward?

International Relations Conclave (IRC) is  also conducting a workshop on Tuesday, 3rd April. NLH 203, 5:30 p.m. onwards, for its delegates to acquaint them with the same.

Details by-

Karan Modi

Secretary General, IRC 2012

The Consortium.

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What a week it was, 4 days of music, dance and fine arts. It feels good to see each and every person of the college in a festive mood… Truly, MIT is never inactive.

So what’s next for all you out there… Well, as you all know that we love participation and being involved in something or the other, here comes another opportunity for Manipal University students to get involved in something meaningful, something that will help them know what really lies ahead in the world after college.
Bringing together professionals from a variety of fields, from the organizers of 2010’s largest corporate forum of Mangalore-Udupi region, here comes yet another event which not only has a value-add factor for all of you, but provides you a platform to interact, network, socialize with the ones who want to and who have made it big.

The Consortium ’12….

4th April, 6-9 PM, New Amphitheatre (Near Syndicate bank, opposite Sirocco Coffee Valley)

  •  Formal/ Semi-formal wear only
  •  Tickets- Rs 80 for all students of Manipal University
  •  To book/buy a ticket, contact us on our FB page or on the following numbers
    • Shobit: 8095128602
    • Pulkit : 9535680079
    • Antara: 9535680095

“Class at 8? Wake up at 7 30, brush your teeth, comb your hair (optional), wear your jeans and off to class. No breakfast, no early morning shower or even a look at the mirror.”

Such is the state of us MITians here in Manipal. This routine is usually followed up by rushing out of our hostel rooms and then onto a bus which has absolutely no room in it. If its not your lucky day, which is mostly the scenario for those living in 14th and 15th blocks, you’ve got to run to class or else take an auto from KC, which would burn a Rs. 20 hole in your pocket. Worst case scenario is you’ll be locked out of class, if you are lucky you’ll be allowed to enter as the professor gives a lecture on punctuality and how he will not tolerate such behaviour in the future behind your back as you find your place in the classroom.

Since Day 1, even before we set foot in that classroom in NLH, we knew about the 75% rule of attendance compulsion. We did not need a calculator to estimate the maximum number of classes we can miss or ‘bunk’ as we like to call it. The figure comes down to a lowly 12-13 per subject.  I am sure most of us know the value of that ‘one’ attendance of that particular morning class. You might want to save your attendance for some other time to catch on that precious sleep, after all those endless hours in the night, playing counter-strike, watching TV shows or catching up on the latest college gossip till dawn have to take a toll on something, right? Hence, we run, jog and use those few means of transport at our disposal to get to that one morning class.

The argument that I have woken up and hence I ‘must’ get attendance keeps going through our minds and is more often than not quickly replaced by a  “Aargh, I could have easily slept through this hour and gone for the next class” when you are not allowed inside that class. It doesn’t matter if the authorities decide to shift the morning classes up by half an hour, the way we see it is –“ sleep half an hour late!, Yay! more Facebook time”.  If you want to see a rather empty looking food court, I would say go for breakfast. You will never crib about inadequate mess space for quite some time after witnessing the scene at about 7 15 in the morning.

Its not as if the authorities have not done anything to curb this. They have tried rather valiantly I would say. They tried cutting the internet at 12; they tried to check rooms so as to make sure we are not playing games late at night and even put up notices regarding the same but all to no avail. The notices put up became a joke and curbing internet usage did not help students from not missing classes. We sure are hell bent on showing them on how that 25% leverage can be utilised ‘optimally’ and ‘judiciously. ‘

After analysing all of this, I came to this conclusion that no matter what happens, all of this certainly would not stop. Students will remain students and that generation gap between us and the authorities will always remain. That’s how it is supposed to be. I have seen our college pass outs fondly recollecting such memories with their teachers, both having tears in their eyes while recollecting them.

Of course, you’ll have that grudge with that one odd teacher from time to time, but it’ll pass. Its moments like these that we’ll recollect when we pass out. I am sure you will cherish the memory of running from your hostel all the way to college, making it just in time for that double attendance class rather than narrowly missing out on that A grade just because that teacher wasn’t particularly fond of u. Many of us are rather envious of our friends in other public sector colleges having no such rule about attendance, but rather than cribbing about it we should learn how to deal with it and enjoy every last second of these precious four years in our college life. These will be one of the happiest memories that we will cherish for many years to come because who knows what life has in store for us in the coming years.

-Rohan Tuli.

Edited by RamSharat Reddy.




The Consortium | By AIESEC in Manipal University

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You are now at a crossroads. This is your opportunity to make the most important decision you will ever make. Forget your past. Who are you now? Who have you decided you really are now? Don’t think about who you have been. Who are you now? Who have you decided to become?Make this decision consciously. Make it carefully. Make it powerfully.

A student passing out of college has various options in front of him; whether he should take up a safe corporate job or do an MBA or follow his heart and become an entrepreneur or do something different altogether. AIESEC Manipal University brings to you The Consortium ’12 where it shall bring together the best professionals varied sectors and fields and help the student decide as to what his calling is. 

Speakers for the Event include:
1. Mr. Java– GM, NABARD
2. Mr. Anand Prakash – Station Head Mangalore Red FM
3. Mr. Kumble Narsima Prabhu- CEO, Manipal ACE Management

For tickets, contact us 

Shobit: +91-8095128602 | Pulkit: +919535680079




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You may be a fresher who is gaping in awe at this oblivion that awaits you. You may be a final year student who has relished the frills and weathered every pitfall in this issue. Or perhaps, you may be someone like me who is trapped in the epicentre of a pulsating torrent.  No matter what, this dilemma is, has been, is or will be a part of your life.

Most of us come from schools with inter-house system. Back in my school (the most prestigious in Bangalore), there were the few major sports teams, NCC and scouts. Most other cultural events were on inter-house basis. There was a single big fest every year where students would take up the mantle and strive to make it a success. The school would be painted red and the build-up to the day would be big.  In school, the onus was more often on teachers to coordinate events and competitions.

Come Manipal, you witness a dynamic paradigm shift. Enter Kamat Circle and the publicity teams of a hundred clubs will swoop down on you. As you walk into the food court, you’d probably bang into someone because your eyes were distracted by the flashy banners outside. Sit at a table and you have to clear out at least one flyer about some club or event.  Welcome to the land of a hundred clubs, where fests are a weekly event (in fact, sometimes two fests a week). To some, studies are extra-curricular work compared to the work they do for clubs.Everyone seems to be in a mood to outdo the others by joining clubs at a speed as fast as a dog can lick a dish, notwithstanding the after effects of it on their main goal-academics.

You will find clubs in probably anything you can think of, be it dramatics, student exchange, adventure, music, dance, fashion, robotics, technical, energy conservation, magazines or charitable work. You enter into college and after a month or so you are most likely to be bombarded with questions like-“You are in what all clubs?” or “Why don’t you join any club instead of wasting your time?” This brings me to the next important question- is it really necessary to take a decision in haste and join some ten clubs under the influence of your seniors/peers and then later realize that you just don’t fit into that space? Or is it better to wait for some time, join a club which compliments your indivualistic traits the most and then work passionately for it for the next four years.

You might be multitalented, a very polished speaker and you might have all what it takes to convince every second interviewer to take you in, but still in hindsight, it doesn’t really help your cause if you join 10 clubs and work for absolutely none. As the saying goes “Jack of all trades, master of none!”

Gardens are not made by sitting in the shade. So you are just living under an illusion if you think that having fanciful club names in your CV would really help your cause when the truth is that you are just a part of the crowd in that particular club. Instead if you sink your teeth completely into a particular club, you might soon reach for the moon because your focus of thought is restricted and not wandering in endless directions.

However, there is still light at the end of the tunnel. You need to do a reality check and take some drastic measures as soon as possible. Shortlist all the options you have and pick the one that enraptures your mind completely and then let your work do the talking. All the best!

Anubhav Shrivastava and Girish Kumar

Sub Edited By: Deeksha Awasthi.

Wednesday, 27th March 2012


In one of the highlights of the academic year, and to flag off Revels 2012 in a grand manner, the extremely popular Indian fusion band KAILASA performed at the KMC Greens. This concert, which started at 7:30pm, saw a huge turnout from students all around Manipal.

Almost everyone from this small university town flocked into the Greens to see famous singer and founder of Kailasa, Kailash Kher perform with his band. The crowd was subject to some brilliant music, coupled with fine light-works. This event was organized as a part of the “Pro-Show” event in Revels.

Some of the highlight performances of the show included the songs ‘Allah ke Bande’, ‘Teri Deewani’, ‘Saiyaan’ and ‘Bam Lahiri’. The band also performed the famous song ‘Tu jaane na’ originally sung by Atif Aslam.

Kailasa’s performance was succeeded by performances by the bands ‘Wait For It’ and ‘Zehen’ .

All in all, Kailasa Live in Concert in Manipal turned out to be a sublime experience which has already signaled the IMG_9049incoming of the biggest college fest of the year – Revels 2012!

By: Saurav Bhattacharjee

Sub Edited by: Deep Venky

AIESEC’s Youth Leadership Summit

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AIESEC Manipal University,  held a Youth Leadership Summit at the AC Seminar Hall on 25th March, 2012. The event featured the success stories of two of Manipal’s leading youth icons – Gaurav Prakash and Gopal Krishna, who shared their views and policies on the various disciplines of entrepreneurship.

The event was inaugurated by AIESEC president Abhishek Kocchar, who brought out the essence of
entrepreneurship and the role of entrepreneurs in general. Much emphasis was laid on the Golden
Circle. Any idea or venture has to satisfy three questions credibly – first why, then how and finally

The first leg of the program began with Chill Maadi’s founder, Gopal Krishna’s speech. Gopal is from
Muzzafarpur in Bihar, where partisan short-sightedness about careers existed. Like most of us, he
too joined the bandwagon in Kota, running behind an IIT dream just to satisfy the whims of the
society. Gopal then moved on to explaining how entrepreneurs are more often known more for the
empire they engendered rather than their persona. There was a 65 year old man, Harland Sanders
who was passionate about cooking. He lost his shop in a highway expansion scheme, but did not lose
hope. He went to every shop and house trying to sell his special dishes, but was rejected 1009 times.
Had he given up on the 1009th attempt, the multi-billion dollar mogul KFC might have never come
to be. Similarly were the lives of J.K Rowling and Walt Disney, who discarded all criticism and were
firm about their passion. Gopal always dreamt of creating something big, came up with an idea and
worked on it with a small team. With Chill Maadi garnering 3500 views in its month of inception, he
never turned back. Today Chill Maadi as a team of 112 across 9 colleges. Gopal also has many new
ideas up his sleeve including school contact programs and much more.

Gaurav Prakash (the founder of Manipal The Talk) then orated his views. He believes that entrepreneurship is about painting your own road and making a mark. However, he has moral attachment to entrepreneurship and says one’s idea must give back society. Some of the important tips he gave were:

Make your own rules

Reaction to criticism

Cofounder and Team should compliment you

Don’t be scared to share your ideas

Unique Selling Point (USP)

Registering your company

Expanding these points would make this article a thesis, so be sure to watch the video of the man himself speaking! Gaurav then spoke about out our very own MTTN, and his vision to create a student portal to connect individuals and for interaction. No one believed his concept would work and they all had misgivings and doubts about it. Gaurav went back and worked on these doubts and turned them around. MTTN 1.0 blossomed into MTTN 2.0, and MTTN X3 is waiting to roar. He learnt from his mistakes from his maiden start up and corrected himself in later ventures.

A speech laden with humour, witty one liners, intellectual analogies, fruitful ideas, awe-striking facts
and inspirational stories is impossible to compress into an article but here are some of the catchy

Always tell your team “Work with me. Not work for me”.

“Don’t be scared to tell your ideas out. If you are not convinced about doing it well yourself,
you might as well not do it”

“None of my best friends are in any of my ventures, True story”

“97% of businesses are replicas of successful business models”.

“Necessities create ideas, and ideas must create demand”

 “People came up and told me is such a trivial concept that even they
could have easily done it. The question is DID THEY DO IT?

“Every idea is unrealistic. But convince me.”

The conclusive leg of the event featured an innovation bloc where the audience was divided into
groups and asked to come up with ideas for start ups to solve certain issue. Some the ideas that
came up were

Online portal for borrow, rental and exchange of stationary, electronics and transportation.
Profit margin would be made via commissions.

An event management company that would lessen the burden clubs have to undergo in handling logistics and arrangements, and therefore allow the clubs to focus solely on their field of interest.

A delivery system whereby students would get paid for picking up Dominos deliveries, posts ,etc.

A website offering education help, where students would get paid for tutoring and doing assignments for peers. This would connect students and give match their requirements and capabilities.

Mickr – a company that would install LED screens all over the campus and display messagesfor the college, clubs and other franchises.

The two guests, Gopal and Gaurav gave their inputs and identified the flaws. The immediate feasibility of these ideas is highly debatable, but isn’t entrepreneurship about making ideas possible? The evening was ended with a synopsis by Kanika from AIESEC.

All in all, it was an inspiring evening of enhanced learning, insightful thinking and spawning of
new ideas. Go ahead; let your dreams take flight. Think big and just do it. Don’t forget to catch
the videos of inspiring speeches!


Girish Kumar

Video Courtsey : Tejasvi

According to legend, Prometheus was the Greek Titan who stole fire from Zeus and gave it to mankind and was punished for the same. Thousands of years later, he has reincarnated, in an avatar of scorching embers and blinding radiance. Prometheus lives once more and his flare will consume the little town of Manipal.

IECSE presents to you “Prometheus 2012”, which will be held from 9th to 12th April. This fest will be based on computer science and will span over 10 events, guest lectures and workshops. These are the events that will be held:

  1. Codesprint

  2. iCode

  3. Cipher-Master

  4. Elevator Pitch

  5. Triple Threat

  6. Comp Whiz

  7. Fox Hunt

  8. Applabs

  9. Hawk Eye

  10. 24*7

There will also be a whole bunch of informal events so keep an eye for those too! Prometheus will also host gaming in CS, NFS, etc. Want to prove your supremacy? Invoke your clans and get the mice rolling.

Sounds cool? Eager to outsmart the rest? Are your fingers already itching to incinerate the keyboard?  This was just the preview. Anyone with a passion for computers must take part in these events, as it will be a holistic learning experience. And of course, there are loads of cash prizes and certificates to be won! Come, and blaze away with Prometheus.

Watch this space for more details!

Girish Kumar

Sub Edited by: Deeksha Awasthi.