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The Jaguar Workshop was conducted as a part of ISTE’s annual Tech fest Anveshan. This Workshop dealt with creating a free hand design of an Automobile. The Jaguar workshop was held in Room no. 310 of AB1 and was presided over by Mr. Emanuele Nicosia, who is massively experienced with Automobile design, having worked with mainstream companies such as Ferrari, Jaguar and Lamborghini.

The workshop was conducted between 1pm to 7pm on Saturday the 10th of March and 8am to 4pm on Sunday, the 11th. All the slots for the workshop had been filled beforehand and there was a very good turnout. Amongst them, was a majority of Automobile Engineering students from MIT. The students got to know a lot about Mr. Nicosia and his automobile design exploits, other than learning skills of intricate interior car design.

Report-Saurav Bhattacharjee
Photo Coverage-Tejasvi Batria 

Sub edited by RamSharat Reddy.

The PHP workshop organized by ISTE as a part of Anveshan 2012 was a great success. It spanned across four days starting from 6th March 2012. Syed Shabaz Moosa taught the students HTML, CSS, MySQL and PHP. The aim of the workshop was to provide the participants with enough knowledge about web development with which they can create their own website and upload it on the internet. And as Moosa himself described the workshop as “where you will not only learn PHP but also use PHP”.IMG_6978

The first day students were taught HTML and CSS which are two important tools which every web developer must have so as to create his or her own website. We were taught how to make our own home page, header, and sidebar and give content etc. Then in CSS we were taught styling our webpage with colors and different font styles and alignment of items on the home page. Hence we were taught on how to make an attractive and functional webpage.IMG_7008

The second day we moved on to programing in PHP, and using the Wamp Server to create our own databases. We also learnt the use of databases and MySQL in modern web development. This was our very first step in making a fully functional Content Management System.

The third day information on how to make a login box was taught to us. We had to create different users which could login and the data would be sent to the server where it would be validated and then server would grant login or else not. We were also taught on how to use PHP; read and display data from our databases which were hosted on our server. The participants were very excited when they saw the wonders of PHP.

The fourth day we were able to modify our own database. We were taught on how to add, edit or delete a post in our database. Then came the real interesting part wherein using Filezilla we had to upload our site on the internet.

ISTE had provided for separate domains for each and every participant, which they can use for 3 months. On the last day we had to upload our site on the domain provided by ISTE. It was a feeling of great exhilaration and satisfaction to see the hard work that the MITians had put in developing their website when they saw it uploaded on their respective domain names.


The workshop was a great tool for students to learn PHP and other languages which work as great technical asset in the Information Technology field. ISTE did a remarkable job in organizing the workshop and also the organizers put in commendable effort to make it a success.

-Ali Akbar
Photos by: Tejasvi Batria
Sub edited by RamSharat Reddy.

ISTE Tech Debate

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IMG_6978The preliminary leg of the ISTE Tech Debate, held at AB5, received an excellent response from the students. Participants were divided into groups and allotted different rooms where a group discussion was held on the topic ‘E-books or Paper books – which is better’.  Contestants had to prove their mettle by expressing their personal views and later switching sides and contradicting them.  It would be fair to say that a classic question, highly relevant to today’s world, went unanswered at the end of the day, as the participants wIMG_7008eighed out the pros and cons of the eBook revolution to perfection.  Portability, health issues, interface, environmental concerns, battery issues, financial constraints and convenience were among the important aspects discussed. The event tested the participants’ ability to put forth their views tactfully in a group, with relevant technical testimony. The final round will be held on 10thMarch. The concept of switching over completely to eBooks seems like a fairytale to some of us, but weren’t mobiles phones an alien concept to most of our grandparents too?


By- Girish Kumar

ISTE in partnership with SAE presents Workshop on Automobile Design by EMANUELE NICOSIA

He is an Automobile designer from Italy. He worked at Pininfarina for many years, designed the Jaguar XJS spyder in 1979 and worked on the Ferrari 288 GTO and Testarossa. Later, he worked on the interior design of the Lamborghini Diablo and Bugatti EB110. Nicosia also worked on motorbikes project collaborating with Oral engineering of Mr.Forghieri for racing motorbikes. In 2000 he developed a concept for a SUB (Sport Utility Bike) based on Moto Guzzi 750 engine which was introduced at 2000 Bologna Motor Show.
  • Its a 2 day workshop.
  • Participant should know hand sketching (not Engineering Graphics).
  • Date – 10th & 11th March
  • Fee:  Members Rs. 850
             Non-Members Rs 1000

ISTE Anveshan 2012 presents Tech Debate, a fierce battle between the best technical minds of MIT.
Give your grey matter some tech fodder. Think, speak and win cash prizes without spending a penny.
In simple words its free for all.

Prelims – 6th march
Finals – 10th march


For registrations contact:
Shivam Choudhary 9035080355
Deepankar Mathur 8197881097

ISTE Presents Anveshan 2012!

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There are plenty of people around who seem to have learnt PHP, but few are those who have actually used what they’ve learnt. This workshop aims to change this trend and get people to start working with PHP, MySQL and start running their own database intensive websites on the server space given to them. This workshop not only gives students an opportunity to work on a live project and learn good coding practices like making reusable and modularized code, but also lets them earn a bit through some quick tips and tricks on using Google Adsense to make a hefty pocket money.



ISTE Recruitments

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The Recruitments of ISTE (Indian Society for Technical Education), Student Chapter, Manipal were held on the 20th of February, 5:30pm onwards in NLH.

These recruitments saw a pretty big turnout on the first day of the two-day recruitment drive. Nearly 70 students were present for the Personal Interviews, conducted by the ISTE Working Committee members. An initial briefing about the organization was done by a committee member. Students were required to fill a form which consisted of marking preferences for their choice of categories from Technical, Creativity, Publicity, Finance etc., as well as a few questions, apart from their personal details.

This initial briefing was followed by Personal Interviews.

Saurav Bhattacharjee

Sub edited by: Deeksha Awasthi

ISTE Membership Open

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Call for Working Committee members for ISTE


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Nettech is an institute which teaches networking & network management, ethical hacking, network security and information security management systems. Students are taught to encrypt data and secure their data and network, ways of ethical hacking and securing their digital data. The organization is run by Mr. Swapan Purkait (currently pursuing his PhD from IIT Kharagpur). He has conducted workshops at IIT Kharagpur, BITS-Pilani, IIM Calcutta, XLRI etc.

Nettech in collaboration with ISTE (Indian Society for Technical Education) organized the first demo class on October 14 2011, at NLH . The class saw a huge turnout, with students from all branches participating.

The class started with a brief introduction on communication via networks and encryption methods. Certain brain teasers kept the students on their heels to find solutions. Then Mr. Swapan proceeded to demonstrate an example of Steganography, which is the science of writing hidden messages in a way that no one, apart from the sender and intended recipient would suspects the presence of a message. He use simple tools as Paint and Notepad for this purpose, which left the students enthralled. He also displayed other such examples and taught the various algorithms required for some simple encryption.

Mr Swapan also hacked into a certain camera situated at Geneva, just using the knowledge about networking and internet protocols, and showed us the live feed from that camera on the projector screen. He even showed us the view from a camera at some beach and said “You might get to see something interesting if you’re lucky.”

Then he asked someone to access his Gmail account and send a mail. He intercepted that mail before it was sent to the server, edited its content and then sent it. This could be done by learning the basic protocols which the mailing client uses , which he said will be taught in the coming workshops. He then went on to tell us about SQL (Structured query language), how it can be used to hack into websites, by accessing the username and password from the databases. He even gave some movies that one should watch just for Home Work .

At the end of each class students will be given 10 problems, which they would had to solve.  There would also be a theory and practical test. At the end of the event groups of students will be given a project which they’ll have to complete. After passing through all these tasks, they will be provided with an official certificate for their successful course completion.

All those who are interested can join Nettech Training Programme, it’s a fifteen day workshop with the enrollment fee for Rs. 3800 wherein you will be provided with networking softwares and other tools that you may require and also with the necessary hardware requirements like optical cables. The next class is on IP addressing and other various protocols which are used over the internet. To register visit their stall at NLH, KC and FC or contact these numbers

Apoorva Tyagi
+ 98866 18103

Shivhari Shankar
+ 98861 66763

PS: Do remember to get your laptops for each class !

-Ali Akbar , 1st year