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Disha- Giving wings to dreams

Posted: January 23, 2012 by prannayjha in Red-X
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disha 2012 mit

Wondering why the college is flooded with the Disha Carnival fliers? Here is more about these guys.

Disha, was started several years ago by a group of students to help the underprivileged by actually giving them time rather than money. They presently handle 3 schools and 2 orphanages (Sarla Bettu, Sagri Nole, Christ, Luvinie home for girls and Balaniketan). Lack of finances ,opportunities and the hardships faced with being born in the lower strata of society hamper the potential of a child to achieve in life. They believe that with the right resources, encouragement and just a supporting hand , one can make the children aware of the bigger world around them and help them take their place in it.

Disha’s main function as a club has been to teach the students, help them exercise their creativity by conducting workshops and make sure that they are in step with the rapidly changing times by seeing to the infrastructure development of the schools.

They collect funds through sponsorship drives and the Disha carnival to award scholarships to the gifted students who would otherwise manage an education only up till class 7. They also organize a walkathon to spread awareness among the students and the locals . The Disha day is celebrated to showcase the talents of the students and ‘Udaan’ to give an opportunity to our sponsors to interact with the students.

The Disha Carnival this time will be held on the 28th of January at the MIT quadrangle from 5:00 pm to 11:30 pm. It is one of the most awaited events of the semester. There will be fashion shows, rock performances by the band Junkyard Groove and a DJ night that is expected to be attended by 3000 students. The proceeds of the event go for charitable causes. In all it makes a fun filled Saturday evening with a ‘feel good’ factor to it as well.

Details by Ambar (RED X)

Gaurav Prakash


Posted: March 27, 2011 by Gaurav Prakash in Red-X
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Screaming cars, rocking woofers, brilliant bikes and an electric crowd was what Kamath Circle (KC) saw today, March 26, at the Auto Expo 2011. This is just a written description, being there was just amazing. With hot and sexy cars and bikes rolling down the roads of KC, and the wall going down, people just couldn’t have enough of the event.

Organized by Red Ex, the event saw the grand, honking entries of a Red BMW 3 series, just as the car came and parked the crowed was overwhelming with its presence. The crowd was promised more…then between the crowds a signature BMW horn was heard…but wait the 3 is already here and it did not sound the horn…who did? Emerging between the crowd was a jet black BMW 2011 5 series with its HID’s blinding the people! Parked in the parking spot…it seemed as though the car had made a statement – ‘The King is here’! After this saw the entry of a Punto with a kickass sound systems from JBL and SONY speakers giving it the thump! The  Scorpio was there as well showcasing its mHAWK diesel power. The Scorpio was here…how could the Safari be left behind? There came a shinny pearl white Safari embracing the crowd and screaming ‘Reclaim your life!’ , the bikers galore was no less either! There was a line up of  R15s, Bullet Royal Enfield 500 (Fuel Injected) and the 350, Karizma ZMR and a modified Yamaha dirt bike.  The show stoppers were the brilliant 500cc Royal Enfield and te red-white Honda CBR 600!

Every bike and car, popular or not had, a good audience which clung to it faithfully. Also, each of them had one or more special features which made it unique as an entry into the Auto Expo. One car which was worth watching out for was the car by Team Manipal Racing students. Completely designed by students, this car was a major crowd puller. Running on 10 Hp engine on a BAJA standard equipped with advanced features such as FOX suspensions , inboard disk brakes , POLARIS CVT transmission this car had all that it needed and more!

The event came to a rattling stop at 9pm where even the exit of the cars and bikes was worth looking out-without a doubt it was an eye ball attracter. Yes indeed, people who love cars and bikes were at their excitement best with the crowd going woohoo at the sight of each vehicle.

Though there were not many cars or bikes, the event pulled off well as for a small place like Manipal, the number of turn up was remarkable. The response to the participants from the audience was worth watching as it got out the much needed attitude the participants had in showing off their babies, with smirks and pride.

By Deeksha and Gaurav

Auto Expo Pictures (click to view more)


Posted: March 23, 2011 by Gaurav Prakash in Red-X

Red-X’s V8 presents TwinSpark

Auto Expo on the 26th of March near MIT Library from 7 PM

There are slo Automotive Redesign Workshop on 26th and 27th March

For more details watch this space or get in touch at 9945837872

Expect a lot of great cars by the dozen and a host of more modified cars stocked up for some real good eye candy!

Superbikes are coming in too!

We’ll keep it a surprise as to which bikes are coming though 😉

There are also going to be Workshops from Mahindra , Yahama and Team Manipal Racing

Mahindra -26th
Yamaha- 27th
Team Manipal Racing- 27th

The auto expo is FREE

but for the workshop there are fees attached to it.

Workshop starts at 5PM @ NLH 304

Non Members : Rs.120/

Members : Rs.100/

See you there!