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Posted: March 30, 2011 by Gaurav Prakash in AZAAN!
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The Library Auditorium didnt know what was coming to it this night with Azaan (An NGO started by first year students of MIT)
Performances from Zehen and ADA was lined up!

The show was set to start at 6:30 but eventually it got pushed to 7 ish. It was awesome to see so many people outside ready to burst in and watch what AZAAN had to offer this evening. The Library Auditorium quickly filled up with people ready for action! The AZAAN and Manipal The Talk.Net (MTT)’s crew had everything ready and set when people came in , they were streamlined to their respective seats and there was no complaints!

The show started off with a short description about what AZAAN is , what it does and who are involved in it. After this everyone got a clear idea about our objectives and what we have in mind with our future plans.

The first performance was from AZAAN itself called The Drowned Man! It was amazing performance with some brilliant sound effects from the cast. What made this so special was that it was completely produced, made and executed from the AZAAN team. The roles were played with absolute brilliance and humor was well defined too!



After this performance it was time to get in the guys from Show Stoppers a series of some awesome moves and mind blowing music was showcased by the team and yet again they showed their worth and the audience was rocking with them. Mixed with bangra and western together it was something really to look out for! The crowd was swinging to their brilliant moves and stunning mix of music!

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Now it was time to move on to another play from AZAAN. This was called The arrangement ( I hope I got this right this time – Kautav is so gonna kill me if I didnt!) It was an awesome play by AZAAN where a father shows his son how to’grow’ up in life! Comic exchanges between the father and the kid was something that really epic! The prostitute (if I may call her) was a fine lady who was an expert in this field was supposed to help the father with the act of having his son ‘grow-up’ in life.

At one point she dropped her mirror and it looked all part of play until she came back stage asking me if it looked out of place that she dropped it – well until she didnt tell me that I thought its a part of the play! On asking why she dropped it she said she could not resists two hot men on stage (thats what she said!)


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Next up was ADA with their absolutely brilliant performance of the old retro life that used to be…two brothers meeting in that typical old fashioned way with the retro style mom and dad. Everything was so good that we actually thought we’ve come back to the retro era – again! The crowd was laughing and screaming their lungs out cheering for them! Everybody absolutely enjoyed the performance and the response from the crowd was absolutely amazing! Its worth to put all of this in words – its way more than that!

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Now after a quick 5 min break it was time for ZEHEN to show thier jalwa!

After a thrilling sound check ZEHEN had the crowed lined up against the stage and rocking to their beats and cheering for them! Absolutely amazing performance like Ajnabi , Laila had the crowd wanting for more more and more!

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They did and awesome job!


I’d like to thank the MTT crew ( Abhinav , Deepankar , Deep , Srinath , Deeksha , Anirudh , Pavneet , Pramod , Ashwini , Aseem) for making it possible!

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Gaurav Prakash

Photographs: Deepankar

Azaan: The first call.

Posted: March 24, 2011 by abhinav91 in AZAAN!

Lately a lot of buzz is going around the campus. Azaan seems to be in everyone’s list of things to discuss about. The publicity team of Azaan certainly seem to have done their job.

Azaan teaser posters and their other publicity material are visible all over the campus. So what really is happening behind the scenes? Manipal The Talk.Net brings you an exclusive insider report on what to expect from Azaan in the coming week.

As most of us are aware,  Azaan is MIT’s own NGO that aims to reach out to the needy in and around Manipal. On 29th they will be launching their first fundraiser in form of a show with performances by Ada, Azaan,Showstoppers and Manipal’s favourite band Zehen at the library auditorium. All the revenue generated from the event will be donated to Bal Griha, an orphanage cum aided school in Mangalore. The tickets have been priced modestly at Rs 40 and Rs 60.

So, basically the folks at azaan guarantee you entertainment and all for a good cause too.

I’ll say, be there or, well, be square.

-Azaan, powered by Manipal The Talk.Net


Posted: March 12, 2011 by abhinav91 in AZAAN!

Have you ever watched silently as a fellow human’s lowered his dignity to such baseness that it became aggravating for you to look on silently, helplessly?

Have you ever felt that justice denied to someone was justice taken away from you?

And have you ever felt another man’s tears bring moistness to your own eyes.

Have you ever felt that another human’s freedom can bring you satisfaction, have you ever wanted to be a part of his joy or his sadness?

Azaan is an embodiment of all these feelings. Azaan is a commitment made to our own beings to not be mere spectators in the face of injustice, in the face of depravation.

Its  a revolution that has been sparked by words and will be sustained by action.

We here at Azaan believe in the goodness that is in people and that this goodness can surface to bring about a change for the better that is both sustainable and permanent.

If you are a fellow believer then don’t hesitate to show your support. Keep track of all our campaigns right here, at (MTTN)

Watch out for this coloumn for future updates.


-Powered by MTTN

Azaan  is an NGO started by a few dedicated students. It aims to introduce philanthropy amongst students and instil amongst the student community a sense of leadership and confidence to bring about the change necessary.