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Day 1:


The AC Seminar Hall became witness to some amazing quizzing on 19th October, as the Literary and Debating Club organized the quiz “Kitne Admi The”, as the first of their 3 day inter-collegiate event Horn OK Please. 25 questions were asked in the first round, ranging from Nirvana’s Album cover to Tutankhamen’s tomb. The scores ranged from almost 0 to 25. The answers, when announced, were responded by “Yes! I got it right” and “Crap! How could I not know that?”  concurrently. With the more than 30 teams, the crowd consisted of people from first to fourth year, paired up with a really chilled out quizzing. The event turned out to be pretty successful.

Day 2:


Andaaz Apna Apna”, the debate competition saw the participation of 9 teams comprising two members each. The event was divided into two rounds. The first round of the debate was of the traditional ‘for and against’ type, with one speaker from each team speaking for the motion, while the other spoke against. The topic for the debate was “Roti, kapda and makan are still the cornerstones of Indian society”. All 18 speakers passionately put forth their points within an allotted time span of 3 minutes, and were then interjected on the content of their speech.

The top two teams selected from the first round were pitted against each other in the final round which was held in a parliamentary format. The topic for the final was –“In India improper/poor education leads to social evils”.


The Jam or “Golmaal” was probably one of the most joyful events that “Horn Ok Please” had to offer. With a massive turnout, it indeed proved to be a crowd puller. The smallest of glitches in pronunciation, late or early start, repetition, stammering, usage of a gerund to start speaking and overuse of a word were enough for one to get jammed(contradict). The person who jammed first had to continue speaking. Opposing with incorrect reasons caused the deduction of certain points from the person’s total. The topics for the jam were hilarious. It included “I have neither been there nor done that” and “Genetics can’t be an excuse”. Neither the moderator nor the participants themselves could resist their laughter!

Day 3:


L&D kicked off the last of its three day event with ”Culture Curry”-a mixed bag event. Twenty-odd teams participated in the event, each team comprising of up to 3 members. Doublets, Unscramble, Odd one out and Crossword were the games that constituted this potpourri. The questions were very well framed. Apart from the regular vocabulary section several questions were related to Indian culture and geography.

The day also saw the finals of Golmaal (Jam) with some rather determined-looking finalists. True to its description, the blokes at L&D chucked some rather unexpected, stimulating and some extremely quirky questions, filling the participants with an uncertainty about their English Speaking abilities.

Overall the whole atmosphere was fun, relaxed and a total paisa vasool! With Culture Curry, The L&D club added another fun and exciting event to their kitty.

Covered by: Pratik Sagar Mishra, Nishith Sinha and Ayush Agarwal
Photography: Prashant Singh 

The Literary and Debating Club of Manipal(L&D) proudly presents its Inter Collegiate event ‘HORN OK PLEASE’. It 3 day event is taking place from 19th October to 21st October. With events like Gen Quiz, Debate, Jam and Potpourri this event promises to be a huge success.

Brief details of the events:
1. Kitne Aadmi The? (Gen Quiz): A perfect place to test your knowledge. A team of 3 is required.
2. Andaz apna apna (Debate): A team of 2 is required. Topic: Food, Clothing and Shelter are still the cornerstones of Indian society
3. Golmaal (JAM): Speak for a minute, but if you pause, stutter, mumble or stammer you will be jammed. Single participation.
4. Culture Curry (Potpouri): A mixed bag of unexpected but fun-filled events. A team of 3 is required.
5. Creative Writing: Topics on the spot. Free for all!

Registration fee:
(per person)
1 event=30
2 events=50
3 events=70
4 events=90

Registrations open at KC, FC and also on the spot.

Date and Timings:
19th October- Kitne Aadmi The? (AC Seminar Hall)
20th October- Andaz apna apna (201 AB5) & Golmaal (202 AB5)
21st October- Culture Curry (201 AB5)
Creative Writing open on all 3 days!

Get ready for the exciting affair!
For further details contact Abhijit-9535617271, Shaunak-9611569251 0r visit lnd website at

Literary and Debating Club (LnD) is back with LITSTOCK and the event proceedings started with a General Quiz and an extempore on the 6th of October. With a very good turn-out for the quiz and the participants taking part with curiosity and a lot of anticipation, this event was grand.

Next in the store was the Extempore. With each single person trying to impress the judges with their magical words on an unknown topic for 2 minutes, this event was just awesome. The first round was a normal extempore while the finals were contested with a Mock Press. VIDEO CLIP:

Now comes the most hyped event of LITSTOCK i.e : Youth Parliament. A pre-event workshop was conducted before the main event. Guys and Gals if you had been there, you would’ve got the feeling of being a part of the parliament session. Discussing the bills, opposing various clauses, being a minister of a state etc; Seems exhilarating! With a good number of contestants, Youth Parliament was indeed a special experience for all the first years. VIDEO CLIP:

The closing event of LITSTOCK was JAM, an event where you BANG the tables : P. About 4-5 contestants were asked to sit for a session that lasts for a minute. A topic is chosen by the moderator and person starts with the topic.

The smallest of glitches in the pronunciation, late/fast start of topic, lack of direction, repetition, stammering, stuttering, belaboring, improper vocabulary,  change in tone, absence of humor, a pause or overuse of a certain word/sentence, you are JAMMED left, right & middle and time is frozen!
The person who taps/bangs/jams the table first, continues with the topic, ensuring that he doesn’t repeat a single sentence that the previous participant used.
It is one of the most amazing events because it imperative to ensure the functionality of all your sense organs. Let me explain:

1. Ears-> You need to keep it open to listen to the speaker’s futile words. If you don’t, your fellow participant JAMS !!
2. Eyes-> Keep track of the speaker’s mouth movements and synchronization with words. You miss it and the other guy JAMS !!
3. Skin/Sensitivity-> Delayed response to stimulus, hand movements in slow-mo and the guy sitting besides you JAMS !!
4. Nose-> You take a breath pause and try masking it as a comma in your sentence, the chap waiting to pounce on you JAMS !!
5. Tongue-> Slip and fumble, JAM !!

Breakdown of any of these sense organs and you are JAMMED !

Your speaking skills and quickness in identifying the errors come to the foe to get a podium finish. So, finally all the fun and excitement ended on the 9th. With a good number of students taking part in this event, this was the perfect way to finish LITSTOCK for this year.

Heartiest congratulations to all the winners, participants and the club members (without them, the event wouldn’t have been a phenomenal success).
Finally this event was another successful addition to the LnD cabinet.

Youth Parliament

Posted: October 5, 2011 by Rambo in Literary and Debate Club (LnD)

Introduction: Why Youth Parliament
The law-making bodies are required to discuss various local, national and international issues and then make suitable laws on them. The members of these bodies present all points of views and try to represent all kinds of interests related to a problem. Eventually there is a accommodation of various interests and a compromise decision is taken. An effort is always made to take such a decision as would please most and antagonise least. Such decisions are frequently taken by Parliament. The decisions of Parliament are important since they affect the whole country. Each one of us is affected by the decisions of Parliament. The decisions are the result of long drawn debates. For conducting debates in Parliament a detailed procedure of rules is followed. The rules are based on democratic principles. By these rules it is ensure that everybody gets a chance to be heard and a proper decorum is maintained in the course of discussion that goes on in Parliament.
Thus, the purposes of Youth Parliament are as follows:
1. To make students understand the parliamentary procedure.
2. To develop in students an insight into the working of parliament
3. To make students consider public issues and form their opinion on them.
4. To train students in the technique of group discussion
5. To develop in students an ability to arrive at a decision after group
6. To develop them in them respect and tolerance for the views of others.
7. To develop in them an understanding that respect for rules is essential for
conducting any discussion systematically and effectively.
8. To train students in group behaviour.
9. To make students aware of various problems facing our society and the
10. To develop in students the quality of leadership.
11. To make students understand the common man’s point of view and express
it in an articulated manner.

Guys, Youth Parliament is an debating event organised by the Literary & Debating Club (LnD).

This event is taking place at LITSTOCK. It’s only for first years!   

The annual first-years-only literary fest conducted by LnD is around the corner. Come 6th of this month there will be in store a gen quiz, an extempore, a youth parliament and a JAM.

Brief details of the events:

1) General Quiz: General knowledge quiz. A 3 member team is required.

2) Extempore: You get a minute to think on a given topic on the spot and make up a 2 minute speech. Single participation.

3) Youth Parliament: A forum given to the youth and express their views on pressing matters that effect them. A workshop is also arranged for those who want to know how this works. Single participation.

4) JAM: You get a minute to say whatever you can but if you stutter, mumble or pause you will be jammed. Single participation.

Registrations open at KC and FC and also on the spot.

6th October-Gen Quiz (NLH 103), Extempore (NLH 102)

7th October-Youth Parliament workshop(NLH 103)

8th October-JAM (NLH 104), Youth Parliament (NLH 103)

Timings: 5pm onwards.

No registration fee required. For further details contact Abhijit-9535617271, Shaunak-9611569251 or visit LnD website

*Only for first years.

Enjoy these fun-filled events! !

The Literary and Debating club of MIT, Manipal opened up the semester with a smasher “MYRIAD”. The Harry Potter quiz: Felix Felicis for the first time in the history of Manipal, which had been the talk of the town, was one of the five events.

Myriad was exclusively for students, second year onwards. Poor first years were going insane to participate in Felix Felicis and wanted to go on a campaign to include a Harry Potter quiz in Litstock!

Myriad began on the 24th August with ‘Felix Felicis’ and ‘Jabberwocky : the extempore’ and “YES” the turn up for the Harry Potter quiz was nothing less than an ENCHANTED SPELL. All the records were broken and the “MUGGLE MOB” had to be bifurcated in two different NLH rooms, which is a testimony to the grand success.

After the quest of witchcraft and wizardry, it was time to display some yakking spirit, for JABBERWOCKY: the extempore. It’s an impromptu single person speaking event which gets your adrenaline rushing with every uttered word. The first round was a normal extempore, the second being a mock press, while the last round was a turn court i.e: block and tackle where ones’ presence of mind is tested along with diction , content and humor.

The next day witnessed ‘The Whodunit’: the general quiz and ‘Eye for an Eye’: the debate. The turn up for the quiz was great as usual and people enjoyed the quiz whereas the turn for debate was a little on the lower side. I personally (being a public speaker) think that the debates organized by LnD are of decent standards. To add on, the topics are well chosen and the judges themselves are experienced public speakers. So, one can always learn from them.

It is said that one needs to START BIG and END BIG: Myriad began with Felix Felicisand ended with THE SERIES OF UNFORTNATE EVENTS: the POTPURRI .
Awesome fun and frolic, is how one defines potpourri. Hence “unfortunate” explains the time when you mix up Big Bang Theory and Prison Break or confuse “heavens doors” with “stairway to heaven” (this happened with my friend and then I dis owned him). The fun was still not over ‘coz we still had dumb charades where enacting a word like “overfriendly” can be very GAY (I mean HAPPY :P)

Hence in all Myriad was a great success and it added another feather in The Literary and Debating Club’s hat. My heartiest congratulations to all the winners, participants and the club members (without them, the event couldn’t have been a splendid success).

So, now that the first years have their laptops, they read this blog and come to participate in LITSTOCK making it a greater success. is very proud to announce its collaboration as Media Partners with ‘The Literary and Debating Club of M.I.T, Manipal (L&D)’ !

Myriad event descriptions:

-Being held from 24th to 26th of this month
-Exclusively for 2nd and 3rd years
-Consisting of:

a)”Jabberwocky”, extempore. Impromptu single person speaking event, final round will be mockpress in which the participant will pretend to be a celebrity and will be asked questions by the “press”.

b)”A series of unfortunate events”, potpourri. Mixed bag of events, consisting of brain teasers, dumb charades and other such fun, 3 member team.

c)”Whodunit”, gen quiz. General Knowledge quiz, 3 member team.

d)”Felix Felicis”, harry potter quiz. 3 member team, harry potter trivia quiz.
e)”An eye for an eye”, debate. The description for this event is as follows:

The topic for Round 1 is:”Stricter punishment is the answer to Juvenile Crime

-Each team will have 2 speakers along with one exclusive interjector.
-During the preliminary round on 25th August the format will be for-against.
-Each team will, by means of a draw, pick another team.
-The speakers speak for 3 minutes each.
-The interjectors of the teams drawn together will put forward questions to the speakers of the opponent team.
-The interjector and the interjector only can raise questions.
-The top two teams go through to the final with a consolation prize for the 3rd placed team.
-The speakers will be judged on their content, fluency, diction, time and response to interjections.
-The interjectors will be judged on their question validity, framing and time.
-The final will be contested by two top teams on 26th August.
-The debate will follow parliamentary format.
-The topic will be given at a later time. Interjectors may assist their teams during preparation time.
-Speakers will be judged on the same criteria as earlier.
-There will be a separate prize for best interjector.

Registrations open in the evenings at FC, and also ON THE SPOT !
Rs.30 per person per event, Rs.50 for 2 events and Rs.100 for all 5 events.
24th- harry potter quiz, extempore prelims

25th-gen quiz, debate prelims, extempore finals
26th-potpourri, debate finals
Location-NLH 103, 202, 204 on the 24/08/11, NLH 402, 403, 404 on the 25/08/11 & 26/08/11

Don’t miss the string of fun-filled events 🙂
Click here to visit L&D’s webpage.

Utsav, Manipal University’s annual cultural fest finally drew to a
close on 15th April, and the last day saw a variety of events
including the crazy and
madly competitive event JAM (Just-A-Minute).

For those of you who aren’t familiar with it, the core ingredients of
JAM generally involve a group of participants going bonkers and a
bizarre topic. The
participants are expected to talk on the topic without making any
grammatical errors, stuttering, stammering, pausing, repeating
words/ideas, etc.
Doing any of the mentioned things allows other participants to raise
objections earning them points(if deemed valid by the Jam-moderator),
after which the
one who raised the objection continues speaking. This carries on for a minute.

MIT was represented by Vikramjit Ray, a second year student of the college.

The prelims saw a field of 20 participants being divided into 4 groups
of 5, and after each group played out 5 rounds of JAM, the top six
contestants with
the highest scores were chosen for the finals.

The prelim round involving MIT was among the more competitive with
most of the participants getting involved. Initially, MIT was cautious
as a result of
three ‘incoherent’ objections granted against it, but then quickly got
into the groove and gained quite a few points on valid objections
made, along with
some vital points for ‘carrying the JAM’ (being the one speaking when
the minute comes to an end). There was a lot of
fun,excitement,exasperated thumps on
the buzzer, and active participation from the crowd, be it cheering
for the teams, or boo-ing silly objections. At the end of 5 rounds of
JAM-ing, MIT was
pretty comfortably through to the finals with contestants from 5 other colleges.
Some of the interesting topics encountered in the prelims were: ‘You
got me at the ‘hi'”, ‘Two’s company. three’s fantasy’, and ‘Falling in
love is hard on
the knees’.

The final’s were a completely different affair, where no participant
was allowed to speak even a couple of words without getting objected
to. There was
absolute maythem as interjections flew all over the place, be it
screams of ‘Incoherence’, ‘late starts’, or claims of ‘deviating from
the topic’, most of
these with a 50% hit rate.
MIT was once again a bit slow off the blocks as Vikramjit kept silent
in the initial couple of rounds, playing it safe.
However, the third round proved to be a turning point with the topic
running “Androids dream of Electric Sheep’, as MIT lived through
repeated objections from
the others of ‘repetition’ and ‘incoherency’, which were all deemed
invalid by the JAM moderator to have a good stretch, and to cap off a
decent round, MIT
got bonus points for “Carrying the JAM”. The 4th and 5th rounds were a
tad bit more sane than the initial couple as MIT gathered more
momentum to eventually
cover up for the initially quiet couple of rounds.
A couple of other interesting topics from the finals were: “Big
banging created the universe”, “A nail on the wall is better than a
spoon on the floor”, etc.

Finally, even though one round had to be skipped due to time
constraints, a very exciting and enjoyable JAM event came to an end.
At the end of the day, the crowd and all the participants had a
memorable and wonderful experience.
Credit to the audience for being so active’, and also the
JAM-moderator Suraj Menon who restored some sanity amidst the
near-fish-market-like confusion, and
was great with his humorous takes on the objections and hilariously
sarcastic retaliations.

When it came to the results, KMC Manipal came first, KMC Mangalore
came second, and the ‘slow and steady’ policy paying off, Vikramjit
representing MIT,
Manipal came 3rd, rounding off a brilliant week for the Literary And
Debating Club of Manipal who achieved a stupendously high success rate
and a near-
perfect finish at related events at Utsav, 2011.

Vikramjit Ray

Anuraag Boddupalli, a 3rd year student and the President of The Literary and Debating Club of MIT,Manipal comes 2nd in “The annual Inter Manipal University Cultural Fest Ustav’s English Poetry writing competeition”!!!  The first position was tied between KMC Manipal and MCODS !!

And Anuraag’s poem…is A MUST READ.. Here it goes…..

Of causes lost and found

Finally a gift to remember for SRT

We all picture the world differently in our heads,

Some with rose-tinted glasses,some with views black,

Some who believe that being passionate is a waste of time,

While some believe that being without a cause is a heinous crime..

Be it the raving and ranting while your favourite team plays,

Or your discourses to the unfortunate few on morals ignored,

Or the vehemence with which you defend the unlucky underdogs,

’cause for some people,being passionate is a weakness they never show..

For in life many a times we are judged on where our loyalties lie,

By people who believe it to be their best insight into us,

or worst insight,if you have tendencies to go a ‘little’ overboard,

About causes which no one else feels is worth all that much fuss..

So what if your favourite EPL team hasn’t won in six long years,

And you are ridiculed for your unwavering support for them,

You know in your heart,that someday they shall make you proud,

Just like those painful 28 years wait recently came to a happy end..

Its important that we truly believe in ourselves all those times,

And give up not however lost or doomed be the heartfelt cause,

For all such occasions,respect we are gaining in Somebody’s eyes,

 For having been strong enough to not give in to hypocrisy and lies…

Gooner Forever for its about the Faith...

 The CHAMP from MIT


Utsav , MU’s cultural fest opened on 2011 with potpourri(mixed bag of events). Mit was represented by Shaunak Kulhalli, Aditi Saha and Abishek .S . Each constituent institute of MU was represented by one team. There were 18 teams in the prelims all over from kmc manipal to MU dubai. The first round was an elimination round wherein which 6 teams would be chosen for the finals. The elimination round consisted of dumb charades and Pictionary. Each team comprising of 3 members had to guess 2 movies and a famous novel. One person acted and drew and the other 2 guessed. There was a time limit of 90 sconds for the movies and 60 seconds for the novel with a time bonus.

The teams that made it to the final were Mit, kmc Manipal, Kmc Mangalore, Msap etc etc…

The final s consisted of 4 rounds dumb charades, Pictionary, double dumb charades and pictomime.

In the first round each team was given 5 movies to guess in 150 seconds with time bonus. There were 6 sets of such movies( one set to each team) and all 6 sets had a common connect. Th rules were standard dumb charades rules. The round was owned by mit and kmc manipal who got all 5 movies with a time bonus and got the connect in the first attempt only.

The next round was Pictionary but in a different “andaaz” . a member from each team was sent up and a famous movie quote was flashed before them. They had to bid on the time they assumed there teammates would take to guess. They were given a maximum of 150 seconds and bids went as low as 4 seconds. Kmc mangalore was the show stopper in that round. They bid 4 seconds on “ill be back” from terminator and got it in 3 seconds which gave them a bonus 147 seconds. But they got overconfident and bid 4 seconds on the next 2 movie quotes not gtting either and losing 294 points in the process that pushed them out of contention.

The next round was double dumb charades. 2 members from each team were tied back to back and were  given a famous song. The time limit was 60 seconds with time bonus and the people acting had to switch positions every 10 seconds. Mit owned that round as well gtting “the man who sold the world” in 4 seconds closely followed by msap who got “fear of the dark”in 7 seconds.

The final round was pictomime. One team member had to draw,the other had to guess what was drawn and it act it out to the 3rd member. The teams had to guess a real personality, a fictional character, a place and a verb. Kmc mangalore came back into this round getting all 4 in 52 seconds but  there earlier negatives worked against them..

Finally at the end of the event MIT were the winners but only by 6 points to kmc manipal. The scoreline read 238-232.